by jake

What is a great little script to use when airboxing (wardriving, warchalking, etc)

I have a small bash script that resets the card before use and then brings it back up with a random mac address (via an external perl script).


cardctl eject 0
sleep 1
cardctl insert 0
sleep 1
ifconfig eth0 hw ether `~/bin/cng_mac`
ifconfig eth0 up


# A quick script that generates a random varible
# It looks suprisingly like a MAC address
# Something like: 23:00:C0:FF:EE:00
# However it will take the first set of octets and set a vendor code
# Vendor codes are in /usr/share/ethereal/manuf

for (`cat /usr/share/ethereal/manuf`){
push (@vendorcode, $1) if ($_ =~ /(^[^#]\S+)\s/);

srand(time() % 345);
printf("%s:%X%X:%X%X:%X%X",$vendorcode[rand(1) * $#vendorcode],rand(16),rand(16),rand(16),rand(16),rand(16),rand(16))

Then you can simply run kismet (or airsnort or something else) and it will work perfectly.

Then you no longer have to leave your real MAC address behind when checking slashdot from a nokia parking lot.


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