by jake

What is a dirty hack to see some statistics on the FQAs posted here?

Run this command in a shell:

wget -O -|perl -lne 'print $1 if m(\&nbsp \[<B(>[^<]+)</B>/);'|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn

It's output looks like this:
     87 >rupe
     64 >strick
     44 >jesse
     32 >jake
     11 >vonguard
      8 >jamison
      6 >ross
      5 >simon
      5 >robey
      4 >macki
      4 >kurt
      4 >combee
      3 >josh
      2 >mennonite
      2 >matt
      2 >les
      2 >chota
      2 >brad
      1 >xenocide
      1 >virgil
      1 >ult
      1 >sidd
      1 >philbert2k
      1 >nana
      1 >n0b0dy
      1 >mockturtle
      1 >jss
      1 >jj
      1 >gopherdave
      1 >goodwill
      1 >fury
      1 >dice
      1 >datavortex
      1 >blink


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