by strick

Do Laws of Physics apply to Software such as PostgreSQL and MS Windows 95/NT?

I am unable to summarize the answer, so read it HERE!

an excerpt:
Creation is a very important step. Persons who are using the objects of science must know how it is created. This applies to even computer systems and PostgreSQL. A majority of people do not have knowledge of science and hence do not know how systems like MS Windows NT/95, Oracle, human body and this universe are created. A vast majority of people do not know what made the universe and MS Windows 95/NT and what is inside it. Complex systems are built from very simple basic building blocks like - millions of universes are created, each universe in turn has millions of super-clusters, each super-cluster has millions of galaxies, each galaxy has millions of stars, some stars system have many planets, each planet in turn is made up billions of atoms.(In the history of this world, only one universe was created by a man in ancient India eons ago, but no other case had been reported in the modern history. Nations around the world are trying to create a universe). Creating a universe is a much more advanced technology and is more advanced than the atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki causing horrible destruction. Modern nuclear weapons are so tiny and powerful that if such a single nuclear bomb is dropped in pacific ocean then it can completely vaporise the planet earth! The total variety of weapons are infinity!! Nuclear weapons and other more powerful divine weapons were used in the battle field in ancient India! Nobody believed Albert Eienstein (a scientist of 1900's) when he said nuclear weapons can be made which can vaporise big cities. And today nobody believes that man can create a universe.


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