"Finale, Part one"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Lisa Howard (Dr. Anne Lindsey)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
David Robb (Kalas)
Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos)
Michel Modo (Maurice)
Roland Gift(Xavier St. Cloud)

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Production No. 94321-65
Full Credits

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Teaser Back to Top

A prison. The prisoners are working in the prison garden, weeding, hoeing, and so on.

Kalas is in the foreground, but the shot quickly focuses to Nino as he walks along the wall away from the others. Nino shuffles around the corner, and pauses there to light a cigarette. He catches the eyes of a pair of prisoners, and they in turn signal to another man across the yard, who immediately begins hoeing in a new direction. They signal again, and the fourth man jumps on another inmate, starting an instant brawl. Kalas looks up as the fight begins, and then the first pair grabs his arms as Nino nods, taking a knife from his pocket. The two inmates shove Kalas towards Nino, and Nino drives the knife into Kalas's gut. Nino bears him down, stabbing him repeatedly until Kalas is dead. He begins searching his pockets frantically, but before he finds anything Kalas's hand suddenly strikes up, taking him by the throat. Choking and terrified, Nino is lifted and shoved back against the wall, and Kalas leans in to chat.

Kalas: "Well, well. What have we here?" Widens his eyes maniacally. "A psychopath?" Nino, frightened, says nothing, and Kalas tightens his grip. "I could kill you. But I prefer to use you."

He shoves Nino down, and the Nino scrambles back, whimpering in fear . . .

Months later Back to Top

It's night in the prison. The guards are making their rounds. As one walks past Kalas's cell, Kalas bursts out, pulling him inside and killing him. He then sneaks down to Nino's cell and opens the door.

Nino: "We go tonight?"

Kalas: "You didn't think I'd leave without you?"

They slip out to the yard, and Nino kills a guard, winning a pat of approval from Kalas.

Kalas: "That's my boy."

They dash to the outer wall.

Nino, as they run: "Now what are we supposed to do?"

Kalas: "We await our benefactor."

Nino, staring up at the high wall: "For what? Is he going to bring us wings?"

Kalas: "Shut your mouth."

As he speaks, a hook with a line attached whistles over the wall, and Kalas moves to pull it down, bringing over a length of knotted rope. Kalas climbs up, with Nino following him, and lands on the other side. As he does, though, he senses another immortal and turns to find Amanda waiting for him, sword drawn.

Amanda: "It's about time."

Kalas: "What now?"

Amanda puts down the crossbow: "Now you die."

She strikes at him, swinging as he ducks and dodges her blows.

Kalas: "All this? Just to kill me?"

Amanda: "Give the man a cigar."

Kalas: "Why? You don't even know me."

He's backing away, leading her closer to where the rope is still dangling down.

Amanda: "I know what you did to MacLeod."

Kalas: "Ah. He sent you."

Amanda: "Let's just say I owe him."

She strikes again, and Kalas grabs her sword hand. They struggle for the sword, and meanwhile Nino jumps down behind Amanda, knife in hand. He stabs her in the shoulder and she staggers back, leaving Kalas free to pick up the crossbow.

Amanda: "You couldn't leave your little friend behind?"

Kalas: "Not friend. Weapon!"

He fires, and Amanda rolls away. Inside the prison, the alarm sounds, and Kalas and Nino run off, leaving Amanda to get to her feet. She follows them for a few steps, then realizes it's hopeless.

Amanda: "Brilliant. Brilliant!"

Act One Back to Top

Duncan MacLeod is sitting inside the barge when he senses another immortal. He starts up, and a moment later Amanda ducks through the door, carrying a pair of shopping bags.

Duncan: "Amanda!"

Amanda: "I gotta hand it to you, MacLeod, you got a memory like an elephant." She walks up, grinning, and Duncan stands.

Duncan: "What are you doing here?" Amanda tries to kiss him, but he leans back, avoiding her. "Besides making a fashion statement," he adds, looking at the stud in her nose.

Amanda wrinkles her nose so that the gem flashes: "Isn't it great? It reminds me of the old days. And to answer your question, I'm here to make you dinner." She starts pulling things out of her bags. [Thanks to Agnes, I can spell this stuff now. My cries for help were answered! --Jinjifore] "I have a '71 Montrachet, a Chateau Lafite '61, a '54 Yquem . . .basically everything but a '68 Camaro."

Duncan: "Amanda . . ."

Amanda: "Caviar, truffles, chanterelle, and my favorite, smoked goose. And I know what you're thinking . . ." She walks to Duncan and slides her hands around his waist. " . . . but I think that we can find a way to work it off." She leans in again, and again he leans back. She leaves him to go to the stereo.

Duncan, undistracted: "What are you doing here?"

Amanda, pushing buttons: "I'm just here to make dinner for an old friend. Um, by the way, what happened to your lady friend? You know, the, um, doctor?"

Duncan stalks to the stereo and turns it off: "Her name's Anne. And that's none of your business."

Amanda turns, pouting sympathetically: "Oh. It's a shame."

She takes off her jacket, and Duncan looks at her, struggling for a moment, then turns the music back on.

Kalas and Nino, lurking in an alley, dash up to a man as he's getting in his car. Kalas looks him over.

Kalas: "Would you say we're about the same size?"

Business Man: "What do you want?"

Kalas: "Your wallet, your car, your clothes."

Business Man: "You're insane." He pushes past Kalas to get in his car.

Kalas: "Possibly." He gets in the man's face, staring.

Back on the barge, a fire is burning in the stove as Duncan and Amanda finish their dinner.

Amanda: "So what do you think? Not bad for potluck, huh?"

Duncan: "You haven't lost your touch. Great wines, two and a half star dinner . . . So why?"

Amanda, suddenly uncomfortable: "Why what?"

Duncan: "So why are you being so nice?"

Amanda, smirking coyly: "I am, aren't I?"

Duncan: "Come on, Amanda. Give. What do you really want?"

Amanda shakes her head, reaching out to touch him, but he grabs her wrist.

Amanda, in a small voice: "To make you happy?"

Duncan, smiling: "Why?"

Amanda bites her lip: "So you won't kill me when I tell you what happened." Duncan, instantly sober, lets go of her hand. She takes a nervous sip of wine. "I broke Kalas out of jail."

At a street light, Nino pulls their stolen car to a stop while Kalas finishes running the former owner's electric razor over his face.

Nino: "What's the point? How long are we going to drive around here?"

Kalas: "Until I tell you to stop." He freezes as he senses another immortal, and looks around until he spots him. "That one," he says to Nino. "Run him down."

Nino, delighted, obliges. He hits the other man twice, incapacitating him, and stops the car. Kalas gets out.

Nino: "Why can't I do him?"

Kalas: "You remember prison, Nino? What happened there?"

Nino does, flashing back to the moment when he killed Kalas, then Kalas revived. Kalas leaves him and walks to the other immortal, who's gasping on the pavement, trying to reach his sword.

Immortal: "Who are you?"

Kalas picks up the sword: "You won't be needing this." Raises it over his head. "But I will."

He beheads him while Nino looks on, amazed. Nino watches the Quickening, laughing and excited, and when it's over Kalas leans on his sword, panting.

Kalas: "So good. It's been . . . so long."

At the barge, Duncan is sitting at the table, hitting his glass with his fork, over and over . . .

Amanda: "Would you just say something to me, MacLeod? Anything. You know, get mad, throw something, at least yell at me. And stop doing that?!"

Duncan, quiet: "There's no point, it's already done."

Amanda, angry: "You know, this may sound crazy, but I was trying to do you a favor, you know. I was trying to get Kalas out of your life."

Duncan: "Two guards are dead because of it."

Amanda: "I'm sorry! You know that wasn't supposed to happen."

Duncan: "Nothing's ever supposed to happen. You should have left it alone."

Amanda: "I know that now. But I kept thinking about all the times that you came through for me and I thought . . . " She's almost in tears now. " . . . 'Now it's my turn.'"

Duncan, jumping up to confront her: "To do what? Die for me? You stay away from him! You can't fight for me and I won't allow you to die for me! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

Amanda stares, then turns and leaves without a word. Duncan sits back down, and stares out the window.

Flashback Algiers, 1653 Back to Top

A rider on horseback (Xavier St. Cloud), dressed in black, is riding out of the desert at a gallop. As he approaches, the scene shifts to Duncan and Hamza, walking up a narrow passage.

Duncan: "Ah, this accursed heat. It must be noon already."

Hamza consults his watch: "It is nine-thirty, my friend. Still the cool part of the day."

Duncan, gesturing to the watch: "What's the use of that thing? Counting minutes when we have forever?"

Cut back to Xavier St. Cloud, still galloping towards the town.

Hamza sits down: "It is all written, how long any man has is in the hands of Allah. Besides, you Europeans invented the minutes. Here, there is only morning, noon, and night."

Back to Xavier, still riding closer.

Duncan thanks the servant as he moves away, and stares down at his drink.

Hamza: "Patience, my friend. The desert teaches you that, if nothing else." Duncan picks up his drink and tastes it. "We leave for Tunis in the evening. Even we can't travel far in the midday sun."

Duncan, holding out his cup: "This is hot! What do you want do drink that for? I want something cold!"

Hamza: "You miss this Scotland of yours?"

Duncan: "Aye!"

Hamza: "Where it rains incessantly, and the people of your tribe eat grass?"

Duncan laughs with him, but humorlessly: "Oats, Hamza, they eat oats. And aye, I could do with a bloody cold highland ale right now." Hamza looks at him dispassionately. "What? You not approve of my customs?"

Hamza: "Who can say? It is not for me to judge. Perhaps one can enjoy eating the flesh of pigs, and drinking vile concoctions." He chuckles, and Duncan joins in, not entirely sincerely.

Outside the walls, Xavier arrives and dismounts. As he approaches, Duncan and Hamza sense him, and turn to face him as he walks up to their table.

Duncan, spotting him: "A Moor."

Hamza: "A killer."

Xavier approaches their table: "Hamza el Cahil (sp?)."

Hamza: "I have that honor. You have traveled a long way."

Xavier, smiling: "And you move quickly, for an old man."

Duncan: "Keep a civil tongue in your head, if you want to keep it."

Xavier, blandly: "Look how I shake. My breath comes in labored gasps. What courage! What bravado!" To Hamza. "Who is this fool?"

Duncan, rising: "I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod."

Xavier, to Hamza: "Does he always speak for you?"

Hamza rises and lifts a restraining hand towards Duncan: "Forget him. He is too young for you to be concerned with."

Duncan: "I'm old enough to take his head."

Xavier: "I don't sleep with virgins, and I don't kill children."

Duncan goes for him, but Hamza holds him back.

Hamza: "Not here. We are not alone."

Duncan: "Then I will take it elsewhere."

Hamza: "It is not your concern."

Xavier: "We will meet in two hours. The square in the Old Quarter."

Duncan: "He will be there."

Xavier: "Good. Because if he is not, I will come for you."

Duncan: "Anytime."

Xavier gives a little laugh, and leaves.

Duncan: "Who is that camel dung?"

Hamza: "Xavier St. Cloud."

Duncan: "Christian name for a Moor."

Hamza: "He has been many things."

Duncan, confident: "Soon he will be dead. You will show him what Damascus steel can do."

Hamza looks after Xavier, and his mouth tightens: "Finish your tea. And then get the horses. It is time for us to go."

Duncan, not believing it: "You're going to run?"

Hamza: "Would you rather I commit suicide?"

Duncan, getting up again: "But I've seen you fight, you're good!"

Hamza: "Not as good as Xavier. A man must know his limitations if he wants to survive. We leave now. Lose him in the desert." He turns to go.

Duncan: "Then you ride alone."

Hamza turns back: "Xavier was right. You are a fool. You are too young, you have never fought one like this!"

Duncan: "He hasn't fought one like me. Not all is written, Hamza. Ride on if you must. But I will stay." Sits down defiantly.

Hamza closes his eyes and bows: "May Allah be with you."

Duncan: "Aye. And with you." He picks up his tea, watching as Hamza leaves.

At the appointed time, Duncan shows up, calling for Xavier.

Duncan: "Xavier! Are you going to keep me waiting all day?"

He senses him, and moves on cautiously until he finds Xavier waiting for him.

Xavier: "Such rudeness. It must be Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod."

Duncan: "Aye, it is, you arrogant, pompous boor." Pauses theatrically. "Och, no, it's *Moor,* is it not?"

Xavier, displeased: "I was expecting Hamza."

Duncan: "Wrong again."

Xavier: "Just how old are you? Are you a Christian, or do you paint yourself blue and bay at the moon?"

Duncan: "What do you care?"

Xavier: "Just wondering what god I'm going to send you to."

Duncan: "Look to your own."

They prepare to fight, but even as they draw their swords they sense another immortal. Hamza walks in and addresses Xavier.

Hamza: "Your challenge was to me, and I accept."

Duncan: "But I am ready!"

Hamza: "It was always my fight." Turns to Xavier. "It is done."

Xavier walks up to Duncan: "Look and listen, my pale friend. Your time will come."

He walks off, and Hamza starts to follow. Duncan grabs his arm, stopping him.

Duncan: "Why? Do not tell me it was written."

Hamza squeezes his arm: "Because I cannot allow a friend to die in my place." He takes out his watch and put it in Duncan's hand, closing his hands around his. "Remember me."

Duncan watches him go, and looks down at the watch in his hand . . .

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan is holding Hamza's watch, rubbing the face and thinking. He puts it away, and lifts his head as he senses another immortal. Getting to his feet, he fumbles his sword from underneath the table as the door opens and Joe Dawson walks in.

Joe: "MacLeod! MacLeod! It's me! It's Joe Dawson."

Duncan, wary: "Joe, back off. There's someone else."

Joe turns to let Methos step through the door behind him. Methos strolls in, looking around.

Duncan, letting the sword sag: "Methos."

Methos looks at Duncan, and his eyes flick down to the sword and back as he gives a wry smile.

Act Two Back to Top

Evening at the barge. Duncan is pouring drinks for Joe and Methos.

Duncan: "I'm sorry for the reception. I wasn't expecting you."

Joe: "Yeah, well, I wasn't expecting to come, not until this morning."

Duncan: "What brings you to Paris?"

Methos, finally looking up from inspecting Duncan's chess set: "I called him."

Duncan glances at Joe: "I know you wanted to see Methos, but six thousand miles is a long way to travel for a social visit."

Joe nods: "Yeah, well, it's Watcher business. It really doesn't concern you, Mac."

Duncan hands Methos a glass and walks back: "Whatever."

Joe: "I mean if it did, I would tell you."

Duncan: "It's all right, Joe. I've got my own problems right now.

Methos, interested: "I don't suppose this problem has a name, does it?"

Duncan, shortly: "Kalas."

Joe, startled: "Well he's in prison."

Duncan: "Not since last night."

Methos puts down his glass, staring in disbelief.

At Kalas's hideout, Nino is leading a group of toughs down the stairs. The hideout is in a cellar, dirt floors and stone walls, practically empty except for the table where Kalas is sitting. Nino walks around to stand next to Kalas as he looks the group over.

Kalas: "This is the best you could do?"

Nino: "They know the streets. They don't talk. And they don't mind killing."

Kalas tosses an envelope to one of the thugs: "First installment. MacLeod has a barge, just across from Notre Dame. As for killing . . . leave that to me."

Thug: "So what do we do?"

Kalas: "You follow him. I want to know where he goes, what he does, who his friends are." He reaches for a sketchpad on his desk and shows them a drawing of Amanda. "Especially her."

The toughs take the sketch and leave.

The restaurant where Maurice works. Maurice is waiting on Kalas, taking his wine order. [Thanks to Agnes, I can now transcribe the wines in the scene. Thanks, Agnes! --Jinjifore]

Maurice: "The Colon-Segur '61? Excellent choice, Monsiuer A marvellous year. It would do Chef Breaux's Lamb more than justice." Pauses. "Unfortunately, we do not have it." [Thanks again to my French donors. --Jinjifore]

Kalas: "What about the '59 Pichon-Lalande?"

Maurice: "Magnifque. But we sold the last bottle yesterday."

Kalas, seeing where this is going: "The '54 Lafite?" Maurice shakes his head, and Kalas finally gives up on choosing his own wine. "Why don't I leave it in your capable hands?"

Maurice: "It would be my pleasure."

He bustles off. A moment later, Kalas senses an immortal, and hears Maurice greeting Duncan.

Maurice: "Ah, Monsieur MacLeod. If you'd care to wait . . ."

Duncan pushes past him gently: "No, I wouldn't." He walks over to Kalas and leans over him. "You should have stayed in prison, Kalas. Time's up."

Kalas, unruffled: "Oh? You think so? Look around, MacLeod. We don't do well in crowds."

Duncan, leaning down, grinning ferally: "Then we'll take it outside."

Kalas glances behind him: "Wrong again."

He casts his eyes over, and Duncan turns to look. Nino has Maurice in the kitchen, holding a gun to his head. Nino drags him off, and Duncan turns as Kalas stands up.

Kalas: "My show. I'll decide when the curtain goes up."

He strolls out, and Duncan can only watch as they leave, Nino still holding Maurice. Outside, Nino hustles Maurice down the street, and Kalas dashes for the car. But as Nino walks under the window of the restaurant, Duncan jumps out, bringing him to the pavement. He punches him, then jumps up and grabs Maurice, shoving him through the back door as Nino fires. Nino pulls the trigger again, but his gun jams. Kalas tells him to get in the car, and they drive away. Duncan and Maurice emerge as they drive off.

Maurice: "What was that about?"

Duncan: "It's a long story, Maurice. You have to get out of town."

Maurice: "Impossible! The restaurant . . ."

Duncan: "It can wait." He takes Maurice's arm and starts to lead him away. "Forget going home, forget your toothbrush, just get as far away as you can."

Maurice: "Maurice is not one to leave a friend in trouble, and I think you have trouble."

Duncan: "Now's not the time to be heroic. Whatever it costs, I'll pay for it." Starts digging in his pockets.

Maurice, shaking his finger at him: "Are we friends? Then don't insult our friendship. I don't need your money." Duncan holds out a wad. Maurice hesitates about .05 seconds before taking it and putting it in his pocket. Duncan leads him on down the street.

Duncan: "Do you have somewhere to stay?"

Maurice: "In the south." Turns and stops Duncan. "For a good man, you seem to have many enemies. Perhaps one day you will explain why that is."

Duncan, smiling feebly: "Perhaps."

Christine Salzer's house. (This another one of those "odd yet cool" decors. The place has a hardwood floor, with a white shag-looking rug in the center. A dark brown velvet couch and chairs are around the rug, accented by lime-green (?!) pillows and a yellow and lime-green and purple plaid throw. It sounds hideous, and in a way it is, but it looks kinda cool, too. Daring is a word that comes to mind . . .) Methos and Joe are there, and Christine is standing by the window, looking out.

Methos: "I'm sorry, Christine, but Don is dead, and nothing you do will bring him back."

Methos: "I miss him, too."

Christine turns to face him: "Why wouldn't you? He gave you and your damn Watchers more time than he gave me. And it was my time, Adam!"

Methos: "You have a right to be angry, to grieve."

Christine, cold but furious: "Oh, you bet I'm angry. At you and your ugly little secret society."

Joe, calm but not letting that slide: "Don didn't think it was ugly. He thought our work was important."

Christine: "Your work killed him. Now this . . . thing is free." She picks up the paper, showing Kalas's face on the front page. "He'll live forever and my husband is dead. And all you do is watch."

Methos: "Immortals are part of history. They are part of the truth. Don was interested in the truth."

Christine: "You want the truth? I'm going to tell the truth." She sits down, looking from Joe to Methos, then lets her eyes fall to the paper. "I'm meeting the editor of the Tribune. Tomorrow, the world is going to know about immortals."

Joe and Methos exchange a worried look.

Joe: "No. You'll destroy everyone. The good, not just the bad."

Christine, raising her voice: "There are no good ones! It's evil, all of it."

Methos glances around, and his eye falls on a letter opener. He picks it up.

Methos: "They are not all like Kalas."

While Christine watches, horrified, he slices into his palm, letting her see the cut heal. He wipes off the blood, showing his palm whole.

Methos: "You'll be destroying me, too. I'm one of them, Christine."

Christine: "All this time. You're one of those things. Pretending to be one of us."

Methos, impatient: "Christine, you've known me for years."

Christine: "No. Get out." She stands up. "Get out of my house. You're finished, all of you." She leaves.

As Joe and Methos follow, we cut to the window, where the Thug is standing underneath, smoking and listening.

Joe: "Wonderful. That went really well."

Outside, Joe and Methos are walking away, and Joe is pretty exasperated with Methos.

Joe: "Well, what were you thinking about?"

Methos: "I wasn't thinking, I was improvising."

Joe, disgusted: "By cutting yourself open. Guess it took you five thousand years to figure that out."

Methos: "Disappointed in me, huh?" Joe makes a noise, and Methos loses his patience. "Aw, come on, give me a break, will you? What do you expect? Einstein, Freud? Buddha?!"

Joe: "Aw, forget it."

Methos: "I'm sorry, Joe, I'm just a guy."

Joe snorts: "I guess next you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus." Methos stops and looks at him, and Joe sighs. "Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Christine."

Methos: "I'm not sure we have to do anything."

Joe, disbelieving: "She is about to let loose in a major newspaper!"

Methos: "With what?"

Joe: "You got all Don's files."

Methos: "Every one. I wiped the computer clean, and he didn't keep anything at home. Christine's only got her word. People living forever, running around cutting each other's heads off with swords."

Joe: "Yeah. Who's gonna believe her?"

Methos: "It'll be filed away with alien abductions and Elvis sightings."

Joe: "Just in case, I think I'd better follow her."

At Kalas's hideout, the thug is making his report.

Kalas: "You're certain it was Christine Salzer?"

Thug: "Yeah, I checked with the building manager."

Kalas walks around and takes his arm, leading him to the middle of the floor.

Kalas: "Have you told anyone else about this?"

Thug: "What, about creatures who live forever? Not yet, but I'm sure the boys'll get a good laugh out of it."

Kalas grabs his head: "Really? I don't think it particularly funny!" He punctuates the last word by breaking his neck, and lets him fall to the floor. He gazes down at the body, putting his hands in his pockets, and calls for Nino.

Nino: "Yeah?"

Kalas: "Fetch me another. This one's broken."

Nino: "All right."

Act Three Back to Top

It's night. Christine goes into Shakespeare and Co., and starts looking around. She picks up one of Don's sweaters from his desk chair and presses it to her face, breathing in. She sees a picture of Don and Methos, Methos's arm around Don's shoulders, both of them grinning into the camera. She picks it up and stares at it a moment, (longer in the Euroversion) then throws it to the floor, breaking the glass. She sees something that was hidden in the frame, and picks it up. It's a CD-ROM disk, and she goes to the computer and boots the disk up. The screen comes up with the Watcher logo, and the words: "Watcher Database, Europe 1995." She starts accessing the files, and pulls up records of immortals, showing their names, aliases, locations, occupations, who their Watchers are, when they died. She scrolls through the records.

Christine finds a record for Xavier St. Cloud, and then Brian Cullen.

Christine: "Well, well, well. I think I've hit the jackpot."

She keeps going, and sees records for Annie Devlin, and several entries for Duncan MacLeod, going as far back as 1862. As she searches, Joe approaches from outside and goes into the bookstore. Finally, Christine finds what she's looking for: Kalas.

Christine: "There you are. You rotten bastard. I hope you burn in hell." She looks up, startled, as Joe comes up beside her.

Joe sighs: "I wish you hadn't seen that."

Christine sneers (in a genteel way, of course . . .): "I'll bet you do." She ejects the disk and takes it.

Joe: "You know, whatever you're thinking, Christine--not gonna bring him back."

Christine: "It'll make me feel a hell of a lot better."

Joe: "Please give that to me, Christine. For everyone's sake."

Christine: "Go to hell." She leaves with the disk, and Joe doesn't stop her.

At "Nosferatu," Duncan is trying to get Danielle, the singer, to talk to him.

Duncan: "Listen, Danielle, I'm looking for Kalas. Have you seen him lately?"

Danielle: "I don't know where he would be, and to tell you the truth I don't care. The guy gave me the creeps."

Duncan: "Yeah, I know what you mean. What about his friends?"

Danielle: "Friends? He doesn't have any friends. So what's this about? He owe you some money or something?"

Duncan: "Or something. What about the bartender? Maybe I could talk to him."

Danille laughs and walks off: "Gerard? I don't think he likes you."

Duncan considers: "Do you care?"

Danielle turns: "You want his phone number?"

Duncan: "No, his address. I want to surprise him."

She gives him the address, and he thanks her and leaves. As Duncan heads out, up the stairs, he senses another immortal. He ducks down and draws his sword, lying in wait while the other immortal approaches, sword in front of them. They engage each other and Duncan jumps out, only to find himself face to face with Amanda.

Duncan: "Amanda!"

Amanda: "MacLeod! What, are you trying to get killed?!"

Duncan: "Me! I thought you were Kalas." He steps up next to her. "What are you doing here, anyway?"

Amanda, puzzled: "I came to hear jazz."

Duncan: "Jazz."

Amanda, trying to pull it off: "Yeah. You know, American music, Coltrane, Winton, Miles . . ." Duncan looks at her doubtfully. She relents. "All right, I came looking for you." Duncan gives her a "yeah, right," pout, and she caves in completely. "All right, I came for Kalas, but you can be really irritating sometimes."

Duncan, firmly: "Yeah, and you can stay out of this."

Amanda: "Look, he is my problem, too."

Duncan: "Yeah, ever since you let him out of jail."

Amanda grabs his arm: "Wait a minute. That is below the belt. I know that I messed up and I have to fix it. You can't keep cleaning up after me."

Duncan: "Amanda . . ."

Amanda: "No! I'm not quitting. Either we do this together, or we do it separately. It's your choice."

She starts up the stairs, but Duncan grabs her arm, holding her back.

Duncan: "Ooh, you're irritating . . ."

They go to Gerard's place, but no one answers the door. Amanda, though has come prepared. As the door swings open, we see her kneeling, tucking her lockpick back into the top of her boot.

Amanda: "Aren't you glad I came along?"

Duncan: "Thrilled."

They walk in, looking around.

Duncan, pausing to look in one of the rooms: "It's got that lived-in look."

Amanda: "Yeah, lived in by a pig. You know, slobs leave things, and even if he's not home he may have left something."

Duncan, calling from another room: "He's home." Duncan looks down at Gerard's body, sprawled on the bed with a bullet hole in his chest. "Or was."

Amanda joins him: "Well now it's got that died-in look."

As she steps into the room, someone runs past, down the hall to the front door. They both start after him, but Duncan grabs Amanda and pushes her down on the bed, running out ahead of her.

Amanda: "MacLeod!"

She picks herself up and runs after him. Duncan catches up with the murderer at the top of the stairs and grabs him, and they both tumble down. As they fall, the murderer's gun goes off and by the time they stop falling, he's dead. Amanda runs down and gets there just as Duncan is turning the body over.

Duncan: "Damn!"

Amanda: "I hate it when this happens."

They beat a hasty retreat.

On the street, Amanda and Duncan discuss their plans.

Amanda: "We're not going to find him. Face it, our one lead back to Kalas and you killed him."

Duncan: "I told you I didn't kill him."

Amanda: "No, he just fell on his gun."

Duncan: "Yeah!"

Amanda: "And it went off just like that."

Duncan: "Just like that."

They walk on, and as they walk each of them spots a tail, Genet (red scarf guy) and "Sunshine" (one day, I will find all these guys' names . . .)

Duncan: "Company . . ."

Amanda: "Got it. Guy on the right side, red scarf?"

Duncan: "No, left side, black jacket."

Amanda: "Try not to kill this one."

She dashes off in pursuit of Genet before Duncan can stop her, and he has no choice but to chase Sunshine. Sunshine runs around a building, but Duncan has already cut him off. He meets him with a trash can lid right to the face, and uses it to parry when Sunshine swings at him.

Duncan: "Ooh, that must hurt." He gets him in an arm lock against the wall. "Now, Sunshine, let's have a little talk."

Meanwhile, Amanda is chasing Genet. She finally chases him into an alley, and he stands and waits for her, seeming unconcerned.

Amanda: "Bon jour. What next, a little tea for two?" She turns as two more guys appear, and points them out to each other. "Don't tell me. You're together, right?" She puts on an innocent, meek voice. "Well, you're not gonna hurt little ol' me, are you?"

She turns and kicks Genet, then elbows one of the others in the ribs. But it's three to one, and they even the odds by plunging a needle into her neck. She falls down, unconscious.

While this is going on, Duncan has Sunshine down on the ground, twisting his arm while applying pressure to his shoulder with his foot.

Duncan: "Believe me, this'll hurt you a lot more than it'll hurt me. I know you're working for him. Where is he?"

Duncan looks up as he gets a buzz, and looks around just in time to see the rest of the gang driving off, holding Amanda's face up to the window so he can see. Before Duncan can give chase, they're gone.

Act Four Back to Top

Joe and Methos are getting out of Methos's car at the riverside. Joe is furious.

Joe: "Dammit, you said you wiped everything, you had all the files!"

Methos: "I thought I did."

Joe: "Well, apparently not." They start walking down towards the barge. "What the hell was that, anyway?"

Methos: "Don and I were working on an interactive database. All our records in one handy easy-to-access file."

Joe: "Well that is just perfect. The wonders of modern technology." Methos laughs. "What, something funny?!"

Methos: "You sound just like Don. He loved books, he really hated computers . . . I never even thought he knew what a backup was, let alone how to make one."

Joe: "Well, I'm glad you can laugh. When you know your life is just about to be turned inside out."

Methos, unconcerned: "Empires rise and fall, Joe. Remember the old Chinese curse."

Joe: "Yeah, may you live in interesting times. Well, things just got really interesting."

Duncan, sitting on the ramp, speaks up: "That's one way of putting it."

Methos squints up at him: "Something going on?"

Duncan looks pained: "Kalas has Amanda."

Methos closes his eyes, and Joe looks at him.

Joe: "You know, we've got another big problem, Mac."

Methos: "You know the Watcher business that we were handling without any help . . ."

Duncan rises slowly: "Yeah."

Joe and Methos look at each other, then start up the ramp.

Inside, Duncan looks at Joe in shock.

Duncan: "She's got it all?"

Joe: "Immortals, Watchers, the histories . . . everything."

Duncan: "But this could start a panic. Witch hunts, half the governments in the world will be hunting us."

Joe: "I've got every Watcher in France out looking for her."

Duncan walks over to Joe: "For thousands of years, Joe, you've kept this a secret. What the hell happened?"

Methos, who's been sitting on the steps, finally speaks up.

Methos: "Don't blame Joe."

In Kalas's hideout, Amanda is sitting tied to a chair in the middle of the floor.

Amanda: "So which it is, am I dead or am I bait?"

Kalas: "You'll be the first to know."

Amanda looks over at him: "I don't get it. What is this thing you have with MacLeod?"

Kalas walks over towards her: "There are greater gifts than immortality." He pulls his collar down to expose the scar on his throat. "You see this? MacLeod destroyed my gift. So now, I'll destroy everything he cares for." He grabs Amanda's face, then walks around her, caressing her neck. "Everything he loves."

Amanda, softly: "MacLeod doesn't love me."

Kalas: "Really."

Amanda, rubbing her face on his hands, looking up at him: "No. Let's forget about MacLeod. I can be very flexible."

She closes her eyes as he leans down to kiss her, but he stops just short of her lips.

Kalas: "Very tempting. But I spent centuries in a monastery. You're wasting your not inconsiderable talents."

He pulls back as the door opens above, and Genet comes down the stairs. Kalas stops him at the bottom of the steps and pulls him back for a conference.

Kalas: "Watch her. Don't talk to her. Don't touch her." He goes up the stairs, and stops halfway to the top. "Bait!" He leaves. Amanda watches Genet as he walks around her.

Cut to Amanda's feet squirming against the ropes, trying to work the knots loose.

Amanda: "Come on, you know this is bad for my circulation. Can't you loosen them a bit?"

Genet and Sunshine are sitting at a table in front of her, playing cards and ignoring her.

Genet: "Don't listen to her."

But Amanda has gotten the rope off, and she kicks it away so that it lands on them.

Amanda: "Never mind. It guess it kinda slipped."

Genet takes the rope and goes to her: "You stay put."

Amanda: "Relax, my hands are still tied. See?" She squirms around, holding them out to show him.

Genet: "I told you to stay put."

Amanda: "Now where am I going? I'm just going to stretch my legs." And she does so, very slowly. Genet kneels in front of her and she smiles at him. He puts his hand on her ankle, then strokes up her knee. "You touch me, and I touch you!"

As she speaks, she kicks him in the head, then tucks and rolls out of the chair, kicking the table over onto Sunshine. While they're down, she gets her feet through her arms and flips herself upright, then kicks the crap out of both of them and makes good her escape.

In front of the Tribune building. Christine is sitting on a park bench, waiting for her appointment. Joe walks up to her.

Joe: "Do you mind if I sit?"

Christine: "My appointment's in fifteen minutes. You're not going to talk me out of this."

Joe: "You realize what this'll do. I mean, not to the Watchers, the immortals. To the world."

Christine: "That doesn't matter. This is evil. People have to know the truth." She starts to get up, and pulls away as Joe puts a hand on her arm. "Let go of me."

Joe: "I am begging you, Christine."

Christine: "You can beg all you want. It won't stop me."

Joe pulls his coat open to show her the gun at his belt: "Don't make me do this." Christine's eyes widen, and she watches as Joe gets up. "Try to understand me. I can't let this happen. I don't have any choice!"

Christine: "Neither do I." She turns and starts to walk away.

Joe: "Please!"

She doesn't stop, and Joe raises the gun. Duncan runs up, and stands next to Christine.

Duncan: "Joe, don't do this."

But Joe aims, and Duncan steps in front of the bullet as he fires, taking the shot. Methos runs up from behind Joe and sees that he puts the gun away, then goes to Duncan's side as Christine makes her escape into the Tribune building. Joe watches her go.

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Still in front of the Tribune building, Methos is helping a newly-healed Duncan to stand up, propping him against a tree while he catches his breath.

Methos: "Well, life as we know it is over."

Joe to Duncan: "Do you know what you just allowed to happen?"

Duncan, simply: "Yes."

Joe: "Then why? MacLeod, why did you save her?!"

Duncan looks at him, then turns and walks away. Methos sighs, and turns to Joe.

Methos: "He didn't save her. He saved you."

To be continued in "Finale, Part two"


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