by jake

How can I make Gnu/Linux behave like a Real Unix (TM)?

One thing that plauges most Gnu/Linux distros (Anyone know of any that have this patch in their kernel? Please append or email me is a lack of crash info logged to disk.

How many times have you have your kernel dump core or puke out a stack trace only to have to grab a pen?

No more!

As seen in the description:

LKCD contains kernel and user level code designed to:

    * Save the kernel memory image when the system dies due to a software failure;
    * Recover the kernel memory image when the system is rebooted;
    * Analyze the memory image to determine what happened when the failure occurred.

So now you can figure out, what you were already going to figure out, in the way that other Proper Unix Systems (TM) make possible. Without going lowtech and using a pen. So now your Gnu/Linux system can crash all it wants.

Useful for computers in cages without monitors.

As seen on LKCD.

Kudos to the Linux Kernel Crash Dumps team for something so useful.


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