"The Ransom Of Richard Redstone"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Sonia Codhant (Marina Lemartin)
Tom Russell (Edward Cervain)
Gary Hetherington (Carlo Capodimonte)
Frank Middlemass as Baron Lemartin

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Gerard Hameline
Production no. 96513-101
Full Credits

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The scene opens with a red Ferrari racing along a winding back road, pursued by a black Porsche. As music reminiscent of the James Bond theme plays, the two cars jockey for position, first the black car, then the red taking the lead. Meanwhile, and older man in a junky old car is coming down the road in the opposite direction, oblivious to what awaits. He rounds the turn as the black car tries to pass the Ferrari, and barely squeaks by between them, sending the black car off the road momentarily, long enough to put it out of the race. The driver spins around and takes off in pursuit again, but the red car is long gone. The Ferrari pulls up in front of a building with a neon sign that says "Casino." A valet jumps to open the door, and we see a pair of shiny black shoes emerging from the Ferrari. The camera pans up over the black trousers, the tux, and the opera scarf to reveal at the last the face of none other than our own Richie Ryan. He adjusts his tie and steps forward as the black car pulls up, the woman inside glaring at him.

Richie, smiling: "Don't feel bad. I'm a pro."

Woman: "Really. And I thought you were just a jerk!"

She drives off, and Richie heads into the Casino.

Act One Back to Top

Duncan MacLeod comes out of a grocery shop to find his car being towed away. He rushes over to protest, and is confronted by an enraged James Foulard, a car dealer, who tells him that Duncan will get his car back when Foulard gets his.

Duncan, confused: "What are you talking about?!" Foulard hands him a paper and tells him that he wants his Ferrari back.

Duncan: "Well that's not a Ferrari, is it?" He says to the tow truck driver: "Unhook it."

Foulard: "No! No, take it away." To Duncan. "Your name and address were given as security."

Duncan demands to know by who, and Foulard tells him that it was a "young American," who took it from his dealership for a test drive and never returned it.

Duncan: "Not enough. Unhook it."

But Foulard produces a passport, and Duncan sobers as he sees Richie's face. The passport says: Richard Redstone, Birthdate 15 October 1964

Duncan: "Oh."

Foulard: "So you know him!"

Duncan glances at him, and gets a crafty look on his face: "Yeah, well, who wouldn't know . . . Red Richovich."

Foulard: "Who? It says here his name is Redstone."

Duncan: "Well it would. It's an alias. Richovich is a killer for the Russian Mafia. He's the most wanted man in all of Europe and you know where he is?!"

Cut to the Casino, Richie is playing roulette, and winning big. There are two young women on either side of him, watching as he wins another pot. Edward Cervain, dressed as a waiter, and Marina Lemartin are watching, too, and Edward catches Marina's eye, pointing significantly at Richie as he wins yet again.

Back at Duncan's car, Duncan hands the papers back to Foulard, saying, "I hope you've got good life insurance." He starts to walk off.

Foulard: "What do you mean?"

Duncan: "Well, you know what they do to informants, don't you..." He gets as far as the leeches before cutting himself off, saying, "You don't want to know the rest..."

At the Casino, Richie is still winning. He breaks off to get champagne, but bumps into Marina as he takes the glass. He attempts to apologize in French, but Marina answers him in English.

Richie: "Oh pardon. Je me tres, uh ..."

Marina: "Clumsy, a klutz, perhaps. Don't worry. No harm done."

Richie: "You speak English."

Marina: "Yes, at least I think so."

They introduce themselves, Richie telling her that he's Richard Redstone. Marina asks if he comes there often.

Richie: "Well, only when the Mirage needs servicing."

Marina, impressed: "You have a plane?"

Richie assures her that it's only a small one, and moves off with her. She turns and points to him as they leave, and Edward, busily emptying a spill of powder in Richie's champagne, smirks wickedly.

At the car, Foulard is now insisting that the drivers unhook Duncan's car, saying that they have the wrong car. Duncan is trying not to laugh out loud as Foulard leaves, telling him to have a nice day. Duncan puts his groceries in the car and slams the door, a determined look on his face.

At the Casino, Richie and Marina move back to the roulette wheel. Marina starts quizzing Richie on his business. He spies a book of matches on the table and quickly extemporizes about the "Match-tech Corporation." Edward brings the champagne, and they drink.

Marina: "I think he wants you to bet."

Richie lets his winnings ride on black, but the ball drops into the red. The bank takes the piles of chips away, and Marina commiserates about the lost money.

Richie, not entirely convincingly: "Well, you know, easy come, easy go."

He doubles over suddenly as his head begins spinning, and says he needs some fresh air. Marina suggests a drive.

Marina pulls the Ferrari into a small parking area, and Richie rouses groggily from the passenger seat, asking why they've stopped. Marina blinks at him coyly.

Marina: "Um, because I thought you might want to ..."

Richie, slurred: "Thass a good idea!" He leans woozily towards her. "Perfect, Marina. You're jus' perfect."

She grabs his face as he tries to kiss her, and pushes him back into the passenger seat as she gets out. He falls facedown over the driver's seat. Edward emerges from the side of the road, and they peer down at Richie, his face mashed into the back of the seat.

Marina: "How much did you give him?"

Edward: "One dose. 50 milligrams, like the farmer said."

Marina: "The farmer? But it was . . . it's a dose for a horse!"

Edward just shakes his head and gets in, pushing Richie back into his seat. Marina sits in Richie's lap and he asks where they're going.

Marina: "My place."

Richie, putting his hand on her breast: "Oh, greeaat." He closes his eyes. "Wake me up when we get there."

Edward: "Does he have to do that?"

Marina: "Edward, he's unconscious." [After consultation with no less than four different people, among them Jan, Paul, and Kat, I think we've finally figured this out! :)]

Edward: "He's an American, and they have this ridiculous obsession with breasts."

Marina: "Just shut up and drive. We've got our millionaire."

At the Lemartin Chateau, Richie wakes up to find himself cuffed to an antique canopy bed. He sits up, jerking angrily on the chains, and Marina admonishes him as she comes in.

Marina: "Please, don't scratch the wood. Besides, you will hurt your wrists." She offers him a drink of water, but he refuses.

Richie: "No, thanks. Last time I had a drink with a girl I woke up handcuffed to strange bed."

Marina offers to get him a blanket, or some pillows, but Richie refuses them, saying he has everything he needs, "nice bed, lots of atmosphere."

Marina: "You don't have to be sarcastic. This is the best room in the Chateau."

Richie: "Oh, excuse me. I forgot my manners." Brandishes the cuffs. "Sweetheart, you kidnapped me!"

Marina: "Don't yell at me, please." Richie subsides with a groan. "All we need is 200,000 francs." She explains that her grandfather was hopeless with money, and that he had to take a loan against the Chateau to pay the bills. Now the loan is due.

Richie: "Look, Marina, I hate to break this to you, but this isn't going to work."

Marina, brightly: "Of course it will. It has to." She gets up to leave, but Richie stops her.

Richie: "Look, Marina, wait wait wait . . . I gotta go."

Marina: "Oh. As soon as we have the money." She leaves.

Richie, calling after her: "Marina, wait. Nonono. Marina, you don't understand. I mean, I gotta go! Marina!" Sits back, slapping his hands on his knees. "Dammit!"

Duncan pulls up outside the Casino. He sits in the car for a moment, and puts two rolls of cotton in his cheeks, then begins brushing gray into his temples as he looks in the mirror.

Flashback, Casino Montecour, France 1978 Back to  Top

Desiree is fixing her lipstick in the mirror. Disco music is playing loudly in the background, and Duncan (wearing, I must add, a blue suit with a ruffled pale blue shirt and a humungous velvet bow-tie) is dancing in time to it as he comes to fetch her, telling her that "the tables are waiting." He dances a couple of steps with her, then they go off to the casino.

Desiree starts winning big at blackjack, and Duncan gapes in amazement at her pile of winnings as he returns with drinks for them.

Desiree: "Duncan, can you believe it? The first time I ever played?"

Duncan: "That's terrific."

But Carlo Capodimonte is not so happy. He's standing with Baron Lemartin, looking on worridly.

Carlo: "This is not a good [?] for the house, Baron." (Sorry, no idea here what he says.)

Baron: "Carlo, my ambitious friend, a beautiful woman is happy, and that is always good for the house."

Desiree, worried that she might lose, is asking Duncan what she should do.

Duncan: "If you're worried, stop playing."

Desiree: "But I could win! Please, tell me what to do."

Duncan looks over at her opponent, a young, handsome man in a white tux.

Duncan: "He looks nervous. Let it ride." Kisses her.

Desiree: "Easy for you to say."

But she deals the cards, and while Carlo watches in horror wins yet again. She decides then to stop playing.

Desiree: "Enough excitement for one night." Looks at Duncan. "At least here, in the casino."

Carlo suggests that she leave her winnings at the casino. But Desiree wants to take it with her, in cash.

Carlo: "Cash? A million francs?" He recovers. "Whatever madame wishes."

He and Baron watch Duncan and Desiree leave, Duncan holding Desiree around the waist as they back off, both of them giggling and giddy. The Baron sighs.

Baron: "There goes a lucky man."

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan walks into the casino, walking slowly and using a cane. Carlo comes up to him, calling him by name, saying it's been twenty years.

Duncan: "Oh, no, it's nineteen, I believe."

Carlo: "Look at you, you've hardly changed.

Duncan: "Good diet, regular exercise. You look good yourself." He takes Carlo's arm. "Where's the Baron?"

Carlo: "I'm afraid he's not here. The old Baron went a little daft, most regrettable. I had to take over the casino."

He asks how he can help, and Duncan tells him he's looking for a young American who came a few days ago, driving a red Ferrari. Carlo asks one of the attendants about him, and is told that Richie left yesterday, "with Mrs. Lemartin."

Duncan: "The Baron's granddaughter?"

Carlo: "I believe so."

Duncan, laughing: "She's a baby. How old could she be?"

Carlo, tightly: "Old enough."

Back at the chateau, Edward is lifting a covered bowl with disgust.

Edward: "I didn't spend three years at the Sorbonne to carry chamber pots." Glares at Richie. "I loathe this."

Richie: "The feeling's mutual, pal."

Marina sits down on the bed, holding a forkful of food to Richie, but he waves it away. She protests that it's very good, that her grandfather made it himself, but Richie isn't worried about food.

Richie: "There's got to be some other way."

Marina. "No, there isn't. How can I expect a man who has everything to know what it's like to have nothing?" Richie looks a little guilty. "My parents are buried in the garden. I was born in this very bed. And my grandfather wants to die here. This isn't just my home, it's my life. I'd do anything to keep it."

Richie: "Marina, can't you renegotiate the loan?"

Marina: "There's only one thing he wants more than the money. Me. The pig wants me to marry him."

Richie: "Marry him? Are you serious?"

Marina says that that's what she'll have to do if she doesn't get the money.

Richie: "So, kidnapping me was your only option."

Marina announces proudly that it was Edward's idea, and Richie smiles with a mix of rue and disbelief.

Richie: "Brilliant. Your boyfriend's a real criminal mastermind."

Marina protests, though, that he's not a criminal, and not her boyfriend.

Marina: "He's a painter. My family has supported artists for centuries. They say Monet painted his first water lilies in the back garden."

Richie: "So why don't you let Rembrandt here sell some of his works of art?"

Marina, looking guilty: "Oh, well, I'm afraid he's not very good."

Richie: "Oh, great. So he's not just a crook and a sponge, he's also a hack."

Marina: "You can talk. What kind of man leaves a casino with the kind of woman who lets a strange man buy her a drink?" Shoves a bite of food into his mouth, and he laughs. She wipes his chin with a napkin, and they both stop, and then Richie leans forward and kisses her. They kiss for a moment, but when he reaches up to hold her the cuffs hold him back. She breaks away, saying she should go. But Richie begs her to take at least one of the cuffs off, promising that he won't go, and she relents. She retrieves the key from the front of her dress and removes one cuff, and Richie holds her with that hand while he kisses her. Outside, a car pulls up, but we only see the feet of the driver as he steps out and walks to the house. Inside, Richie leaves off kissing Marina as he senses another immortal, and he looks around in panic. He demands for Marina to unlock him, but she won't. In desperation, he grabs for the key, but this only makes her enraged. She slaps him.

Marina: "You pig! I trust you, you take advantage."

Richie: "Marina, you don't understand, somebody's coming." But she slaps him again, calling him a liar, and she leaves.

Richie: "Marina, I could die! Marina, we could all die!"

But she's already gone, and he curses and starts tugging on the cuff. He climbs on the bed to brace his feet, and eventually succeeds in bringing the whole structure down on top of himself.

Act Two Back to Top

Richie is braced outside the window, holding the bedpost with the handcuff still attached to his wrist. He starts climbing down, past the window where the Baron is cooking, oblivious to the shadow creeping past. He hears Richie say faintly, "Okay, pal, I'm ready for you," then shrugs and goes back to his work. Outside, Richie looks around, and turns as Duncan speaks from the shadows.

Duncan: "Who are you supposed to be, the postman?"

Richie: "Mac?! What in the hell are you doing here?" Squints into the darkness. "Did you do something to your hair?"

Duncan, quickly: "That's not the point. The point is what are you doing in France? You're dead here, remember?"

Richie: "I know, I got a new identity."

Duncan: "Yeah, Richie Redstone, international car thief."

Richie takes him arm and starts walking away from the chateau: "Shh! I didn't steal it, I borrowed it, and I had every intention of bringing it back until I was drugged and kidnapped." He starts telling the Duncan the whole story.

Meanwhile, Marina comes into the kitchen, and finds her grandfather cooking.

Baron: "How is your guest doing, a Mr. Flintstone, was it?"

Marina: "Redstone, grandfather, ah, he's fine." The Baron says that the chateau needs more people in it, that it's been too empty. Edward comes in with a newspaper, scowling. Marina goes to him.

Marina: "What's going on?"

Edward, hissing so the Baron won't hear: "You tell me. We kidnap an American millionaire and they don't even mention it!"

Marina is perplexed, and so is Edward, until he speculates that "maybe Mr. Redstone isn't what he appears to be."

Outside, Richie (still carrying the bedpost over his shoulder) is telling Duncan about the Lemartin's troubles, saying that if Marina doesn't marry Carlo she'll be out in the streets.

Richie: "Mac, buddy, you gotta help me. She needs 200,000 francs."

Duncan pats his shoulder, grinning: "You wouldn't happen to be falling for this Marina Lemartin, would you?"

Richie laughs jovially: "Every time it's a girl you always assume . . . "

Duncan, smiling: "I wonder why?"

Richie: "Okay, maybe I like her. A little. But I really do want to help her."

Duncan: "Why are you running away?"

Richie: "I'm not running away, I'm . . ."

Duncan: "Playing baseball?"

Richie: Very funny." Duncan snickers. "Look, I gotta get back before they know I'm gone."

From a window above, Marina squeaks, "Gone!" and Richie and Duncan look at each other.

Duncan: "Looks like they found out." Throws up his hands as Richie looks at him. "All right, all right. Go on."

Richie runs off. Upstairs, Edward is saying that he knew he couldn't trust him, and says he'll go to the police.

Marina: "No, he wouldn't do that."

They both jump as the bell rings downstairs.

Marina: "The police!"

They rush down and stop the Baron as he's heading for the door, sending him back to the kitchen to tend to his soup. Edward answers the door, and finds Richie standing there, leaning on his bedpost.

Richie: "Hi. I was, uh, looking for the bathroom." Walks in. "Can I come in?" Slaps his shoulder. "Sorry about the bed, there. No hard feelings?"

Edward: "No, none."

Richie, walking past him: "Good. So, where is Marina?"

As he walks by, Edward picks up a vase and hits him over the head, and Richie falls.

The next morning, Marina and Edward come down to where Richie is cuffed to a wine rack in the cellar, and Marina scolds him.

Marina: "You're not happy just destroying the bed, you have to ruin the wine cellar, too? What kind of guest are you?"

Richie, as he's ungagged: "I am not a guest! You kidnapped me -- twice!"

Marina: "Yes, but in a civilized way. We've always treated you well."

But Edward announces that Richard Redstone is a fraud, and Marina asks if that's true.

Richie, after a while: "Yes. Marina, I'm sorry. I don't have any money, I was just playing the big shot. You kidnapped the wrong guy." But he assures her that he wants to help her.

Marina: "But how do I know I can trust you?"

Richie: "Marina, if I was lying, would I have escaped and then come back?"

Edward: "Oh, of course. I understand it all now. He wants us to think he's poor, trying to pretend he was rich to trick us into letting him go. But he's really rich, pretending that he's poor, pretending he's rich so that we'll let him go after all!"

Richie, shouting: "That is ridiculous!"

Edward: "See, he denies it."

Richie: "Of course I deny it."

Marina tells them both to be quiet, and they all stop as the doorbell rings. Edward goes to answer it, telling Marina to keep Richie quiet. Richie tries to get Marina to trust him, and leans forward to try to kiss her, but she slaps him again and he nearly pulls the wine rack over on himself. Upstairs, someone is knocking on the door with a cane, and the Baron comes to answer it. But again, Edward intercepts him, sending him back to the kitchen to tend his soup. Edward opens the door to find Duncan standing there in a dark suit and coat, peering at him over his glasses.

Duncan, speaking as if Edward should know him: "I'm Duncan MacLeod."

Edward: "Who?"

Duncan: "Chief Financial Officer, Matchtech Corporation. I'm sure Mr. Redstone told you I was coming."

Edward: "He did?"

Duncan: "Uh-huh."

Edward, laughing: "Yes, 'course he did. Silly me."

Duncan opens his briefcase and hands him a check, saying that Mr. Redstone asked him to make sure that Marina Lemartin received it.

Marina comes out just then, and Duncan gives the check to her, saying that it's a "check for 200,000 francs." Marina looks at the check in amazement.

Marina: "200,000 francs? Mr. Redstone is very generous."

Duncan: "He can afford to be." Looks up at the chateau. "You know, this place would make a wonderful hotel. I wonder if Mr. Redstone would be interested in investing in it. Maybe I could have a word with him."

He starts to come in, but Marina and Edward stop him.

Edward: "He's sleeping."

Marina, at the same time: "He's not here."

They look at each other.

Edward: "He's not here."

Marina, again at the same time: "He's sleeping."

They look at each other again, and rush back inside, Edward shutting the door in Duncan's face, saying, "He's not here!"

Duncan tosses his cane up and catches it: "This is beginning to be fun." He walks off.

Downstairs, Marina goes to Richie and ungags him.

Richie: "Please, let me explain."

Marina: "There's nothing to explain." She unfastens the cuffs, and kisses him passionately. "That's for saving me." Slaps him. "And that's for lying" [Thanks, Jan! :)]

After Marina stalks off, Richie rubs his face, looking perplexed.

Richie: "Oh my God."

Act Three Back to Top

Richie and Marina go to see Carlo at the Casino, and Richie gives Carlo the check. Carlo looks at it, then puts it down on the desk.

Carlo: "200,000 francs." Smiles. "I'm afraid I don't want it."

Marina: "What do you mean, you don't want it? You have to want it."

Richie: "200,000 francs is the agreement. That's the chateau's deed, free and clear."

Carlo smirks: "Not any more. Deadline was yesterday. You missed it."

Marina is crushed, and Richie protests that this isn't fair. Carlo, though, says he might be interested in selling the chateau, but for ten million francs.

Richie: "Ten million francs? Are you out of your mind?"

Marina: "I don't have that kind of money!"

Carlo: "I suggest you talk to Mr. Redstone, here. After all, he's the millionaire."

Cut to Duncan and Richie, walking and talking.

Duncan: "Ten million francs, that's over two million dollars. You've got to be out of your mind."

Richie: "I know, but Mac, I'm supposed to be a millionaire."

Duncan: "Yeah, but you're not a millionaire. You don't have two million dollars. You don't have one million dollars. In fact, you still owe someone a Ferrari."

Richie: "Yeah, I know. But it's still in one piece. Hey listen, Mac, what if you put up the money to make the chateau into the hotel?"

Duncan: "What?!"

Richie: "Well, you told Marina yourself it would be a good investment."

Duncan: "Yeah, it probably would. But . . . two million dollars by Friday? It's not gonna happen, Richie."

Richie: "What do you expect me to tell her?"

Duncan: "Maybe you should try something different for a change."

Richie: "Like what?"

Duncan: "The truth."

In the kitchen of the chateau, Richie is telling Marina and Edward the story.

Richie: "It was a fake. All of it. Even the tux was rented."

Edward is distraught, moaning: "I even carried his chamber pot."

Richie: "Marina, I am so sorry. I never meant to get your hopes up."

Marina: "You never expected to be kidnapped. It's my fault." To the Baron. "I'm sorry, Grandpa."

Baron: "You did what you could, my child. You all did. It is an old man's foolishness that has caused this." Turns to Edward. "Meanwhile I have a request. Paint for me a picture of the chateau, then. Something to take with us."

Edward, glum but nodding: "I'll get some new canvas tomorrow."

Richie: "Oh, don't bother. There's a ton of it in the upstairs bedroom."

Duncan, interested: "A ton of what?"

Richie: "Old canvases. They're all rolled up, stuck to the top of the bed."

Edward and the Baron stare as the possibility hits them. While Richie looks on, perplexed, the others jump up and leave.

Upstairs, they go to the canvases and begin to unroll them, Edward speculating excitedly about what they might be.

Edward: "Cezanne, Degas, Picasso..."

Duncan, unrolling one: "Painters the Lemartins supported for centuries."

Marina: "If one of them left a canvas . . ."

Duncan: "Then you're very rich."

Richie: "What if they're no good?"

Duncan: "Doesn't matter. A Picasso's still a Picasso. It could be worth millions."

Baron: "Picasso, Monet . . . I believe Van Gogh stayed here once." He hold up a canvas, a portrait, for Duncan's inspection.

Richie: "Is it a Picasso?"

Duncan shakes his head: "No, Albert Lemartin. Your ancestor. An 18th century amateur who fancied himself an artist." Unrolls the last canvas. "I'm sorry, you've found the life works of . . ." Breaks off as he gets a good look at the face painted on the canvas he's holding. It appears to be an extremely bad portrait of himself. Duncan does a double take, then rolls up the painting, finishing his sentence. " . . . a very untalented man. I'm sorry."

Marina: "Then that's it. There's only one thing left to do."

Baron: "Please, not Carlo Capodimonte. Let that nouveau riche lizard have the house. But, keep your honor."

Marina walks out, and Richie follows her, telling her not to do it.

Marina: "Richie, I have to."

Richie takes her face in his hands: "Marina." His voice drops to a whisper. "I think I'm falling in love with you."

She pushes him away and leaves.

Marina is standing at the gate of the chateau, her bag beside her. Duncan comes up to her.

Duncan: "Marina, I know the chateau's important to you, but it's not worth the price you're paying."

Marina asks him not to make it any more difficult for her, and he asks about Richie.

Marina: "It was all a mistake. He will forget me in time."

Carlo drives up, and Duncan tries one last time.

Duncan: "Will you forget him? Hm?"

Carlo gets out and opens the car for her, and Duncan begs her not to go.

Duncan: "Don't do this. We'll find another way."

Marina: "I have no choice."

She gets in the car. Carlo gets ready to drive away. Duncan tells him not to do this, but he ignores him, glancing at his watch as he tells Duncan that they have a "great deal to do." Duncan stares as he notices the watch Carlo is wearing . . .

Flashback Back to Top

Desiree is standing by a table covered in packages of bills, looking around in awe at the sumptuous room.

Desiree: "Is this how rich people live all the time?"

Duncan: "Not if they want to stay rich."

He brings her a glass of champagne, saying she didn't have to order the most expensive room in the hotel. But she says she wanted to.

Desiree: "For once, I am the one with the money." She starts to unbutton his shirt. "And I can be very generous, to those who will bring me pleasure."

Duncan: "You think I'll be your gigolo for what, a few thousand francs?"

Desiree: "No, a million francs." Waves a bundle of francs. "What would this buy me? Your neck, your mouth." Pushes him away, saying, "I'm not free."

Duncan: "Then I'm in trouble, because I don't have a centime left on me."

Desiree says she's sure he'll "think of something."

Duncan takes off his watch: "What would this buy me? Your mouth? Your neck?"

Desiree pulls away: "I'm very expensive."

Duncan reaches for her zipper: "Well, maybe I should take out a loan."

They fall down on the bed. A little later, they're still under the covers when a masked man bursts into the room, waving a gun. He demands that they put the money in a bag, and Duncan is about to comply when Desiree protests.

Desiree: "Never! Duncan won't let you."

Thief: "I'll shoot him."

Desiree: "Go ahead, you think he cares?"

Duncan: "I care. Desiree, stay here."

Desiree: "It's my money."

Duncan: "And it's his gun."

Duncan puts the money in the bag, telling Desiree it isn't worth dying over, even if it is a million francs. He makes her put all the money in, and gives the bag to the intruder. He grabs it, then reaches for the watch on the table.

Duncan: "No, not the watch."

Thief: "Don't you start. You follow me, I'll shoot."

He leaves, and Desiree slumps back against the table. Duncan tries to console her, telling her that it's only money.

Duncan: "It's not the end of the world. We still have each other. We still have tonight."

Desiree: "That's what you think. I'm too upset." She walks away.

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan smiles thinly at Carlo as he drives away, then stands there looking thoughtful before walking back towards the chateau.

Act Four Back to Top

The Baron is playing solitaire in the kitchen, while Richie and Edward snipe at each other. Edward is saying that he can go anywhere, and Richie suggests he hurry to catch a train. Edward calls him a petty phony, saying he's "not even a millionaire."

Richie: "Yo, Ed, buddy, do yourself a favor, all right? Knock it off."

Edward: "Or what? You punch me? Kick my ass around the room? Blacken my eyes?"

Richie: "Sounds good to me."

Duncan shows up just then, saying that he's been trying to find some information. He goes to the Baron, and asks him how Carlo came to have the money to buy the casino in the first place. The Baron explains that he came into a fortune, about 20 years ago, and Duncan smiles wickedly.. He takes Richie and leaves.

As Duncan and Richie race down the road in the Ferrari, Richie is talking about Marina.

Richie, voiceover: "I dunno, Mac. She drugged me, kidnapped me, tied to a bed. If you ask me, I think that's pretty solid foundation for a relationship. Hey, uh, buddy, hey Mac, don't you think you're driving a little fast here?"

They drive on, nearly colliding, again, with the same old man that Richie nearly ran down in the teaser...:)

Carlo is in his office when Duncan and Richie show up, shutting and locking the door behind them.

Carlo: "What's the meaning of this? You, get out or I'll call the police."

Duncan: "Fine, why don't you call the police, Carlo, and while you're at it why don't you tell them what happened 19 years ago. How you held two people up at gunpoint and stole a million francs from them."

Carlo: "What are you talking about?"

Duncan grabs his wrist: "I'm talking about the watch on your wrist. That was mine."

Carlo: "That won't prove a thing."

Duncan glances at Richie, then tosses him his cane and steps back, pulling a gun from under his coat.

Duncan: "You know you're right, it won't prove a thing, but I wasn't going to take you to court anyway."

Carlo backs off, protesting, and Richie joins in, telling Duncan it isn't worth it. As Duncan nears him, Richie clubs his wrist with the cane and he drops the gun. Carlo picks it up, and as Duncan tries to get the gun back, Carlo shoots him.

Duncan, gasping: "You got me."

He falls back, dying, and the men outside start pounding on the door, demanding to know if Carlo is all right.

Richie, feeling Duncan's pulse: "He's dead. You killed him."

Carlo: "It was an accident." Turns to the door and yells, "I'm fine! I'm fine!" Turns back to Richie. "You saw it. I didn't do it."

Richie: "That's not how it looked to me. Looked to me like he called you a thief, and then you called him a liar, and then you shot and killed him."

Carlo: "But I didn't mean to. I swear."

Richie: "But I'll swear you did. Look, the body, the watch. Carlo, your fingerprints are all over that gun. It's lookin' like prison for you, pal."

He heads for the door. Carlo protests, saying he'll do anything, and Duncan smiles, then quickly rearranges his face.

Richie: "Anything. I tell you what. You turn over the deed to the chateau, the deed to the casino, you head for South America, you never, ever come back here . . . and I just might forget what I saw."

Carlo: "This is extortion. I won't do it."

Richie: "Suit yourself." He heads for the door again, and puts his hand on the latch. "Carlo. The deed, or the police."

Carlo finally caves in. He signs over the deed.

Carlo: "Is that all?"

On the floor, Duncan mouths "Watch," and Richie turns to Carlo and demands the deed to the casino. Carlo refuses, though, saying he'd rather go to jail than lose the casino, and Richie takes the watch instead. Richie goes to the door, and tells the men outside and Mr. Capodimonte is going to need a ride to the airport.

Richie: "Enjoy Buenos Aires!" He shuts the door, and goes to help Duncan up.

Duncan: "How was I?"

Richie: "Not bad. A little over the top."

Duncan: "I thought I was excellent."

Richie, giving him the watch: "Your watch. I'm sure you thought you were excellent."

Duncan: "I was. You know, I was an actor. I played Shakespeare. I played all the great parts."

Richie: "I know you did."

Duncan: "Let's get out of here." Goes to the door. "I suppose you think you could have done better."

They leave.

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Duncan, Richie, Marina, Edward and the Baron are sitting in the kitchen, eating dinner and talking. Marina is ecstatic to have the chateau back, but when Duncan suggests again that she turn it into a hotel she says she doesn't have the time or money. Richie offers to help, saying he can do anything she needs, if she'll let him stay. She agrees, and the Baron is thrilled.

Baron: "A bottle of wine from the cellar! Something to celebrate!"

Duncan follows him downstairs. The Baron says there isn't much left, but as he looks Duncan notices the wall of the cellar has been renovated, and asks the Baron when it was done.

Baron: "I don't remember. It must have been around World War two, I believe. Why?"

Duncan: "Just a hunch."

He takes off his glasses and hands the Baron his cane, then locates a handy sledgehammer and starts pounding at the wall. The others come down to investigate the noise, and presently Duncan breaks through into a second cellar. He walks in, and chuckles as he finds racks and racks of wine. As the Baron exclaims over the vintages, Marina asks Duncan how he knew.

Duncan: "Well, when war broke out families built fake wine cellars for the Nazis to plunder. And they hid their best wines in places like this."

Richie: "How much do you think it's all worth?"

Duncan: "Well, this one's worth four hundred. That one, at least four thousand. I'd say you're not poor anymore."

The Baron brandishes a bottle: "This one, we have for dinner." He leads the others out, and we hear him saying, "A toast to old friends."

Richie: "And to new friends."

Special thanks must go to Jan for saving the sanity of a poor summarizer by going through and filling in some of those pesky gaps that caused me such anguish at the end of Act Two. Thanks, Jan!

Until "Duende"...


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