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What were the specs of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)?

The AGC was the onboard guidance computer for the Apollo Command Module.

Instruction Set: Approximately 20 instructions; 100 noun-verb pairs, data up to triple-precision 
Word Length: 16 bits (14 bits + sign + parity)

Memory: ROM (rope core) 36K words; RAM (core) 2K words

Disk: None

I/O: DSKY (two per spacecraft)

Performance: approx. Add time - 20s

Basic machine cycle: 2.048 MHz

Technology: RTL bipolar logic (flat pack)

Size: AGC - 24" x 12.5" x 6" (HWD); DSKY - 8" x 8" x 7" (HWD)

Weight: AGC - 70 lbs; DSKY - 17.5 lbs

Number produced: AGC - 75; DSKY: 138

Cost: Unknown.

Power consumption: Operating: 70W @ 28VDC; Standby 15.0 watts 

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Annotation by strick :

What was the backup computer onboard the LEM?

An HP-65 programmable calculator.


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