by jesse

how do i setup my orinoco wirelss card with linux 2.4.x?

get the latest 2.4 sereis kernel source.
configure it.
under "general setup" enable "Support for hot-pluggable devices", and then enable "PCMCIA/CardBus support" and a driver for your controller, which is proably the "i82365" driver. under " Network device support" enable "Wireless LAN (non-hamradio)" and "Hermes support". build the hermes thing as a module.
do all that kernel/module compile type stuff.
install the pcmcia_cs package, if you use debain "apt=get install pcmcia_cs" if you use another distro get it at
download and install the wireless tools package, it is available in debian, but i dont remember the package name, otherwise its available at
put hermes.cone into /etc/pcmcia, it is availabe at
start cardmgr.
insert your card.
it should have now shown up as a network interface.
if it didnt show up, run cardctl ident to see fit he card was recognized, if it wasnt, check to make sure the pcmcia slot is enabled in the bios.


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