by rupe

Where can I find lava-lamp generated pseudo random numbers?

SGI maintains a pseudo-random number generator whose seeds are generated by the cryptographic hash of continously updated digital images of lava lamps. LAVARAND can be found (and seen) at Neat, and more fun to look at (but debatably less random) than HotBits, a source of cesium decay generated random numbers. Incidentally, HotBits is located in Switzerland, and run as a personal project by the former AutoDesk CEO, John Walker.

And now, 64 bytes of pure random goodness from HotBits:

8244C54EDCEDBC73F8ADE31CCE5EF84D585F56D2426D791079C12C43EDF0EEB8 E2190F924DC7A9DE6C01CB1247373B6E5206F4C926AE563705ADFA35085D3BD9


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