by rupe

What are the hardware specs on a Cybiko?

Hardware specifications 
Main Processor: 32 bit, 11 MHz Hitachi H8S/2246 
Coprocessor: Atmel AT90S2313, 4 MHz 
RAM: 512 KB 
Flash disk: 512 KB, extendible up to 1 MB 
LCD display: 160x100 dots, 59x40 mm, 4 level grayscale 
RF transceiver: RF2915 
Expansion cartridge slot: 68-pin 
PC connection socket: RS232 serial port 
Size: 5.7" x 2.8" x 0.86" 
Weight: 4.3 oz 
Software specifications 
Operating System: CyOS v.1.2 
Software: CyOS v.1.2 compatible apps 
Communication Protocol: CyDP x.30 (Cybiko RF Digital Protocol) 
Dynamic Wireless Local Network: automatically provided by CyOS v.1.2 and CyDP x.30 
RF communication features 
Frequency: 902-928 MHz 
Number of channels: 30 digital channels 
Communication Rate: 19200 bps each channel 
Transmission and Receiving Range: 150 ft. indoors, 300 ft. outdoors (environment dependent) 
Max. online Cybiko units: 3000 (100 units on each of 30 channels) 


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