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How can I make a didgeridoo for traveling?

The Problem with Didgeridoos

A didgeridoo is a musical instrument traditionally made by Australian aboriginals out of a eucalyptus branch which has been naturally hollowed out by termites. It is typically over four feet long and can weigh several tens of pounds.

Because of their size and weight, didgeridoos can be rather awkward to take with you on the road.

The Solution!

One solution is to create a collapsible didgeridoo out of ABS pipe. I used two different sizes, which connect with standard ABS connectors as shown in the diagram below. You can buy all of the parts in any of the mammoth hardware stores which have become in fashion recently, except the beeswax which you can find at a craft store (think candles).

An Exploding Didgeridoo

   2" ABS Pipe          2" ABS Pipe           1.5" ABS Pipe      1.5" ABS Pipe
 ________________ .--. ________________ .-._                 __
|                ||  ||                ||   |.-------------.|  |.-------------..
|        A       || B||        C       || D ||      E      || F||      G      || <-- beeswax
|________________||  ||________________||  _|'-------------'|__|'-------------''
                  '--'                  '-'
|<----- 12" ---->|    |<----- 12" ---->|     |<--- 11" --->|    |<--- 11" --->|
This is an exploded view of the hardware required. (B) is a 2" connector, (D) is a 2" to 1.5" reducer, and (F) is a 1.5" connector. Fit them together tightly, put a ring of beeswax on the business end of the narrowest pipe, and you've got a didgeridoo.

The lengths are approximate; experiment for different notes (longer = deeper). What's important is that (A) and (C) are longer than (E) and (G).

How it Collapses

In order to break it down for travel, the two narrower pipes with their connectors (DE and FG) fit inside the two wider pipes (A and BC). Now your didgeridoo is the size of the two 2" pipes, hopefully small enough to fit in your backpack.

To get them to stay together while collapsed, you can get a lightweight stuff sack from an outdoor supply store, or make a bag with some nice fabric and a sewing machine.

Good luck! If you have any questions or suggestions, email Ult.


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