by mennonite

What does K-Rad mean? is there a modern alternative to k-rad?

did you ever want to know (one) possible meaning of "k-rad"? well. i have reason to believe it is as follows...

first. k would be an abriviation for kilo. 10^3, or one thousand as you yanks call it. rad of course would be "rad" a term coined somware in the 70s. used in the late late late 70's / most of 80's. k-rad. so. by refering to one's self as k-rad, or refering to an object or action as k-rad would mean someware along the lines of "this object/person/action is rad times 10 to the 3rd power. simple.

now then. with modern abriviations for larger units of measurement encourperated into todays vernacular. k-rad can be safly be phased out, replaced with the much cooler m-rad or g-rad, or even if the situation demands t-rad. mega, giga, and tera respectivly. so. as you can clearly see. my offer, t-rad, is exactly 1000000000 times cooler than k-rad, as t-rad is divisible by k-rad 1000000000 times.

thank you for your time. this symantics / history lesson is freely distributed under the GNU public licence. all users may incorperate this word into their vernacular and even improve upon it as long as all future copies are distributed with these same rights being reserved. remember: copyleft. all rights are wrong.


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