by dice

Why is it that Slackware roolz all other Linux distributions?

  1. Bob is cool.
  2. RedHat sucks because they're corperate, bloated and their init scripts are fucking annoying.
  3. SuSE sucks because YaST is a piece of shit and if you try to edit anything without it the entire fucking system goes to hell in a hand basket.
  4. Debian is way behind the times, populated by rabid ESR worshiping GNU robots and... uh... they stink!
  5. Turbolinux is a rip-off of RH with asian language support.
  6. Mandrake is a rip-off of RH with some extra layers of pansyness on top.
  7. Corel isn't even a distro, it's a joke. Anyone who has used this system knows what I'm talking about. If you have used it and don't know, you're brain dead.
  8. Are there other distros? They suck because they're not any of the ones I mentioned above. PPC distros don't count, we ignore those. Besides, Slackware is being ported to PPC Sparc and Alpha as I write this.
  9. RPM and dpkg suck because they use dependancy checking, which is dependant upon a database of installed applications. Thus, if you install something from source and don't use RPM or dpkg you effictivly corrupt your package database and screw yourself over. How nice.
  10. There are a million other reasons, but I just wanted to do 10 because I like round numbers.


Annotation by jake :
This however is not true if you learn to use dpkg and Debian Gnu/Linux in general.


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