by strick

What happened to Jesse and TreesN at sf2600 may2000?

Here's jesse666's account, from the morning after:
We had dinner at pizzareria unos.  After we had dinner we stood around 
talking for a while, then went to go trashing.  As we were walking away 
from the pizzaria we saw a stand pipe(like a fire hydrant but just a pipe 
sticking out of the ground) that was on and had a small amount of water 
coming out of it.  Treesn decided to turn it off, but he first turned it 
the wrong way, and water came gushing out.  He then turned it off, but a 
security guard saw the incident and was immediatley radioded for backup.  
Keep in mind this was only a security guard so they realy couldnt do any 
thing, but they didnt care.  Immediatley after the radioded everyone 
started running, about half one way, half the other.  We were stopped by 
the four backup guard who had been called.  One of them grabbed and 
started to question treesN, i then stepped in and was shuved away in 
violent manner by a security guard.  I then preeceded to ask the security 
guard repeatedly for his name and badge number.  I then asked the guard
he pushed me, he started acting very tough, and and said "what did you
repeat that!", i then said "why did you push me" he then started to move 
for me, so istarted to run.  I ran down approximately 15 stairs, then 20 
feet across a landing, then down another 10 stairs. at the bottom of the 
second stairs the guard, the same who had pushed me earlier tackled me to 
the ground. The guard the got up, whilusing his foot to keep me down. HE 
then kicked me and held my chest between his feet.  I was then accused by 
the guard who tackled me of hitting the female guard(which i did not do).  
After being repeatadley asked who turned on the water, i gave them a name, 
but they wanted more info, which i did not have.  I was then asked by one 
of the guards to get out an id, when i reached for my pocket, the other 
guard yelled at me, get your hands away from your pockets, the guard who 
had beenholding me then decided to kneel on my chest to hold me down, this 
was bad since i already had very bruised ,  and possibly cracked ribs,
a previous incident.  I told the guard this and he yelled "Shut the FUCK
  treesN, who they 
were originaly looking for, had disa sappeared.  But as they were beating 
me they spotted him, and radioed for someone, and sent a guard over to get 
him, he was very easy to spot since he was wearing bright orange.  The 
guards only then called a real cop.  After about three minutes more of 
them yelling at me and assaulting me, the cop finnaly arrived.  The cop 
yelled at me and to roll over.  The cop then got mad when i did not stand 
up, even though i was told to roll over.  When i got up i was pushed 
against a glass window by the officer, and then cuffed.  As soon as the 
other guards who had treesN got to where i was, they walked us to the 
onsite police station in an underground parking garage.  I was lead away 
by a cop, treesN was lead away by a guard.  When we got to the underground 
office we were both uncuffed, and then cuffed to a bench so we could not 
get up, or use our hands.  Once we were in the room the officer told us 
that we would both be spending the night in jail( i am a minor so it would 
acytaualy be juivenile hall).  After a period of questioning treesn said
the cop "i dont have to talk to you, i have the right to reamin silent," 
the cop replied with "kid, you've been watching too much tv, you dont have 
that right."  SO far we had sitting cuffed in the office for over sixty 
minutes.  We then asked the cop what we were being charged with, treesN 
was told he was charged with vandilism, assault, and ading in the 
delinquency of a minor.  I was told i would be charged with assault, he 
also said guilt by association.  
After that the cop went oustside and talked to security guards.  After 5 
minutes when he came back he told me that i was free to go, but treesN had 
to stay.  My guess is that the security guard told the cop that i had not 
realy hit her.  When i was set free i was told by the officer that neither 
nor any of my friends were ever to return to the Embarcedero center, and 
if we did we would be arrested on site.  As it currentley stands, we 
belive that treesN is bieng held in a jail cell in San Francicso.


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