by strick

What tiny laptop does strick travel with?

A Toshiba Libretto 100CT (Pentium 166Mhz MMX), named The Golden Snitch, with 64MB core and 6G disk. I should have gotten 12G disk. 1.4x8.3x5.2-inch (HWD) size and 2.4-pound weight (under earth's gravity).

I boot three operating systems:

i carry PCMCIA modem and ethernet cards, and an accoustic coupler, so I can use pay phones. A compuserve account lets me PPP from pay phones across Europe, but does not serve Thailand, where I have a LoxInfo WebKit -- a $12 kit that contains a username, password, and access telephone numbers, for $25 hours of PPP.

I type with two fingers on the tiny keyboard (see these tips).

I don't run X under linux; i just use consoles. Matt Hargett helped me install (and optimize) windows 98se, NT, and prepare for linux. We used Partition Magic, and got a connector at Fry's for plugging the little 2.5" disk into a regular IDE cable, where we installed stuff outside the Libretto. We blew away the original Windows95 that came with it.

Dragon Dictate works suprisingly well on it, using the built-in microphone, but plugging in external microphones gave unusable results. (Except now I have a USB PCMCIA card, and USB microphone, that rules!) The audio out is acceptable for listening to radio over the net, and napstering.

More about the Libretto 100CT:

P.S. The game is played with four balls: the Quaffle (red) is used for scoring; two Bludgers (black) which try to knock players off their brooms; and one Golden Snitch (bright gold with silver wings).


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