by rupe

What's another good PCS email utility? is intended to complement It offers the following feature set:

PDT Time/Datet(no parameters)
SW Versionv(no parameters)
GPS Datanavdatalocation,[state,zip] [!ret items]
location along with an optional state and/or ZIP code. The optional !ret items parameter is an int that specifies the number of matches to return (default is 2). !ret all returns all matches. ex. navdata Riverside,CA,92507 !ret all returns all matches for the specified location.
Note that location does not necessarily have to be a town or city. It can also be "well known" areas such as a county, subdivision, Indian Reservation, etc.
Help Infohelp(no parameters)
Nslookupnsdomain name or ip address e.g ns
Yahoo! Driving Directionsdd "start address" "end address" where address takes the form [street,city,state,zip], e.g. dd "1000 Doe Street,San Francisco,CA,94104" "251 Lime Street,Riverside,CA,92507"
Note that only US streets are supported for now.. I'll add access to Canada soon. Airport codes aren't supported yet either.
Google Searchgs search terms, e.g. gs qwertyak, Returns first five results, from
Fortunefortune(no parameters) system statssystat(if you're special)
10 Random clichescl (no parameters)
bash shell accessex [shell command] (if you're special)
random literary quoteqo (no parameters), quotes from (thanks Doom!)
view #yak, last 4 entriesirc irc [slack login] [slack pass], e.g. irc rupe mypass
see new metro mailmail(no parameters), restricted access. metro users, ask me if you'd like access.
search FCC frequency allocations in SFOfs search terms, eg. fs hotel or fs 899.4375

This is very much beta right now... Comments and suggestions are encouraged! FYI, the GPS coordinate database used is the Department of the Census' Tiger GIS system. Interested parties should check out for additional information.


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