by strick

What's the Official Fag Razor of the YAK?

The Gillette Mach3. Ross swears by it, and he made me buy one, which i lost, so i got another. I don't think I've ever nicked myself with it. Hint: Refills are much cheaper in Thailand than in California.

Note: Testimonial for Fag Razor is not an accurate indicator of homosexuality.

S.T.R.I.C.K asks:
> Subject: fag razor
> how many of you use the gilette mach3 razor?

ross responds:
> i do, so does my dad, david, bryan, and chris.
> WHY?

> I use Dollar Tree Razors. Sure they hurt, 
> but they can also be used to fend
> off attackers in the shower.
> FOr shaving my head, however, i use a Mach3

> Geoff and I both use it as well.

> Surprisingly enough, I do. I like it and I'd recommend it to anyone w/
> sensitive skin.

> > I do. I know that JJ does, too.
> Wow, I use it too, and Greg used to until recently.
> Does this mean I'm as faggy as Ross? :)

or it might mean you have "sensitive" skin :)

> Never have used it. I always had these deep urges to avoid it, and now I
> know why. Also, this year I knew that the Super Bowl was going to be on
> DAYS beforehand... How's THAT!?!?

> mach3 is the daily choice for me.... 

> word up to the mach 3 for me! =P 

I do, too.

> i'm a casual mach^3 user.

> Well, even though Tomás and Rory rat and I are kinda fags, 
> we don't use that razor. Hope that doesn't screw up your statistics! 


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