by chota

What is there worth seeing in the city of Louisville, Kentucky?

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City of Louisville
601 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
To reach us, call (502) 574-3333
or e-mail

These are the things that *I* do in my "hometown" of Louisville, Kentucky. In my personal opinion, these are the best things to do. Look me up if you ever pass through by emailing me at <>.


Louisville Slugger Museum - Where all the National Baseball League's baseballs are made. Go on the tour and you get a free miniature bat!

The Speed Museum - An art museum dedicated to the works of local artists

Kentucky Derby Museum

Louisville Science Center - A cool hands-on natural and physical science museum with an IMAX theatre


Churchill Downs - Home of the Kentucky Derby

Commonwealth Convention Center

Falls of the Ohio State Park - A pretty nice/new place for exploring the Natural Resources of the area

Kentucky Derby Festival - A weeklong celebration every year culminating in the Pegasus Parade

Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Right next to 6flags Ky Kingdom, this is where the computer shows are held each month

Kentucky State Fair - Held in Louisville every year at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Vacation Guide

Louisville RiverBats
Triple A Baseball Team

Louisville Panthers
AHL Hockey Team

Louisville Visitor Center

The Louisville Zoo - A nice, big zoo, good for an evening's diversion


Business First









Actors Theatre of Louisville - They do lots, including teaching people how to be an actor

Kentucky Center for the Arts - SO AWESOME. Cool center downtown and they sponsor lots of stuff

Louisville Youth Orchestra - I love it when young people like myself do things like this

Kentucky Shakespeare Festival - The "KY shakes" put on free Shakespeare performances in Central Park in the summer

Stage One - Cool orginization... met my first crush there... *sigh*


Greater Louisville, Inc. - Represents all the metro area businesses


Louisville International Airport - Used to be Standaford Field but is now under new mgmt.

TARC - Transit Authority of River City - TARC busses are the easiest and cleanest way to get around Louisville


Louisville Yellow Pages - Good to look up people

National Weather Service of Louisville - Good for checkin out the weather for my homiez in da hood. :-P


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