by strick

Why was strick's workstation at Versant named GWARN?

Because of this addictive song!

Around 1988 it was the favorite song of The Techwood Try-Ones, from our favorite album Never Give In, , by our favorite singer Pato Banton. I first heard it on WREK-Atlanta (Georgia Tech's Musical Cornucopia!). Me and Steven Scott Taylor used to bounce around Techwood Dorm singing it. We listened to that album constantly. Me and Scott each separately saw Pato perform once. Scott says he even got up on the stage and sang it with Pato.

You MUST hear the song to get the rythem and cadence and the word-sound-power!

(P. Murray) 
(Courtesy of P. B.) 
Now anywhere me go the people them tell me fe Gwarn!
So right now Pato Banton come to nice up the land
with this musical thing call Gwarn! 
It name Gwarn!
G. W. A. R. N. spells Gwarn! S. T. O. R. M. spells storm
after a storm there must be a C. A. L. M. settle settle it name calm.
Cool as a cucumber when me at the mic stand
wrap the lead round my arm put the mic in me palm.
Lyrics choo choo from me mouth like locomotion
give the people versatility in nuff portion.
When they love it they show appreciation
all the woman start to R. U. S. H. I man.
And all of me brethren a tell me fe
just just just just just just just Gwarn! 
It name Gwarn!
A-side a vocal B-side a version
hear the boof through the bass hear the ssss through the horn.
A sound is not a sound without a mid section
like a house is not a home without a television.
If you don't believe me ask my woman
she will tell you when me mash up the tele
when me mash up the tele
when me mash up the television.
Is like the whole house was in contention
the kids were giving me a lot of botheration.
Barling waah waah waah I wanna see Batman
A-Team, Danger Mouse and He-Man.
There was only one way I could solve the problem
which was to catch a taxi down to redifusion
rent a tele take it home
plug it in and turn it on.
When my woman see the tele she say honey you fe
just just just just just just just Gwarn! 
It name Gwarn!
Me mommy show me loving from the day that me born
full me belly clean me batty wrap me up keep me warm.
She open up the Bible on the 23rd psalm
and put it in me cot for spiritual protection.
Me mommy raise the babies me daddy raise
M. O. N. E. Y. me daddy raise corn.
I got infant - junior - secondary education
got expelled in the fourth never took an exam
try a couple jobs but they never lasted long.
One day me mommy ask me this one question:
"Son what you gonna do when you turn a big man?"
Me said: "Mommy you fe listen and don't get me wrong
I'm not gonna be a worker or a politician
I'll be a M. C. a singer and nice up the land."
She smiled, she kissed me, she wrapped me in her arms, she said:
[some lyrics are missing here]
just just just just just just just Gwarn! 
It name Gwarn!
An M. C. is not a Banton without style and pattern.
To get an answer you have to ask a question.
What is Pato middle name? Origination.
Around the microphone me have presentation.
Me have more lyrics than desert have sand.
More lyrics than water in the Mediterranean.
More lyrics than fish inna de wide ocean.
Pato lyrics pon a scale must weight a ton.
This is a fact and not fiction.
With maybe a little exaggeration.
Every mickle mek a muckle every muckle mek a mickle.
Pupa pato have principle ride bicycle not tricycle.
Ugly woman you fe settle me no want no gyal with freckle.
Or a gyal that miserable for that would be so terrible.
Unto Jah Jah I am thankful thanks and praise they are essential.
Of the devil I am careful cause I know he is so evil.
Well a lot of racial people they give praises to the devil.
And they even have a ritual unto Jah that is abominable.
Well before me come a dancehall man a strictly radox herbal.
Well up and down me brush me teeth to make them look beautiful.
A little bit of honey to fix up Pato's vocals.
Then it's off to the dance to jump and prance and wiggle and jiggle
wiggle and jiggle wiggle and jiggle wiggle and jiggle wiggle and jiggle and dance.
When the people see me dance them a tell me fe
just just just just just just just Gwarn! 

( lyrics borrowed from )


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