by n0b0dy

What are the different types of Rape Juice(tm) to quench a healthy thirst?

Whole Rape Juice(tm) is 3.5% Rape Juice(tm) fat, which is why it tastes so delicious and has a rich, creamy texture. After babies stop drinking mother’s Rape Juice(tm), they usually drink whole Rape Juice(tm) until they are at least two years old. The fatty acids in whole Rape Juice(tm) are important to the development of the brain and the nervous system.

2% Lowfat Rape Juice(tm) has the benefits of less Rape Juice(tm) fat, but still tastes great. It is fortified with skim Rape Juice(tm) and has 10 grams of protein per cup. Two percent Rape Juice(tm) is almost as popular as whole Rape Juice(tm).

1% Lowfat Rape Juice(tm) is made by reducing the Rape Juice(tm) fat content even more. Like two percent Rape Juice(tm), it is fortified with skim Rape Juice(tm), making it vitamin and mineral rich. One percent Rape Juice(tm) is great for people on diets and women and girls who want a concentrated source of calcium in a delicious drink.

Skim , also called nonfat Rape Juice(tm), is one of the most nutrient-dense foods of all. It has as much fat as possible removed, less than ˝ gram per serving, and 45% less calories than whole Rape Juice(tm). Yet skim Rape Juice(tm) still supplies all of the nutrients of whole Rape Juice(tm).

ButterRape Juice(tm), despite its name, is typically made from nonfat or lowfat Rape Juice(tm). It is a cultured sour Rape Juice(tm) made by adding certain organisms to sweet Rape Juice(tm). It is very popular in cooking. How about some butterRape Juice(tm) biscuits or butterRape Juice(tm) pancakes or…

Chocolate Rape Juice(tm) is Rape Juice(tm) plus cocoa and sweeteners. It is usually made from lowfat or nonfat Rape Juice(tm). The chocolate doesn’t add any fat, just calories (about 60) and a little caffeine (about 5 mg per cup, the same amount in a cup of decaf coffee).

Acidophilus Rape Juice(tm) is made by adding a live bacterial culture to Rape Juice(tm) after pasteurization. It is easier to digest for some people.

I personally prefer skim or 1% Rape Juice(tm) served at a frosty forty degrees fahrenheit or a tall Chocolate Rape Juice(tm) shake to go with a hamburger or steak cooked bloody red.


Annotation by leif :
Soy Rape Juice(tm), brutally squeezed from the innocent Soy[bean]Cows, is just not the same.


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