by strick

So when's the BIG PARTY?


DEF CON Ten will be Aug 2-4, 2002, @ the Alexis Park in Las Vegas, Nevada USA



DEF CON Nine will be July 13th - 15th, 2001 @ the Alexis Park in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Diak Sziget / Student Island

The information has finally arrived. The Pepsi Island Music Festival 2001 (Pepsi Sziget 2001) will be from August 1 to August 8.

Pepsi Sziget (pronounced sih-guht) is the largest week-long annual music and cultural festival in Central (but perhaps even in all of) Europe. Sziget means "island" in Hungarian, and is named that since the occasion takes place on Hajógyári Island located just north of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Pepsi Sziget, formerly known as Diáksziget or Student's Island, has over 300 000 visitors each year, and has several world famous artists that perform on the Mainstage and the World Music Mainstage. But it is not those stars that make Sziget so special, so different from other festivals. Sziget stands out because along with the mainstage there are so many other things that to even list them would be quite a task. Throughout the festival grounds you will find more than a dozen small stages (with local talented artists and many different musical genres), movies, theatrical performances, exhibitions, sports, chess, bungee jumping, paintball, circus acts, discussions, beer, and especially an unbeatable and definatly unmatched atmosphere of freedom and peace. (Actually I can't even really explain that feeling.) If you have not been here before you have to come and check it out, but if you have, then you will be back anyway...

HAL2001 international conference "hackers at large"

So, this is the time to re-schedule your wedding. Cancel that cruise to the Caribbean. Do whatever else is necessary to make sure that you are on the Campus of the University of Twente, (in the east of The Netherlands) between August 10th and 12th of this year, 2001.


From: nana 
Subject: RSA april

the RSA Security Conference is coming up
again in April, this year back in SF.
Free expo passes at their website

Sewanee Spring Party Weekend 2001: April 27-29

Sewanee Homecoming 2001: October 19-21
(then go to events calendar)
From: alex_handy
Subject: Re: E3

E3 is in LA From May 16 - May 19

Just in case you needed to know
Dragon*Con 2001, America's largest annual convention for fans 
of science fiction, fantasy and horror, comics and art, games and computers,
animation, science, music, television and films, will be held 
August 31-September 3, Friday - Monday (101 days away) 
in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
sewanee fall party weekend: thu18oct -> sun21oct2001
gatech homecoming:::::::::: fri19oct -> sat20oct2001


Annotation by nana :

Time to think
about thinking of
what you are going to wear for the 23nd annual st. stupid's day parade.

Sunday April 1th, 2001 noon (daylight savings warning)

starting at the tranamircle pyramid and up columbus to washington sq park. Part parade -get a contingent together, part staged mini-service starring you.

This year the First Church of the Last Laugh (FCLL) will hold a faith based talent show. You get two and a half minutes to flaunt your (individual or group) alleged talent for fabulous prizes. Keep it clean..keep it short. Beware the hook


Annotation by nana :

5th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair"

Saturday, March 24, 2001
10am - 6pm, at the San Francisco County Fair Building in
Golden Gate Park by Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way.
Admission is free.


Paul Krassner
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
Elizabeth Martinewz
Jaimes Guerrero
Ruthie Gilmore
Michelle Tea
Chris Crass
Cindy Milstein


Friday March 23, 7 pm
Martin de Porres 225 Potrero near 16th Street
donation $5 to benefit Book fair
Food, performances, music

Approximately 60 anarchist groups and alternative book, magazine, and publishing people will be represented at tables selling and distributing materials and examples of their work. the plans for this event also include a cafe and bar, spoken word, and gallery.

For more info:
Bound Together Books
1369 Haight Street SF 94117
go there


Annotation by macki :


April 18-22, 2001
International Day of Action, April 20th, Quebec City
Get ready for the next festival of resistance! Join the Anti-Capitalist Convergence!

Stop the Free Trade Area of Americas agreement! Stop globalization! Blame Canada!


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