by ross

Hows do i make bogus IDENTD

put this script in /usr/local/bin/ident:
#! /usr/local/bin/tclsh
gets stdin x
puts stdout "$x : USERID : UNIX : SPAZ"
and then put this in /etc/inetd.conf:
auth    stream  tcp     nowait  nobody   /usr/local/bin/tclsh   tclsh /usr/local/bin/ident 
of corse you must have tcl.


Annotation by jesse :
here is another litle identd, this one is in a language that i fell to be superior(because it is), perl. This one also has a nice feature, that is doesnt always return the same thing, so no problems with checking for clones on irc. It does this by choosing a random word from the filename stored in $file, that file should contain a bunch of words, each on a seperate line. my word file is full of "spook" words. make sure not to make list too long, or some ident clinets get angry, around 3000 lines seems to be the limit on my p66.
$file="/root/words";#list of possible words
if(open(DATA, $file)){
        rand($.) < 1 && ($word = $_) while <DATA &rt;;
print "$in : USERID : UNIX : $word";


Annotation by strick :
To avoid being percieved as IRC clonebots (many IRC connections under the same name), add the process ID to the generated username. So this is the better code:
#! /usr/local/bin/tclsh
gets stdin x
puts stdout "$x : USERID : UNIX : SPAZ[pid]"


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