by jake

What are two indispensable websites for traveling Europe?

When I travel Europe, I find myself on a great deal of trains. It's a cheap traveling bed when you need to get somewhere.

A major problem with this is a lack of information. People at train stations, know nothing or something incorrect. Your train schedule isn't very through, it doesn't show everything you need.

With the help of the most useful European transportation site ever, you can get from any point to any other point in Europe without useless (not) help (from people at train stations).

When you are stuck in Milano or Roma and you need to get to Aix-En-Provence, the information booths (if they will even speak english to you) will tell you that you can't get there. If you can speak the language of the land, they will still not have the correct info. Why? Inefficient algorithms, they search by hand.

The Germans have their train information. They have everyone else's train information. They have your train information, everything you need.

The site has many advanced features including the ability to do multi-city stops. Die Bahn, does it all for you. It will find all the connections, auto correct your spelling, draw maps of your entire trip, tell you the efficiency of your fuel (in comparison to a car, a bus.) The site will tell you about an environmental mobility check for your trip, it will compare costs.

It slices, it dices, it's also multilingual. German, English, Italian and French.

I also find myself using a telephone.

Also for those calls around the world, you might want to check the time in any city around the world before you call. I find to be most useful for a quick reference (easy to remember url). It does all most all the major cities in the world, it has a fixed time clock for finding out time in any city at any given point for another city and it also does international dialing codes.

So if you need to call from Aix-en-Provence to say Praha, you can use this useful website to explain all the calling codes to get into (and out of) each country.


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