"Leader of the Pack"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Justin Louis (Mark Roszca)
Travis MacDonald (Peter Kanis)
Venus Terzo
Rachel Hayward

Written by Lawrence Shore
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Production No. 95404-70
Full Credits

Table of Contents:

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Teaser Back to Top

An immortal is running through the underbrush, his sword in his hand. He's clearly running from something, and he's dirty and bleeding. He turns as he hears a dog snarl, and he falls back as a black dog jumps on him and starts tearing at his sword arm. He eventually succeeds in pushing the dog off, and it dashes back into the bushes. The immortal staggers to his feet and runs in the opposite direction. As he runs, he hears more dogs, and three dogs burst from the place where the first one disappeared, running in a tight pack after the immortal. He runs and they pursue him until finally he takes a stand with his back to a tree, sword ready. But instead of attacking, the dogs sit, forming a semi-circle around him. Then the immortal senses another immortal, and Kanis strolls from the bushes, his sword resting on his shoulder.

Immortal: "Kanis."

Kanis merely dips his head in acknowledgment, and when the other man raises his sword he strikes it from his wounded hand with an easy blow. The dogs rise up, still growling.

Kanis: "And friends." He takes the man's head.

Act One Back to Top

Duncan MacLeod is walking through a narrow passageway, like an alley between buildings. As he passes an opening, a dog steps out, and starts to follow him. Duncan walks up to the street, the dog behind him, and he turns as he hears it. He walks on for little while, then stops and turns around. The dog stops when he does, and waits.

Duncan, kindly: "Hey, big fella. Don't you got anything better to do than follow me around?" He takes a step forward, holding out his hand. "It's all right, I won't hurt you." But the dog becomes instantly aggressive, growling and barking. Duncan takes a step back, and shrugs. "Have it your way." He turns and walks off, and the dog trots after.

In the dojo office, Richie Ryan is sitting at the desk, staring glumly at the accounting program scrolling over the computer screen. He sits up, suddenly alert, as he senses another immortal, but it's only Duncan. He returns to the screen, his cheek propped on his hand. Duncan walks in and peeks over the screen.

Duncan, brightly: "Must be fascinating."

Richie: "Yeah, the accountant gets it in the end." Peers at the screen. "The way I see it, Mac, you'll break even just in time for the Second Coming, if they freeze property taxes."

Duncan: "Yeah, but what's my hurry?"

Richie: "That's a good point."

Duncan starts taking books from his bag and piling them in the desk.

Richie: "Ooh, a little bedside reading?"

Duncan: "No. Got some cramming to do."

Richie, incredulous: "As in studying? You're taking a class."

Duncan, chipper: "No. Teaching one. At the University. A friend of mine's head of the art department, asked if I wouldn't mind taking over a graduate seminar."

Richie starts looking at the books: "Arms and Armor of the 13th Century. Treasures of the Fourth Crusade. So this is what they teach you in college, huh?" Nods sagely. "Very practical."

Duncan: "It's never too late, Richie. After all, I didn't learn to read until I--

Richie: "--until you were fifty. You probably had to walk a mile in the snow, too."

Duncan tweaks his ear: "Uphill--"

Both: "--both ways!" Richie gets up, laughing.

Duncan, laughing: "Don't start . . ."

Richie starts gathering up papers: "I'm done."

Duncan, though, turns as he hears dogs barking in the distance, he steps to the window, a thoughtful look on his face.

Richie: "What's up?"

Duncan: "Ah, nothing."

Richie is buying a hot dog from a street vendor. As he steps over to put mustard on it, he glances idly at Mark Roszca, who's just coming down the steps to the street. Richie looks, and then keeps looking, frowning as Roszca walks by. As Roszca strolls by, Richie's eyes follow him, and he keeps flashing on the holdup in "The Darkness," to the kid who shot him and Tessa.

Roszca: "Give me the keys!"

Roszca gives Richie a little smile as he walks by, noticing him staring but clearly not recognizing him.

Roszca: "You've got more! Where's her purse?"

Richie: "It's all we got."

Tessa, frantic: "I don't have a purse, I don't have a purse, only the rings, I swear."

Roszca, furious, raises his gun and fires.

Richie keeps staring as Roszca walks by, and it's clear that he's more and more convinced that this is the same guy.

Roszca: "You lying bitch!" He fires again, and Tessa jerks back, crying out as the bullet hits her. Richie goes for Roszca, but Roszca fires at him, too, and he goes down.

Richie, softly: "Son of a bitch!" He throws his hot dog down and runs for Roszca, who's just climbing on his bike. He pulls him off, wrestling him to the ground, but Roszca gets away and runs off.

Richie: "Bastard . . ." He scrambles up and gives chase.

Roszca runs like crazy, with Richie in hot pursuit. Roszca runs through several back alleys, but Richie is always right there, and when Roszca rounds the corner to his own building Richie's not far behind.

Richie: "I'm going to get you, you little scumbag!"

A woman is picking up trash bags outside the building as Roszca flies inside.

Roszca: "Call the cops! The guy's crazy!" He slams the door just as Richie gets there and locks it, and dashes up the steps, leaving Richie pounding at the door. Richie picks up a trash can and breaks the glass, reaching inside to turn the knob.

Woman: "What do you think you're doing? Hey!"

Inside, Roszca pelts up the stairs, Richie right on his heels again. Roszca darts into his own apartment, leaving Richie to pound on the door again.

Richie: "Open this door! You can't hide! I know who you are!"

Inside, Roszca goes to a very pregnant Alicia and quickly ushers her behind the curtain that separates the room from the sleeping alcove.

Alicia: "What's wrong?"

Richie: "Open the damn door!"

Alicia: "What happened? What does he want?"

Roszca: "I don't know. Just don't come out, no matter what." He closes the curtain and steps back, yelling through the door. "Get out of here! Stay away from us!"

Richie finally starts kicking and kicks the door in, rushing in and grabbing Roszca.

Richie: "Remember me, Jack?" He pushes him down, twisting his hands in Roszca's collar. "Think a little harder. I'm the guy you shot!"

Roszca, choking: "Shot? You're crazy!"

Richie: "And you killed a friend of mine, you little bastard."

Roszca: "I've never killed anybody, I've never even seen you before!"

Richie, nearly screaming, spitting in his face with fury: "Yeah, well look again!"

He throws Roszca to the floor, and Alicia finally intervenes, coming out from behind the curtain..

Alicia: "Stop it! Let go of him!" Richie ignores her, continuing to roll around with Roszca on the floor. "What are you doing, you're killing him!"

In the distance, sirens can be heard, getting louder as Richie throws Roszca against the wall.

Alicia: "Get off of him! Stop it!"

As Richie yanks Roszca away from the window, we see a police car down on the street, and two cops start running towards the building.

Roszca: "Alicia! Out the back!"

Richie grabs him and throws him along the kitchen counter, but Alicia doesn't do as he asks.

Alicia: "Don't hurt him!"

Richie throws Roszca back onto the counter.

Alicia: "Why are you doing this?"

Richie shoots a vicious look at her: "Ask him!"

But before she can, the cops arrive.

Cop: "What the hell's going on here!"

Roszca, to Richie, his voice breaking with hysteria: "I swear to God, man, I don't know what you're talking about!"

Cop: "Get off him, now!"

Richie: "Listen to me, this guy's a murderer!"

Roszca: "He's crazy!"

The cop gets hold of Richie and pulls him off: "I said let him go, now move!"

Richie: "What are you doing? Get off me!" He gets handed off to the other cop, who pushes him up against the wall.

Richie: "Her name was Tessa Noel, you just check it out."

Alicia runs to Roszca and puts her arms around him as the cop finishes putting the cuffs on Richie. He leads him off, Richie glaring venomously.

At the University, Duncan is getting started with his class. He's walking by the desks, putting swords and other pieces of armor out for them to look at.

Duncan: "Throughout history, we see two human traits continually showing up, even though they're completely opposed. One is the need for destruction. The other is the urge to create beauty even in destruction." He picks up a helmet. "Even armor has a brutal beauty of its own."

Gerald, holding another helmet: "How do they fight in this? It weighs a ton."

Duncan: "It wasn't that bad." He puts his helmet on. "Look. It's made to measure." He shakes his head to demonstrate. "Easy movement." He takes the helmet off. "Not exactly Armani, but it sure beat this." He picks up a chain mail coif. "Twelfth century chain mail, used by the Crusaders." He hefts the piece. "Image riding at full gallop with forty pounds of this on your back."

Gerald: "Looks like Isaac Hayes on a bad day."

ulie picks up the mail, feeling the weight.

Julie: "How did they stand it?"

Duncan: "Well sometimes they didn't. In 1097, for instance, over 29,000 armed Crusaders left Nicea for Jerusalem. They crossed through Syria. A thousand miles, in ninety degree heat. First their armor dropped and then they did. Only one in three survived. Anyway . . ." He checks his pocket watch. "That's about it for today. Anybody want some hands-on experience?" Several of the students raise their hands. He picks up a trunk, grinning. "Oh, good. You can help me carry these to the car."

Outside, Duncan and Gerald are carrying the trunk between them, several of the others following.

Julie: "So, what happened when they got there?"

Duncan: "Who?"

Julie: "The Crusaders."

Duncan: "Ah, well, the Europeans preferred to ride stallions into battle, whereas the Turks preferred mares." They reach the car, and Duncan starts loading the boxes inside. "Nobody was ready for what happened when they met."

Julie: "Which was?"

Duncan: "Well, turned out half the mares were in heat." He turns, grinning. "It was love at first sight."

They laugh, and hand him the last of the weapons. Duncan turns back, still smiling, but the smile fades as he catches sight of three dogs, sitting and watching him from a distance. Duncan puts the last of the swords in the car, still watching the dogs.

Flashback, England 1785 Back to Top

A group of riders, along with a back of baying hunting dogs, are riding over an open field. Duncan is among them, and he pulls up as he hears a child's voice, yelling for help. As he watches, a young boy breaks from the trees, running across the field with a pack of dogs in pursuit. Kanis, on horseback, watches from a distance as the dogs chase the boy back into the trees. Duncan rides in pursuit of the boy, who finally fetches up against a tree. One of the dogs leaps, and Duncan fires his pistol, hitting the dog. The boy closes his eyes in relief, and Duncan dismounts, pulling out his rifle. He goes to the boy as Kanis rides up, looking in distress at the wounded dog.

Duncan: "Are you injured?"

Boy: "No."

Duncan and Kanis sense each other, but Kanis only spares a moment for Duncan before kneeling down by the hurt dog, lying whimpering on the ground. He glares at Duncan.

Kanis: "You did this."

Duncan, holding his rifle warily in front of him : "I had no choice. They would have killed the boy."

Kanis: "They were supposed to kill the boy!" He stands, pointing. "He threw a rock at one of my dogs."

Duncan: "It is not sport to hunt a boy!"

Kanis, passionately: "Men like us hunt what we wish." He snaps his fingers, and the dogs begin to growl. Duncan raises the rifle, the boy cowering behind him. "You killed the finest hunting dog in the land!"

Duncan, aiming down the barrel: "Call them off."

Kanis does nothing, but even as they stand there the rest of Duncan's party rides up, led by the Duchess.

Duchess: "MacLeod. It is deer we are hunting, not hounds."

Duncan: "They were after the boy, my lady. This man owns them." Kanis bows to her. "If I hadn't stopped them they would have killed him."

Duchess: "On my lands?" She jerks her head at the pack. "Destroy the dogs."

Kanis: "No!" She gives him a look as if to say, "Excuse me?," but Kanis goes on. "Harm them and it is you who will be destroyed!"

Duncan, pleasantly: "It is treason to threaten the Duchess."

Duchess: "Put him in irons! He'll stand trial for treason."

Duncan bows. Kanis looks from Duncan to her, laughing in disbelief. The guards come and take him away.

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan looks at the dogs, thinking, then returns to the students as one speaks up.

Student: "So, even in the Crusades, some wanted to make love, not war."

Duncan, absently: "Something like that." He puts the last helmet away and starts to walk off. "I'll see you on Wednesday, yeah?" He smiles thinly and goes toward the dog, who trots off into the bushes as he approaches. Duncan follows, and finds Kanis standing in a graveyard, his arms draped over a stone cross.

Duncan: "Kanis."

Kanis: "MacLeod."

Duncan glances at the studded leather collar Kanis is wearing around his neck. He's dressed, by the way, in black leather pants and boots, with a long black leather coat, and a white T-shirt with a fleur-de-lis. He's also wearing yellow-tinted rimless glasses, octagonal.

Duncan: "Nice flea collar." He strolls by, and Kanis straightens up and walks after, the two of them casually pacing around one another.

Kanis: "Tell me, MacLeod, what do you teach those children? Ethics? Loyalty to your own kind?"

Duncan: "You're not my kind, Kanis. You murdered, you got what you deserved."

Kanis: "Oh, not yet. Not nearly, but I will."

Duncan looks at one of the dogs: "Still keeping the same company, I see. Must make conversation a little dull."

Kanis: "It's my family, MacLeod. They would die for me without a thought."

Duncan: "Or kill for you."

Kanis: "I kill. They hunt. There's a difference."

Duncan, smiling: "If you want me, why don't we just step off holy ground and forget the dogs."

Kanis: "What, just like that, MacLeod? Where's the fun? The anticipation?" He faces him. "Soon enough." He turns as if to go, then stops and turns back. His voice drops into almost a whisper, low and intense. "You can't sense them coming." The dogs begin to growl, and Duncan glances at them, almost nervous. "The first thing you feel will be their teeth, as they tear you down. And as they rip out your throat, I'll be right behind them, MacLeod." He smiles a little and walks off, and the dogs go with him, except for one, who barks and growls as Duncan starts after Kanis. The dog stays there only a moment, but it's long enough for Kanis to escape. The dog then runs off, leaving Duncan to look after Kanis, worried.

Act Two Back to Top

At the police station, Detective Sheridan is talking on the phone, while Richie, Roszca, and Alicia wait.

Sheridan: "Tessa Noel. Homicide file 6821. No, no there's nothing we can do. No, I can't. Well, there's nothing to charge." As he says this, Roszca looks at Alicia, and reaches down to put a hand on her shoulder. Behind him, Duncan walks in, striding quickly to the door as Sheridan finishes his conversation. "No. Yeah. Hold the file, will you?"

Duncan walks in, and stares at Roszca.

Duncan, controlled but clearly furious inside: "Is that him?"

Richie: "That's him. That's the punk who killed Tessa."

Duncan remembers that night, him sitting inside at the computer when he heard the shot. As Roszca runs away, Duncan runs out to find Tessa lying in the street. He picks her up, holding her in his arms, stroking her face with shaking hands.

Next to them, Richie suddenly revives, his eyes flying open as he gasps for breath. He sits up, staring, then turns to Duncan. [see Notes]

Richie: "Mac. I'm alive." Duncan, still holding Tessa, doesn't answer. Richie looks down at himself, then back at Duncan. "And the pain. It's going away."

Duncan nods, his voice breaking slightly: "Wait another minute and you'll be fine."

Richie: "Then, I'm like you? I'm an immortal."

Duncan: "You always were."

Richie: "You knew all along, didn't you?"

Duncan: "Yeah."

Richie looks at Tessa: "Tessa?"

Duncan shakes his head, trying to hold back the tears: "No." He sits, holding Tessa's head, stroking her face.

Sheridan: "And who are you?"

Duncan: "I'm Duncan MacLeod."

Sheridan: "Boyfriend."

Richie: "We got a little problem here, Mac, though. They don't believe me."

Duncan, angry but keeping it in: "If Richie said he did it, he did it."

Sheridan stands up: "Mister, I don't know you, and I don't know him and I don't know him. What I do know is that this report says there were no witnesses. And if you did see it, why'd it take you two years to come forward?" Richie and Duncan don't answer, and Sheridan waves at Roszca. "You can go home." Alicia and Roszca stand up and start to leave, but Alicia stops in front of Duncan.

Alicia, angry: "I'm sorry you're friend was killed. But my Mark didn't do it."

She leaves, but as Roszca starts to follow Richie puts a hand on his chest, holding him back.

Richie, angry: "Woah woah! Wait a minute! That's it? He just walks out--"

Sheridan, shouting: "Hey, you take your hands off him!"

One of the cops pulls Richie away.

Richie: "You've got to be kidding me!"

The cop escorts Roszca past Richie.

Sheridan: "Listen, I'll have your butt in a sling. Now you kick in his door, you threaten his life, he's got no priors. You've got a juvie record longer than my arm. Now, if Mr. Roszca here would do as I ask and charge you, then it would be you who wouldn't be leaving. Now get out of here."

Roszca: "Hey, I just wanted to let you know everything's cool, I understand how mistakes can happen."

Richie stares at him disbelievingly and Duncan is seething.

Duncan, stepping forward: "Cool?!"

The cop steps between him and Roszca, and Roszca and Alicia leave.

Sheridan: "Hey! That goes for you, too, Mister."

Duncan, evenly: "Let's go."

Richie: "We're not done."

Duncan takes his arm: "We are for now." They leave

At Roszca's place, Roszca is loading up a compact pickup, shoving boxes around. There's furniture as well, and it seems he's moving out. Alicia comes out, carrying a sleeping bag, and puts it in the truck. Cut to Duncan standing in a nearby alley, watching. Roszca jumps down from the truck, and Duncan takes a step forward, then stops as Roszca starts talking to Alicia.

Roszca, gently: "I told you, I'll carry everything."

Alicia laughs a little: "I'm pregnant, Mark. I'm not sick."

Roszca puts his hand on her belly: "I know, but you've got to take care of yourself." Alicia reaches down, touching his hands, their fingers brushing together caressingly. Duncan, takes a step back, watching as Roszca kisses her, then hugs her tightly. Then Duncan turns and leaves.

At the house, Richie is watching Duncan clear out the rafters, throwing debris down to the floor.

Richie: "What are you going to do?"

Duncan: "I don't know."

Richie: "What do you mean, you don't know?"

Duncan, getting pissed: "I mean 'I don't know!'"

Richie: "You're not going to go after him."

Duncan leans down: "You want me to cut out his hear, is that what you want, Richie?"

Richie: "Yes, I do, Mac. He killed Tessa."

Duncan, calmer: "I know."

Richie: "You got to make him pay."

Duncan, softly: "Do I?"

Richie: "You got to do it for her."

Duncan: "I can't do anything for her." Richie looks away. "Neither can you."

Richie: "I don't get it, Mac."

Duncan closes his eyes, but before he can say anything else he hears a dog bark outside. He starts up, swinging himself down from the rafters without even bothering with the ladder. He goes out to the deck, his sword ready, only to see a kid walking a perfectly ordinary dog by on a leash. Duncan puts the sword down, looking after the kid.

Flashback, England 1785 Back to Top

Duncan and the Duchess are lying in an open tent (open on one side, anyway), kissing and petting. Duncan's taking off his shirt as he kisses her, and she already seems to have gotten rid of most of her own clothes.

Duchess, still kissing him: "Since the Duke died, I've taken little pleasure save for in your arms." As they continue, dogs begin barking.

Duncan: "Always glad to be of service, my lady." The barking gets louder, and nearer, and the Duchess suddenly breaks off, sitting up and putting her hands to her ears.

Duchess: "Damn them. I can't stand their howling."

Duncan: "Calm yourself. They're hounds. They'll quiet down soon enough." He kisses her shoulders, but it doesn't help.

Duchess: "Dogs don't act like that. Not unless they're bewitched. It's as if he's sending the hellish things after me."

Duncan, soothing: "The day we return he will face the charges."

The Sheriff politely clears his throat from outside.

Sheriff: "My lady."

The Duchess reaches for her clothes and starts getting dressed: "I can't stand them. They kept me up half the night." Duncan, still lounging shirtless on the pillows, makes a face and leans up.

Sheriff, again: "My lady."

Duchess: "Speak."

The Sheriff comes around to the front of the tent: "I wouldn't have disturbed you, but a guard's been killed."

Duchess: "The dogs?"

The Sheriff nods: "They were trying to free Kanis. One man is dead, torn to pieces. One was badly mauled." Duncan stands up.

Duchess: "I want him executed immediately."

Sheriff: "With no trial?"

Duchess: "Damn the trial! I will not give him the chance to kill again."

The Sheriff puts his hand on the but of his pistol: "As you wish." He leaves.

The Duchess goes to Duncan and takes his face in her hands.

Duchess: "He will not threaten us from the grave." She kisses him.

At the execution. The Duchess and Duncan, mounted, watch as the Sheriff reads the charges to Kanis. Kanis is sitting on a horse, a rope around his neck.

Sheriff: "Peter Kanis, you know the charges against you. Murdering a free man, uttering treasonous threats against the Duchess."

Kanis: "We all know the charges. Ah, fools. You're digging your own graves." His eyes fasten on Duncan. "Ah, MacLeod, is it?" Kanis nods at him. "I remember you."

Duncan: "I hope so."

Duchess: "He's mad. Get on with it."

Kanis groans: "Ah, her Ladyship seems anxious to get on her way." He sits up abruptly, shouting and kicking the horse's sides, so that it runs off, leaving him swinging by the neck. The Duchess looks away.

Duchess: "It is done." She picks up her reins and starts forward. "Away. We will hunt no more this day." She rides by, but Duncan is still sitting, looking at Kanis. "Duncan!"

Duncan: "I will see to it that the body is buried."

Duchess: "They will see to it. In an unmarked and shallow grave. Let the beasts take care of their own." She rides off, calling, "MacLeod!" Duncan finally follows, leaving Kanis swinging grotesquely on the end of the rope.

Later, the dogs are sitting around Kanis's grave, growling and waiting patiently until a hand thrusts up from the earth.

Act Three Back to Top

Present Day

At Joe's, Richie is sitting at the bar, talking to Joe.

Richie: "I don't get it. I thought he'd go after the guy with his bare hands."

Joe: "I'm sure he had his reasons."


Richie: "Yeah, well if you ask me, I think he's taking this Zen crap a little too far. You know: 'it's done, it's in the past, it won't bring her back.'"

Joe pauses: "It won't."

Richie: "Joe, I know how much he loved her. You know how much he loved her."

Joe nods.

End Eurominutes

Richie: "I saw the hate in his eyes when he first saw that guy. He was ready to tear him apart."

Joe: "Yeah." He starts clearing away glasses. "You know, I got a lot of stuff I got to do around here, Rich." Richie stares. "Besides, it's none of my business."

Richie, still looking: "What's up with you, Joe?"

Joe: "I'm fine."

Flashback, "Brothers in Arms"


Joe, his eyes red, as if he's been crying or is about to cry: "This never should have happened. Never. I'm responsible."

Duncan, his voice none too steady: "Charlie's dead because I let Cord live."

Joe: "Aw, Mac . . ."

Duncan: "I let you get between us, Joe." Shakes his head, clenching his jaw. "I shouldn't have." He's holding back tears

now. "You and I, we're different." He looks away, swallowing. "We got too close."

End Eurominutes

Joe: "We're friends, Mac."

Duncan: "We're different." He walks to the window. "There's a reason we stay apart." He takes a deep breath and concludes, "We crossed the line."

Joe's eyes are brimming now: "So that's it, huh?" He takes a deep breath, controlling the tears. "We just walk away."

Duncan nods, still looking out the window: "I am . . . immortal."

Joe looks at him, then away, then back again. He turns and walks out, leaving Duncan standing alone by the window.

Present Day

Richie, gently: "You want to talk about anything?"

Joe: "No. I'm just fine."

Richie, not believing a word: "Yeah, sure. I'll see you later." He leaves.

Duncan, in the T-bird, pulls up in the parking lot of a park. As he shuts off the engine, "Who Wants to Live Forever" starts to play. He gets out, and as he shuts the door his katana is visible, propped between the seats. Duncan's wearing sweats and running shoes, and he walks to the grass and heads for the jogging trail. The music continues, and there's a montage of Duncan jogging, and remembering Tessa, with scenes from their life together [see Notes]: him kissing her, the two of them walking hand in hand, the scene where he asks her to marry him, and finally Roszca shooting her. But as he remembers how he and Tessa were, he also sees Roszca and Alicia holding each other, remembers how Roszca put his hand on Alicia's stomach, how they kissed and held one another like he and Tessa used to.

Duncan starts running faster, not jogging anymore, seeming to be just running to be running. But as the song ends, Duncan rounds a curve and stops short, seeing one of Kanis's dogs sitting in the middle of the trail. He backs up slowly, and as he does so another dog appears from a side trail. He turns calmly and starts to walk back, and the two dogs growl and follow. As he walks, a third dog appears on the trail in front of him, cutting him off. Duncan steps off into the undergrowth, takes a few slow paces, and then breaks into a run. The dogs run after him.

Duncan runs, making it almost back to the car before they run him down. He falls with one of the dogs mauling his arm, and the others set in, biting his arms and legs. He struggles with them, getting pretty badly chewed up before he finally gets away and makes it to the car door. Another dog latches on as he reaches inside, but Duncan pushes him off and gets his sword. He waves it at the dogs, his back to the car, and they stay, barking and growling, but not attacking.

Duncan: "Come on, Kanis!" There's no answer, and Duncan eases the door open, holding the dogs off as he gets in. One jumps on the hood as he starts the car, but it jumps off as Duncan starts moving. He drives out of the parking lot, the dogs in hot pursuit, and speeds across the intersection. One dog, trying to follow, is hit by a van.

Richie is walking up the steps to Roszca's apartment. He goes in quietly, cautiously, and pushes gently at Roszca's door. It swings open, and Richie walks in, looking around in impatient disgust.

Richie, under his breath: "Dammit." He walks through the bare, empty room, and finds Alicia in the kitchen, packing a box. She steps back as she sees him, curving her hands protectively over her stomach.

Richie, even: "Where is he?"

Alicia, scared: "He's not here."

Richie, still calm: "I'm not going to stop looking until I find him."

Alicia: "I swear, I don't know where he is." In a small voice. "He left me."

Richie's eyes slide to the counter: "Is that why you're packing his shoes?"

Alicia looks at them guiltily: "Those are mine." She walks toward him, reaching up to unfasten the necklace she's wearing. "It's real gold. It was an engagement present. Take it."

Richie: "Put it away."

Alicia: "Go on. Go on, take it!"

Richie, tightly: "Don't." He walks away, leaving her still holding out the necklace. He walks out into the hall, and Alicia follows him.

Alicia, to Richie's back: "You have to believe him." Richie stops, but doesn't turn around. "He didn't kill your friend. He's a good man! Leave him alone!"

Richie's face twists, and he tightens his mouth: "I can't." He walks off.

In the loft, Duncan hurls up the elevator gate and limps out, ripping off his bloodstained sweatshirt and throwing angrily into the living area. He hobbles to the kitchen island and grabs a bottle of water, drinking some and pouring the rest over his face, sluicing it down his face and chest [My, it's, um, warm in here all of a sudden, isn't it? --Jinjifore]. As he's drinking, the phone rings and Duncan limps to answer it, his face set in anger as he snatches the phone from the wall.

Duncan: "Hello."

Kanis: "Welcome home, MacLeod. Did you enjoy your run?"

Duncan: "Enough, Kanis. Come on, let's get this over with."

Kanis: "Soon, MacLeod. You killed another one of my dogs. Sleep well, but not too well." He laughs.

Duncan: "I'll be waiting." He hangs up.

Later, Richie comes out of the elevator to find Duncan waiting for him, dressed in a robe and holding his sword. He lets the blade relax as he sees it's Richie.

Richie: "Expecting someone?"

Duncan sighs: "His name's Kanis." He puts the sword down, and Richie walks over the couch, picking up the bloodstained sweats.

Richie: "Guy's got a good set of incisors."

Beside the bed, Duncan tosses his towel aside and belts his robe around his waist.

Duncan: "He uses dogs. He's running me like a deer, trying to wear me down before he comes in for the kill."

Richie holds up the bloody sweatsuit: "Looks like it's working. You got a plan?"

Duncan, matter-of-fact: "Yeah. I'm going to find him, and I'm going to kill him."

Richie: "Guy with a pack of dogs can't be too hard to track. I bet Joe knows where he is."

Duncan, from the kitchen: "Maybe he does."

Richie: "So, you going to ask him?"

Duncan looks up briefly: "No."

Richie decides to change the subject: "So, I went back to Roszca's place. But that little scumbag wasn't there."

Duncan: "He's cleared out."

Richie stares: How do you know?"

Duncan: "I saw him leave."

Richie, incredulous: "And you didn't stop him?!"

Duncan, reasonably: "Richie, that girl loves him."

Richie: "So what?!"

Duncan: "So she's pregnant. What are you going to do, make her a widow, too?"

Richie: "Mac, I don't care. I'm going to keep looking until I find that boy's ass."

Duncan turns to him, speaking intently: "Richie. I've tried revenge. I've hunted men and I've slaughtered them with their wives and children watching." He pauses, and looks away. "You'll care."

Richie, quiet: "Are you going to stop me?"

Duncan looks at him, and shakes his head slowly. Richie gives him a look, and walks off.

Outside Kanis's trailer, torches are burning in a circle around an unlit pyre. Kanis carries the body of the dead dog to the pyre.

Kanis: "You've been a faithful friend, Hampton. Like your sire before you." He lays the dog on the pyre, and the remaining two dogs whimper. "But death comes even to the mightiest warrior." He stares at the body for a second, then steps back and picks up one of the torches. He lights the fire, and watches as the flames flare high.

At Joe's, Richie is sitting with Joe at a table. The place is crowded, and Joe has a beer and a bowl of peanuts in front of him.

Richie: "So you know about this guy, Kanis. You know where Mac can find him?"

Joe: "Sorry, Richie."

Richie: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did I miss something here? Mac's got some wacko with a pack of dogs coming after him and you're kicking back having a beer and peanuts?"

Joe picks up his beer: "I'm a Watcher, okay? I'm watching."

Richie, getting angry: "You're his friend! You're not going to help him?"

Joe: "He doesn't want my help."

Richie: "All right, then, I'm asking. Where's this psycho?"

Joe sighs: "Forget it, Richie. The doctor is not in." He takes a sip of beer.

Richie glares a moment, then leaves without another word. Joe puts the drink down and puts his head in his hands.


Joe watches Richie leave.

Joe, quietly: "I think I'll take you up on that beer, Richie." He reaches down for a beer and sighs as he takes the top off. After a pause and another look toward the door, he drinks.

End Eurominutes

Kanis and Miss Meach are walking out to her kennels.

Kanis: "You have a very impressive operation here, Miss Meach."

Meach: "Thank you, uh, Mr.--?"

Kanis: "Kanis. Peter Kanis."

Meach turns as Billy walks by, carrying a pole and a tackle box.

Meach: "Billy, be home for lunch." [She's got a Southern accent, by the way. No big deal, except that it's not a bad one, not overdone, even though she didn't do the "i" thing. Hey, it's my neck of the woods, so I noticed . . . --Jinjifore]. She leads Kanis over to the kennels. "Please."

Kanis: "My own string has been recently depleted. A tragic accident, I lost one of my finest boys." He walks up the cages, making kissing noises through the chain-link.

Meach: "I see. Well, I have a litter that'll be weaned the middle of next week. If you'd like to meet--"

Kanis: "That's not exactly what I had in mind. You see, I breed my own. They obey no voice but mine, take food from no hand but mine." He smiles a little, then turns and kneels down in front of one of the cages. The dog inside comes up. "Oh, now. This is what I had in mind." He takes a deep sniff, and smiles. "This bitch is almost in heat, isn't she?"

Meach: "Mm-hm."

Kanis, delighted: "Ah, it's perfect. Hey . . ." He smooches at the dog, and growls a little.

Meach smiles briskly: "I'm sorry, Lucille isn't for sale."

Kanis, ignoring her: "Good legs, strong chest." He stands up. "I'll take her."

Meach gives a disbelieving laugh: "Look, I told you, she's not for sale."

Kanis leans close, and seizes her wrist, pinning her hand against the cage while he puts his mouth to her ear.

Kanis: "You haven't heard my offer."

Meach, scared but firm: "Look, I'm not interested."

Kanis, still in her ear: "I am not leaving without that bitch."

Meach squirms, trying to get free, but he has her held tight. Just then, though, Kanis senses another immortal. He turns, looking around worriedly, then smiles as he sees MacLeod roar up, stopping with a screech of tires. Kanis lets Meach go and walks off, and Duncan gets out and follows. He pauses by Meach, still leaning against the fence and rubbing her wrist.

Duncan: "You all right?" She nods, and he walks after Kanis. He finds him leaning against a tree, looking at something. Duncan walks up behind him.

Duncan: "It's time, Kanis."

Kanis waves a hand negligently, not turning around. He points.

Kanis: "Not quite yet."

Duncan follows his gaze, and sees Billy sitting at a park table, petting one of Kanis's dogs. Kanis heaves away from the tree and strolls to Duncan.

Kanis: "All I have to do is think about it, and he'll rip the boy's throat out." He walks around Duncan, and points a hand down at his feet. "Stay." He walks off, leaving Duncan staring helplessly at the dog and the boy.

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Meach, Billy and Duncan are walking by the kenneled dogs.

Meach: "Boy, am I glad you came by when you did. That guy was trouble."

Duncan, concerned: "Did he hurt you?"

Meach shakes her head: "No. In my business, you get good at reading people. You know, what they're like, what kind of owners they'll by, how they'll treat the dogs." She leans down and puts her hands on Billy's shoulders. "Billy, honey, go inside and wash up. I'll be right there, okay?" Billy runs off, and she turns back to Duncan. "I've seen his type before. He's just a guy with a pack of nasty males. I mean, you know what they say, the bigger the dog, the smaller the . . ." She trails off, suddenly awkward, and Duncan looks down at her smiling inquiringly. " . . . dog," she finishes. Duncan just grins, and she covers her embarrassment by gesturing towards Lucille. "Uh, he tried to buy Lucille."

Duncan, kneeling down in front of the cage: "He wants to breed?"

Meach smiles, and says with a touch of quiet pride: "She's in heat."

Duncan wiggles a finger through the chain link, and Lucille licks it.

Duncan, gently: "Hey, Lucille, good girl." Lucille trots off, and Duncan looks up at Meach and smiles. "I think she likes me."

At a loading dock, Richie is talking to a guy, in the process of describing Roszca.

Richie: "Squirrely little guy, curly hair . . ." The guys nods, and points. "That one?" He nods again, and Richie shakes his hand, clapping him on the back as he moves off.

Roszca comes out the back door into the alley, carrying two trashbags. His hair is tied back and he's wearing an apron. He throws the trash into the dumpster, and as he turns back he finds Richie standing right there.

Richie: "Surprise!" Roszca starts, and takes a step back, looking behind him for a way out. Richie steps closer. "It's just you and me."

Roszca: "I swear, man, you've got the wrong guy."

Richie grabs him and pushes him against a nearby truck. "You killed her, you lying little bastard."

Roszca: "I didn't do it . . ."

Richie grabs him again: "Stop lying to me, you little son of a bitch!"

Roszca pushes him off: "I didn't! I never!" As Richie staggers back, he grabs the bottom of the fire escape overhead and swings up. Richie grabs his legs, but Roszca kicks out and sends him sprawling. Richie picks himself up as Roszca starts climbing, and he chases him halfway up the building before he finally catches him, shoving him up against the wall.

Richie: "Say it!"

Roszca: "No!"

Richie punches him in the face: "Say it!"

Roszca, nearly hysterical: "No, please, it wasn't me!"

Richie yanks him around, pushing him back against the railing: "Say it!"

Roszca, babbling: "I don't know! I was so loaded back then I don't remember half the crap I did!"

Richie: "You pointed a gun and you blew her away! I remember it like it was yesterday! You asked for a ride, and you pulled the gun."

Roszca: "I don't remember."

Richie: "You were wearing torn jeans, a black baseball cap, and a denim jacket with an Indian guy on the back. By a T-bird. Now say it! Say it!"

Roszca's face is stunned now. He's looking at Richie with horror.

Roszca, nearly whispering: "Oh, man . . ."

Richie, shaking him: "What! What?!"

Roszca, his voice cracking: "The Mohawk. I lost that jacket a year ago." Shocked. "I did it. I killed her." Richie grips him tighter, his teeth bared in fury. "Oh, man. I'm s--I'm so sorry."

Richie, roughly: "So am I." He heaves backward, taking Roszca with him, and slings him over the railing, dangling him over the alley.

Roszca, hanging from Richie's hands, gripping the rails, starts pleading.

Roszca: "Please. Please, I'm going to have a kid. I'm supposed to get married."

Richie, teeth still bared, growls: "So was she."

At the house, Duncan is working when he senses another immortal. He straightens up, and looks around to find Kanis lurking behind some sheets of plastic, sword in hand.

Kanis: "It's time, MacLeod."

Duncan looks him up and down, then turns to go for his sword. He stops short as he sees one of the dogs sitting beside it, growling. He stops, and the second dog jumps through a window, breaking the glass. They both start stalking him, and Kanis steps closer, smiling.

Kanis: "Don't worry, MacLeod. When they get your throat, you go into shock. You'll barely feel the rest."

Duncan continues to retreat, the dogs following. He snatches up a jacket, and wraps it swiftly around his arm. He's backed up to an inner wall now, beside a door, and he reaches down and opens it. Lucille is sitting inside the little room.

Duncan: "Hey, Lucille. Your dates are here." The two dogs start whimpering, and edge forward. Duncan watches as they dash past him, into the room. "Come on, boys. She's waiting."

Kanis, furious, rips aside the plastic: "On him. Now!" But the dogs ignore him, too busy checking out Lucille. Kanis watches in shock.

Duncan shuts the door: "Nature, Kanis. You can't fight it." He shakes the jacket from his arm. "But you can fight me."

He lunges for his sword. Kanis leaps in, but Duncan gets to his blade just in time, and they start to fight. Kanis quickly takes the fight outside, retreating along the porch, then attacking. But before long he starts retreating in earnest, leaping from the porch and trying to run down the slope of the lawn. Duncan pursues him, forcing him to defend himself even as he retreats.

Duncan: "Kanis . . ."

Kanis turns, and Duncan leaps into the air, twisting over Kanis's head in a move worthy of Xena, and takes his head with a swipe as he lands. He picks up Kanis's sword, and moves away before the Quickening starts. As the lightning crawls over him, it starts hitting the house as well, flashing along the porch and crawling down to the foundation. As Duncan falls to his knees on the lawn, the house levitates behind him, lifting a good ten feet into the air before settling back down again as the Quickening ends. [Look, this is what happened okay? I'm not making it up, I promise . . . --Jinjifore]

Duncan stands up, muttering: "Should have got earthquake insurance."

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Duncan is sitting in the loft, reading a book and petting Lucille, who's sitting beside him. The other two dogs are near the kitchen island. Duncan looks up as senses another immortal, and Richie lifts the gate. He takes a step inside, sees Lucille, and gives a little laugh.

Richie: "Well, look at this. A man and his dog." Duncan doesn't say anything. Richie steps forward, looking at the other two dogs. "I guess you took care of Kanis."

Duncan: "With a little help from Lucille, here. She's going back to the breeder tomorrow. With interest." Richie sits down, looking warily at the other dogs. "What about you? Did you find Roszca?"

Richie lifts his eyes up: "Oh, yeah. I found him." He looks at Duncan, then away. "Didn't feel like I thought it would."

Duncan closes his eyes: "Never does."

Richie looks at Duncan, remembering how he pushed Roszca over the railing.

Richie: "I had him in my hands, Mac." Duncan looks at him. Richie flashes again on holding Roszca there, watching him struggle. "I just wanted to make it right." He looks away again, and flashes back to the fire escape, with Roszca hanging in his hands. But as he's hanging there, Richie suddenly gives a heave up, starting to pull him back. "But I couldn't kill him." Duncan looks up, mildly surprised. Richie looks at him a moment, the casts his eyes around. "Where's the justice, in all this?"

Duncan: "There is no justice." He smiles a little. "Just mercy." He smiles again, and he and Richie sit in silence.

Notes Back to Top

About the woof-woofs. The dogs Kanis has in the present are, to my inexpert eye, Rottweilers, and the ones in the flashbacks are, as near as I can tell with the aid of my ever-faithful World Book Encyclopedia, mastiffs.

Again, it's Guess the Character time. I'm guessing that Julie and Gerald are the two unnamed students, but this Shandra Devane person in the credits has me stumped. It could be the kennel owner, if they goofed and called her "Miss Meach" by accident . . . Maybe she's a Eurominute character.

Many thanks to a kind benefactor (who wishes to remain anonymous) who sent me some of the dialogue, and who is also responsible for the Eurominutes. Thanks mucho!

The little extra scene in the flashback to the events in "The Darkness," when we see Richie waking up and Duncan telling him that he was always immortal, wasn't part of the original footage for "The Darkness." It was filmed during "Counterfeit," while they had Alexandra Vandernoot handy, but wasn't used for that episode. So, although it was filmed two years ago, this marks the first time this little snip actually aired.

Okay, here's the Tessa montage. I got more than I though I would, but some of them I'm not sure about. Anyway, here it is:

Duncan kissing Tessa while she's working on a clay sculpture.

Tessa and Duncan wrestling over the rear-view mirror of the T-Bird. ("Innocent Man?")

Tessa running to Duncan at the end of "The Gathering."

Tessa and Duncan walking hand in hand down a rainy Paris street.

Duncan pulling Tessa into his arms in the first part of "The Gathering."

Duncan getting on his knees and asking Tessa to marry him in "The Darkness."

Duncan and Tessa scattering the birds in the tag of "Band of Brothers."

Roszca shooting Tessa in "The Darkness."

Duncan and Tessa kissing [Yeah, real specific here . . . ]

Duncan holding Tessa's body in "The Darkness."

Tessa's gravestone, reading "Tessa Noel 1958-1993," and Duncan standing by it, from "Counterfeit, part two." (?)

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