by vonguard

Why is that dwarf always following me?

After many years of random wandering and lost dreams, Harvy came for a time to rest in a town that he called Norris, but that everyone else called Dumbfoi-undsville. Life was good in Norris. There were happy people everywhere, running in the streets, screaming, crying. They were oh so very happy. Until, one night in June, when Norris was quiet. It came to pass that during this one night a young man named Vong, then a lowly prince of Uard. There were many princes of Uard at this time, many strange and bizzarre little princes, all looking for frongs to trade places with. But that's another story. Where was I. Oh yes. That dwarf. It's getting taller everyday. I doubt it could be considered a dwarf any longer. It's around 27 feet tall now. Perhaps a giant dwarf. It wants my magic bag. My magic tea bag. But you can't have my magic tea bag! No! NEVER WILL YOU TAKE AWAY MY MAGIC TEA BAG! Open wide little dwarfy man!


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