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What is the connecton between Karl Marx, Cinco de Mayo, and salsa?

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Mexican Marx vs. Deutsche Marx

Around 1864, Marx wrote his infamous "Eleven Theses on Feuerbach," which
paved the way for much of the explicit critiques of western political
economies that followed.  Perhaps the most famous thesis of the bunch was #

"Philosophers have thus far only interpreted the world.  The purpose,
however, is to taste it."

His basic contention that, thanks to a bourgeois hegemony through most of
the industrial nations, ethnic indiosyncrasies in diet and culinary
preference had been suppressed, to be replaced by an alienation, eradicating
the peasant, artisan cooks and replacing them with mass-produced flavorings
and gestapo-like infrastructure.  This was in fact the main focus of
analysis in his longer work, the Grundrisse (which in German means *the

Thus for Marx, a specifically ethnic and particularised flavoring is
necessary for redeeming both cook and the masses from this cycle of
alienation.  In an exhausting analysis, he identifies the stages of spice
accrual in politicla economies and along trade routes, culminating in the
collapse of the Hansiatic league in the early nineteenth century.  The
resulting suppression of Paprika across the continent pushed trade routes to
favor more mediterranean flavorings, which remained stable despite the
ecomonic chaos that ensued.  It was in fact the new upsurge in red-pepper
and cilantro which pretty much drew the political borders for europe.  It
was the taste of revolution, the juice of blood red tomatoes and the sting
of fire on the tongue, that ignited revolutionary movements across the

It remained for evangelists of Marx, such as Nikolai Lenin, to develop and
refine the salsa recipies which enable us, even now, to hum such stirring
anthems as "The Red-Pepper Flag" and "The East is Red-Peppered".

I hope that helps explain things a bit.


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