by rupe

How do I format an SGI filesystem?

  • Boot into the command monitor
  • Know the SCSI ID of whatever device you're booting from. Replace ID in the commands below with this number.
  • From a local CDROM, type: boot -f dksc(0,ID,8)sashARCS dksc(0,ID,7)stand/fx.ARCS --x
  • From an existing file system type: boot -f stand/fx --x
  • Select the [f]ormat option to format the drive. Sometimes this option isn't present, so use [a]uto instead. Usually, it's best to accept the default options. Select a block size of 4096 if you're not sure what to use.
  • Before formatting, I'd recommend entering the [exer]cise option, and selecting the [r]andom option. It tends to catch some i/o errors that the sequential and butterfly disk scans don't when fx formats a drive.


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