by strick

What did <Andrigaar> and <|PenZerg|> say to the HUMANS in #yak ?

[14:52] <Andrigaar> These things are actually hard to find. Not a face shot anyway.
[14:55] <Andrigaar> anyone here?
[14:55] <|PenZerg|> heh
[14:56] <Andrigaar> see
[14:56] <Andrigaar> they won't talk
[14:56] <|PenZerg|> HI HUMANS
[14:56] <|PenZerg|> TALK
[14:56] <Andrigaar> I thought they'd have yak pic
[14:56] * |PenZerg| waits
[14:56] <Andrigaar> pics
[14:56] <|PenZerg|> yeah, that'd be cool
[14:56] <|PenZerg|> or maybe they're just the plane types :/
[14:56] <Andrigaar> I wish
[14:56] <Andrigaar> the plane pics are more common that the sw figure
[14:57] <Andrigaar> I have 2 pics of yaks. both are side shot though :(
[14:57] <|PenZerg|> more common then pikachu?
[14:57] <Andrigaar> though one has the take looking at the cameraman
[14:57] <Andrigaar> than pikachu? maybe not that
[14:57] <|PenZerg|> hmm.. did you want the yak's face that I already got?
[14:57] <|PenZerg|> the one on the award?
[14:58] <Andrigaar> Bos mutus (grunniens), yak FD
[14:58] <|PenZerg|> heh
[14:58] <Andrigaar> Family Bovidae - Bos mutus (grunniens), yak FD
[14:59] <|PenZerg|> :P
[14:59] <|PenZerg|> or you COULD use dr. jones
[14:59] <|PenZerg|> I give you permission :)


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