by virgil

you ever watch Jem and the Holograms?

Virgil (9:43:18): Yeah, totally. Jem and the Holograms was the premier cartoon about a fantasy world of girl-glam rock. It was every little girl's dream at one point to grow up and be a rock star like Jem. The cartoon totally encapsulates not only the fashions and lingo of the late 80s, but also the culture, ideals, and desires of the 80's.

The Noosed Nikki (9:44:02): you sound like you are ready to write an essay
Virgil (9:44:10): so deep my devotion goes.
The Noosed Nikki (9:44:25): i use to have the songs on my comp
The Noosed Nikki (9:44:39): we are doing a section on toys and genderization (sp?) of them
The Noosed Nikki (9:44:45): so we are on 80's toys
Virgil (9:48:54): how fun!
The Noosed Nikki (9:49:09): not really
The Noosed Nikki (9:49:17): i want them to die a horrible and painful death
The Noosed Nikki (9:49:25): with a bunny and high explosives
The Noosed Nikki (9:49:29): but mostly the bunny
Virgil (9:51:11): what, the pop'ish 80's music doesn't do it for you?
The Noosed Nikki (9:51:30): no, its my english teachers... they destroy my love of writing
Virgil (9:51:37): Jem, as Jerrica Benton's alter ego, as she also acts, travels, and other glamorous things that rock stars do along with dating Rio does nothing?
The Noosed Nikki (9:51:50): it makes me wish I was in AP Euro again.
The Noosed Nikki (9:51:56): ??
The Noosed Nikki (9:52:11): Ack I am confused by your knowledge and just in general
Virgil (9:53:00): what? you don't think I'm 80's pop culture literate?
Virgil (9:53:02): I'm insulted.
The Noosed Nikki (9:53:25): I think you are very 80's culture literate
The Noosed Nikki (9:53:50): I am just getting confused right now... I am having a conversation about Jem, pizza, Harry Potter, and GA*KU*TO's magnum
Virgil (9:55:56): Although, I do not know if they're quite as good as the Misfits, owned by Misfit Music, that is always in competition with the holograms for the top spot. Pizzazz, the leader, is willing to do anything to get there too, but somehow her plans always failed. They are not well liked because of their strong irritating personalities.

The Noosed Nikki (9:56:31): are you copying and pasting? rude assumption, but still
The Noosed Nikki (9:56:46): you are beating me to death with your misfit and hologram knowledge
Virgil (9:57:21): The hegemonic discourse of postmodernity valorizes modes of
expressive and "aesthetic" praxis which preclude any dialogic
articulation (in, of course, the Bakhtinian sense) of the
antinomies of consumer capitalism. But some emergent forms of
discourse inscribed in popular fictions contain, as a
constitutive element, metanarratives wherein the characteristic
tropes of consumer capitalism are subverted even as they are
apparently affirmed. A paradigmatic text in this regard is the
television series _Jem_and_the_Holograms_, whose seventy-two episodes
constitute a master-narrative of imprisonment, escape, and
reimprisonment which eerily encodes a Lacanian construct of
compulsive reenactment within a Foucaultian scenario of a
panoptic social order in which resistance to power is merely one
of the forms assumed by power itself.

Virgil (9:57:37): make the window bigger if the lines aren't right.
Virgil (9:57:42): just off the top of my head.
Virgil (9:57:50): As you can tell, I've done alot of thinking about the series.
The Noosed Nikki (9:58:11): to many big words! AHHhH!
Virgil (9:58:32): Thanks for bringing it up by the way. (:
The Noosed Nikki (9:58:38): Jem?
The Noosed Nikki (9:58:58): you can write my next essay if it has to do with Jem
Virgil (9:59:42): why thank you. I would relish the opprotunity to share with the world to the deep post-modern narrative so tragically portrayed in Jem and the Holograms.
The Noosed Nikki (10:00:09): you are hurting me head
The Noosed Nikki (10:00:10): lol
The Noosed Nikki (10:00:16): but its making me laugh


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