"Double Jeopardy"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Stacey Travis (Renee Delaney)
Marc Warren (Morgan d'Estaing)
Roland Gift as Xavier St. Cloud

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Charles Wilkinson
Production No. 95419-85
Full Credits

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Inside an upscale jewelry store, a jeweler is showing Morgan d'Estaing a diamond. Morgan, in contrast to the other snazzy patrons, is wearing a beat-up leather vest with dangling chains and blue jeans, and he has with him a kinda punky girl with scraped-back purple hair and black lipstick.

Jeweler: "There are many facets to asses in a diamond, Monsieur d'Estaing--no pun intended--there is naturally color and size to be taken into consideration. But quality as well. For instance . . ." Morgan walks over and the jeweler hands him a stone. "This stone. Four carats, only a very slight occlusion."

Morgan takes the stone and inspects it: "Yeah. The finish is . . . lousy. Its proportion sucks, its got at least one extra facet, major imperfections . . . it's crap. Did you cut this one yourself?"

Jeweler: "Monsieur is in the diamond trade?"

Morgan: "Monsieur does not trade. He collects. Do you see how beautiful she is?" Touches the girl's face. "The diamond has to be at least as perfect. I don't care how much it costs."

The jeweler, beginning to realize he might be making a major sale, goes to the back to fetch another stone. Meanwhile, the guard lets the other two customers out while Morgan watches. The jeweler returns and offers Morgan another stone on a tray.

Jeweler: "They say it's part of the Great [??] diamond. It was made for an English prince's daughter."

Morgan looks at it: "Around 40 carats . . . ? Is this the best you have?"

Jeweler: "It's the best *anyone* has."

Morgan shows it to the girl: "Do you fancy this one, love?" She growls in approval and he turns back. "Then I'll take it."

Jeweler: "Excellent! And how does Monsieur choose to pay?"

Morgan: "Nononono." He pulls a cigarette lighter from his pocket. "I said, 'I'll take it.' I didn't say anything about paying for it." He flips the lighter on, and gas begins to pour from it.

The jeweler and the girl start to choke.

Girl: "What are you doing, Morgan? Wait!. This isn't how we planned it."

Morgan, already moving to the case: "But I'm afraid this is the way it is." While she begs him to help her, he pulls out a gas mask and puts it on, telling her, "Don't make a scene, love. It'll be over in a minute." She falls to the ground with the others, dying, as Morgan begins taking things out of the cases.

Act One Back to Top

At the police station. Duncan MacLeod is being escorted down a hall, trying to talk to his escort. More to the point, trying to get his escort to talk *back.*

Duncan: "Would you mind telling me what it's about? Then maybe I could help. Hello? Hello? Are you like this with everybody or is it just me?" Finally realizes there's no joy here and starts supplying both sides of the conversation. "' Oh, I'm sorry for dragging you out of bed, Mr. MacLeod.' What, at five o'clock in the morning. 'Ah, but this is a matter of national security.' National security!?" Back to the guard. "Come on, listen up, this is your part . . ."

Finally, the escort brings him to the office of Inspector Dufay. Dufay is at his desk, and a woman is standing by the window, her back to the room.

Duncan, to the guard: "Nice talking to you."

Dufay: "Ah, Monsieur MacLeod. I'd like to thank you for your cooperation."

Duncan: "I was under the impression I didn't have any choice."

Dufay: "One always has a choice." Offers his hand, but Duncan doesn't take it. "But coming in voluntarily is so much more civilized than being put in handcuffs, don't you agree?"

Duncan: "Oh, well I'm all for civilization. Now I want to know why I'm here."

Dufay: "Maybe my colleague can explain it better." The woman at the window turns. "I believe you know Agent Delaney, from the American CID." Dufay glances back and forth as Duncan stares at her..

Duncan, recovering: "Yeah, we've come into contact once."

Renee, quickly: "Briefly, it was a completely different matter."

Duncan, sweetly: "Oh, Renee, if you wanted to talk, why didn't you come by the barge?"

Renee: "This is French police business, Mr. MacLeod."

Duncan: "Oh, please. You can call me Duncan."

Renee: "Okay, Duncan. You can call me Agent Delaney." She moves away, leaving Duncan staring bemusedly.

Dufay: "And you can call me Inspector Dufay. Agent Delaney is here to assist us in a serious criminal matter, Monsieur MacLeod. We hoped you'd be able to assist us as well."

Renee, turning over the pages of a report, not looking at Duncan: "There's been a series of robberies in the Paris area."

Dufay: "And murders."

Renee: "They fit a pattern I've investigated before."

Duncan: "Really? Am I a suspect?"

Renee: "In going through the files on the suspect, your name kept coming up, too. We were hoping you could help tell us something about it."

Duncan: "That depends. Who did you have in mind?"

Renee: "His name is Xavier St. Cloud."

Duncan flashes on Xavier's face (From "For Tomorrow We Die."). As he does, the picture of Xavier freezes and we get one of those stup--er, *helpful* captions like in "Something Wicked." This one says: "Xavier St. Cloud, AKA: Gerard Fleurie, Nelson Mfume, Born: Circa 1160, Morocco."

Renee: "Suspect's male, he has very expensive tastes."

Duncan: "Good, that sort of narrows down half the population of Paris."

Renee: "He has a passion for rare jewelry."

Flashback, "For Tomorrow We Die."

The salesgirl shows a selection of jewelry to Xavier as he smiles.

Back to Renee: "And he kills to get it and he uses gas. I'd say that narrows it down quite a bit."

"For Tomorrow We Die"

Xavier tosses a gas canister over his shoulder, and the clerk falls down, choking.

Back to Duncan: "Sorry, I can' t tell you anything."

Renee: "Two days ago he hit a jewelry store and three people are dead. Still nothing to tell us?"

Duncan, pleasant but firm: "I'm sorry, I can't help. Now, is there anything else?" Dufay and Renee glance at one another, but say nothing. "Good, then I'll be going. Inspector Dufay. *Agent* Delaney. It's been so nice seeing you again." He leaves. Renee looks at Dufay, then follows him out.

Renee catches him up on the street, grabbing his arm.

Renee: "Duncan! Duncan, wait. It wasn't me that dragged you down here, it was Dufay. I did my best to keep you out of it."

Duncan, sarcastic: "Yeah. And I guess my thanks are in order!" Laughs. "I had nothing to hide."

Renee: "Right. The last time I was chasing St. Cloud you were right in the middle of it." Duncan starts to walk away and she follows. "Look, I know you're one of the good guys just give me a hand, here. You know I wouldn't screw you . . ."

Duncan turns, brows climbing up, and she turns away, mortified as she realizes what she just said. Duncan lets her dither for a moment, then tells her it's okay.

Renee: "Just give me something."

Duncan, after a pause: "You're after the wrong guy."

Renee: "How do you know?"

Duncan: "Xavier St. Cloud is dead." He turns to go, but Renee grabs his arm again.

Renee: "Wait. You can't just walk away after dropping a bomb on me like that. What makes you so sure?"

Duncan: "I've got a reliable source."

Flashback, "Unholy Alliance"

Duncan and Xavier trade blows, and then Duncan takes his head, the body falling down headless, Xavier sword stuck in a pillar beside him.

Back to Duncan: "Whoever's out there, it's not Xavier St. Cloud."

Renee: "That's it? That's all your going to tell me?"

Duncan: "Renee. I'll see you around." He walks off yet again, and yet again Renee catches him up.

Renee: "I'm sorry about the cold shoulder. I figured you wouldn't want the cops knowing about us."

Duncan: "Knowing about what?"

Renee: "What happened between us."

Duncan: "Not much, as I seem to remember."

Flashback, "Unholy Alliance."

Renee, in her tights and leopard coat, is letting Duncan into her apartment, saying she doesn't usually let strange men into her apartment.

Duncan, starting up the stairs with his arms full of groceries (and the infamous lampshade): "Unless you trust them?"

Renee, pulling a gun: "No. Unless I have a gun."

Present Day

Renee: "Well, I want to make it clear whatever it was, it's over."

Duncan: "If you say so."

Renee: "I'm engaged."

Duncan turns: "Really?"

Renee nods: "His name's Paul. He's a lawyer in Washington. He's even thinking of running for Congress.

Duncan: "Oh, I thought you took an oath to fight crime."

Renee: "Duncan, be serious. I don't want this to-- I don't want us to be enemies." She waits. "Say something."

Duncan leans in and kisses her cheek: "Congratulations."

At the barge. Duncan is just climbing on deck when he senses another immortal. He turns to look, and Morgan, standing nearby, turns and walks off, wearing a dark coat, dark hat, and white scarf just like Xavier's. Duncan jumps down and give chase, Morgan running ahead of him down the shore. Morgan ducks up onto the street, and Duncan follows until Morgan darts into a building. Duncan plunges after him, and nearly plunges down a sheer drop when he discovers that there's no floor. Morgan is holding onto the door handle from the inside, watching as Duncan wavers on the brink, only managing to save himself by grabbing a pipe. The pipe holds, but breaks from the wall, leaving Duncan dangling over the floor below. He looks up, and sees Morgan holding on to his support, getting a good look at his face for the first time.

Duncan: "Ah, Morgan d'Estaing. So nice to see you again." He loses his grip and falls, and the pipe crashes down after him, narrowly missing him. Above, Morgan tips his hat.

Morgan: "Duncan. So nice of you to drop in."

Duncan, grinning nastily, draws his sword, but Morgan has his own ideas. He grabs a handy chain and swings himself over the drop, landing neatly on the floor on the other side. He drops his hat and wanders off, leaving Duncan to find his way upstairs. Duncan prowls through the building, and catches sight of Morgan's hat, just as Morgan himself jumps out to confront him. They fight, and Morgan soon tosses down another of his lighters filled with gas, donning a gas mask as Duncan begins to choke.

Morgan: "Come on, MacLeod!" Throws down another lighter. "It's a little bit smoky, isn't it, MacLeod." Drops a third lighter. Duncan scrambles up onto the piping that's sticking up out of the floor, but Morgan pursues, taunting Duncan that he's getting nearer, taunting him to come on. Duncan, staggering, finally grabs hold of another chain and repeats Morgan's own trick, swinging himself back to the other side and crashing through a window back into one of the shorefront tunnels, rolling out in front of a couple of startled passersby.

Bystander: "Monsieur, are you hurt?"

Duncan: "I'm okay." Glares. "I had a smashing time." He drags himself to his feet and walks off, saying to them, "Remember, don't try this at home."

Act Two Back to Top

Duncan is at Renee's apartment, standing at the window and looking out over the city. Renee comes and hands him a drink.

Duncan: "Nice place."

Renee: "Thanks. Government housing. I'm out as soon as the next Congressional junket arrives." She sits down in front of a computer. "So, is this a social call?"

Duncan: "It's about your case."

Renee: "I thought you couldn't help us."

Duncan moves over towards her: "Changed my mind."

Renee: "Why? Did you take a walk and meet a good Samaritan?"

Duncan: "Something like that. I want to see your files on Xavier St. Cloud."

Renee looks up from her computer: "The dead guy?"

Duncan: "Well, I gotta start somewhere."

Renee pulls a folder from her desk: "This is what we have." She gets up and starts walking around, leaving Duncan reading the files by the desk. "St. Cloud's wanted for unsolved cases all over Europe. Police couldn't get close to him. Came and went like a ghost."

Duncan: "Until two years ago." He takes off his coat.

Renee: "That's not in the files."

Duncan: "Word gets around."

Renee: "Obviously. They figured he was on some tropic island, sipping pina coladas. My guess was, our boy came out of retirement."

Duncan: "Except this isn't our guy."

Renee: "He's got the same targets, the same MO. They even found some of the same gas in the victim's bodies. Who else could it be? Duncan, I--my gut tells me there's something happening here."

Duncan gets up and walks to where she's sitting: "Like what?"

Renee: "I just want to be very clear . . . If we do this together it's strictly professional."

Flashback, "Unholy Alliance."

Duncan and Renee are sitting on a bench in a park. Duncan takes her arm, and bends her back in his arms to kiss her.

Present Day

Duncan tips his head down to look at her. "Strictly," he assures her. "Look, I want you to check on another file for me."

Renee shrugs and gets up: "You have a name?"

Duncan: "Yeah. Morgan d'Estaing."

Flashback France, 1803 Back to Top

Philippe d'Estaing and his wife are proposing a toast. It's a party, with guests in formal clothes, standing around a parlor. Morgan comes in, pushing between the guests, apologizing. Philippe looks taken aback as Morgan comes up.

Morgan: "What's the occasion? The war with the British isn't going well. Have I forgotten a birthday or something? I was out riding the estate, I should change." Everyone looks uncomfortable, and Morgan asks, "What is it? What's wrong?"

Wife: "Philippe, tell him."

Philippe, reluctant: "Things have changed, Morgan." He tells the girl playing to piano to continue, and as she does turns back to Morgan. "When we thought we'd remain childless, we adopted you to carry our ancient family name, to carry on the d'Estaing line."

Morgan: "But I know all this. You never kept it a secret."

Philippe: "Then, Bernard was born."

Morgan shrugs: "And I had a brother. How does that change anything?"

Philippe: "It changes everything. It means you're not to inherit the d'Estaing estate, or the title. All that will go to Bernard." Bernard, standing by the piano, looks smug. "Of course you will get a monthly allowance."

Morgan: "An allowance. But it's mine! By rights it should go to me! I'm the oldest son!"

Bernard: "Adopted son."

Morgan glares at him, then goes on: "I'm a d'Estaing, I'm one of you!"

Philippe: "In name only. Bernard is a true d'Estaing."

Morgan: "I loved you as a son. Your son!"

As the argument gets louder, the wife looks more uncomfortable, and the guests begin to turn from their conversations, looking.

Philippe: "Try to understand. You will have a place here. But Bernard will be master of the estate. It can be no other way!" Philippe turns away, and Morgan hurls his glass at Bernard's feet. Then he turns and stalks out.

That night. Bernard is asleep in his bed when Morgan creeps into his room. Morgan kneels on the bed beside him and looks down.

Morgan, softly: "I'm sorry." He strokes Bernard's face gently. "Sleep, little brother. Sleep."

He suddenly seizes a pillow and pushes it onto Bernard's face, trying to smother him as Bernard struggles. Outside, in the hall, Philippe hears Bernard's muffled cries for help and bursts in. He tries to pull Morgan away, but is thrown off and sprawls to the floor. His hand falls on a small dagger and he draws it, crying, "Monster!" as he springs up and plunges the dagger into Morgan's back. Morgan cries out and falls over the bed, dying.

In the chapel, candles are lit around Morgan's coffin, resting in front of the altar. Outside, Xavier St. Cloud is riding by, and stops as he senses Morgan reviving. He goes inside and walks to the coffin, pushing the lid down to look at Morgan.

Xavier: "Well, look what we have here. A newborn." He lifts the lid aside and Morgan sits up, gasping, then falls back inside the coffin. He looks up at Xavier, who offers his hand.

Xavier: "Want to stay?" Morgan grabs his hand. "I didn't think so.

Morgan lets himself be helped up, wincing in pain.

Morgan: "They tried to kill me. I was their son. I loved them, and they buried me alive."

Xavier, with a laugh: "Even they wouldn't try that. Believe me, you were quite dead when they put you in this casket."

Morgan, not believing: "You're insane."

Xavier: "You'll understand it all, in time. Come. We have much to talk about."

Morgan: "They're going to pay for what they did to me. All of them."

Present Day Back to Top

Brief shot of Duncan looking through a file at Renee's, then cut to night, and a floating restaurant. Renee is saying that it's a wonderful idea, she hasn't eaten on a boat since she was a child.

Duncan: "Well, there's more to life than just work." He turns and sees Dufay come in, and whips back to stare at Renee. "What's this?"

Renee: "Well, I work with him, you work with me, we're all in this together, right?"

Duncan: "One big happy family."

Renee: "Yeah."

Duncan: "Right."

Dufay sits down: "May I join you?"

Duncan: "Looks like you already have."

Dufay turns to Renee: "We are running a check on d'Estaing. I have never heard of him, but if he has a record, we'll find it."

Renee: "Provided he isn't dead."

Just then, Duncan senses another immortal, and Morgan breezes into the restaurant, saying, "MacLeod! It's good to see you again." He sticks his hand in front of MacLeod's face, but Duncan doesn't move.

Duncan laughs tightly: "It's been a while."

Morgan: "You didn't call, you didn't come by. I missed you." He looks around the table. "But I see you've been busy."

An awkward silence falls. Renee asks, "Duncan, are you going to introduce your friend?"

Duncan, getting up: "No, I don't think he really has time. We have something to discuss."

Morgan, to Renee: "I'll be seeing you again."

Duncan grabs his arm and urges him out: "Yeah. It won't take long. Be back real soon."

On deck, Duncan follows Morgan to the railing.

Duncan: "So, first the jewelry store, then the warehouse. Who are you going after next?"

Morgan: "Xavier taught me well. In fact, he taught me everything I know."

Flashback France, 1806 Back to Top

Philippe and Emily are hurrying down a corridor. Philippe is saying that the English will be there any moment, that they must flee. As he tells Emily to fetch her mother, he hears Bernard's voice, crying out for him. Philippe and Emily stop short, staring. Bernard is standing in the parlor, and Morgan is beside him, holding a knife to his throat.

Philippe: "My god. Am I seeing a ghost?" He walks into the room. "This is not possible."

Morgan: "Hello, Father. Hello, Emily."

Philippe: "It can't be you. You're dead."

Morgan: "Then this is all a nightmare, that will end when you die."

Xavier: "Wait." He walks in behind the rest of the family, pulling a cork from a bottle of wine. "Gently, Morgan. You'll have what's coming to you."

Philippe walks to face him: "Who are you?"

Xavier: "Xavier St. Cloud. Think of me as a friend of the family." Morgan leaves Bernard and joins Xavier by the fireplace. "Please, sit down." They sit, and Xavier pulls down a wineglass and starts talking. "The d'Estaing family took centuries to acquire land, titles and wealth. But, the Revolution took your titles, Napoleon took your land, and the English Army is about to take your wealth."

Philippe: "There is nothing left."

Xavier: "I doubt that." As he speaks, Morgan begins to prowl around the room, holding his knife at each member of the family. "You've never been known as a careless man. Would you flee your estate penniless, and unprotected. A stash of jewelry, perhaps? Silver?"

Philippe: "I told you, there is nothing

Morgan, going to Philippe: "We're wasting time. Why not cut their throats and have done with it?"

Philippe: "What do you say, Baron? Give me the money and you and your family can be on your away, or wait here for the English to march in."

Bernard: "Tell him, Papa. Tell him."

Philippe: "If you promise to let my family live."

Xavier: "You have my word."

Philippe, relenting: "In the cabinet, behind the bottles."

Morgan goes to check it out, and finds a small iron chest. He carries it back to Xavier, who's finishing pouring out glasses of wine.

Philippe: "Take it, and go. You've given your word."

Xavier: "Then let us drink on it, as gentlemen."

Philippe: "Anything to get that monster out of our lives forever."

Xavier: "Cheers."

The family drinks, and Morgan and Xavier nod to each other and set their glasses down, untasted. Then Xavier tells Morgan to come.

Morgan: "But we're not finished."

Xavier, firm: "Morgan. Come."

Morgan follows Xavier out into the hall, complaining: "We were supposed to kill them. All of them."

Xavier: "Calm yourself. A few moments and they'll be silent forever."

Morgan beginning to smile: "The wine. You put poison in their wine.

Xavier: "Never bloody your hands unless you must. Thus endeth the first lesson."

Outside, Duncan has just arrived with the rest of the English army. He dismounts and starts giving orders about the disposition of the house and grounds.

Duncan: "See if the owners are in the house. Ask them to surrender the property." He turns as he senses the other immortals, and turns to see Xavier and Morgan emerge. "Xavier."

Xavier: "MacLeod. I'm touched you remembered."

Duncan: "One could hardly forget those that kill their friends." He looks down, seeing the chest. "It's a shame you're not alone or you'd be dead by now."

Xavier: "Wars can be so troublesome, can't they? On the other hand, they can be quite convenient."

Duncan: "Aye, for those that want to make a profit by them. Is that why you're here?"

Xavier: "Perhaps you'll think me sentimental, but I couldn't bear to think of the treasures of France in the hands of the English."

Duncan: "So you decided to liberate them."

Xavier: "On the contrary. This is Morgan d'Estaing, the only remaining heir. My protege."

Duncan turns as a soldier comes up to him, saying, "Leftenant MacLeod. We found the family, sir. All dead. It must have been suicide when they heard us coming."

Xavier: "A tragedy, really. Now, if you'll excuse us, my friend needs to grieve. Come, Morgan."

He and Morgan start off, but Duncan steps in front of them, putting his hand on Morgan's chest to stop him. "We'll see each other again," he promises Xavier.

Xavier: "Yes. We'll look forward to it."

They leave, and Duncan watches them go, saying nothing.

Act Three Back to Top

Present Day

Morgan and Duncan are still on deck. Morgan is asking, "Tell me, did you think it was him, back there? Do you feel his presence now?" Duncan looks around, skeptical and bored. "I do. Did you think he was a zombie, back from the dead? Do you feel the hate?"

Duncan, cheerfully: "You know, it's funny, Morgan. There's a difference between hate and fear. I hated Xavier." He runs his finger down Morgan's coat. "You're just a cheap imitation."

Morgan: "I'm not an imitation, MacLeod. I'm a homage."

Duncan, unimpressed: "Mm."

Morgan: "A tribute to a great artist."

Duncan: "Yeah."

Morgan: "One you killed."

Duncan turns around, a "give me a break," look on his face.

Inside, a waiter comes up to Renee and Dufay's table and offers them a bottle of wine, telling them it's a present from "the gentleman."

Dufay: "Chateau d'Estaing. Ah, wonderful."

The waiter pours, and Dufay inspects the wine, telling Renee, "Your friend is unusually generous."

Renee: "He's pretty unusual."

Dufay tastes: "Perfect." He salutes Morgan. "Thank you."

On deck, Duncan says: "Xavier got what he deserved."

Morgan: "Maybe you're right." Looks inside, to where Renee is just holding out her glass to be filled. "Maybe we all get what we deserve. Fair's fair." He turns to look at Duncan, and Duncan looks inside, just in time to see Renee lifting the glass to her lips. He dashes inside, yelling for Renee to put the glass down. He knocks it from her hand, and shoves the table over, spilling the wine. Dufay jumps up to argue, but stops in mid-sentence, choking. He falls down and Duncan grabs him, asking if anyone is a doctor. He lowers Dufay to the floor, but it's too late.

Renee: "He's dead."

In Dufay's office, Renee is asking, "But how did you know about the wine?"

Duncan: "Xavier didn't like to kill face to face, he used poison, gas, bombs. It's his trademark."

Renee: "But Xavier's dead."

Duncan: "Morgan worked with Xavier."

Renee: "That was the guy at the restaurant, was Morgan? Why didn't you say anything? What kind of game are you playing here, MacLeod?"

Duncan turns, but he's interrupted by the arrival of a lab tech, who gives Renee a report and the remains of the bottle of wine. Renee looks over the report, shaking her head.

Renee: "No prints. He injected the poison through the cork. Curare derivative . . . No known antidote. Well, this guy knew what he was doing."

Duncan: "He had a good teacher."

Renee: "You know, he also went to a lot of trouble. This wine was worth a fortune."

Duncan picks up the bottle: "Trace the bottle."

Renee: "According to this report, this wine hasn't been available for decades. It shouldn't even exist."

Duncan: "Uh, try, uh, the wine cellars."

Renee: "In France? There's thousands. It'd be easier to trace a handgun in LA."

Duncan: "Yeah." He starts towards the door.

Renee: "Any ideas?"

Duncan: "Ah, I'll let you know." He goes out, leaving Renee staring after him. The bottle of wine is left on the desk, and slowly the picture of the Chateau on the front fades to the real thing . . .

Duncan's car zooms up the drive, and halts at the entrance, beside a snazzy sports car. [Jaguar? Any car fiends wanna help out, here?--Jinjifore] Duncan goes in, and the lights come on, showing him Morgan standing by the fireplace.

Duncan: "Got any more tricks?"

Morgan: "You don't waste time."

Duncan: "Should have used another wine."

Morgan whirls, grinning, holding a remote control in his right hand: "But then you wouldn't know where to find me."

Duncan steps closer: "Why bring mortals into this? Why kill the Inspector?"

Morgan, chipper: "Because I could."

Duncan: "You're just like Xavier."

Morgan: "He was a prince, and he treated me like one."

Duncan: "Then his gift to you was murder."

Morgan draws his sword: "Justice on a family that used me, then betrayed me when I was no longer useful." Duncan has his sword out, now as well, and they're circling one another, Morgan still talking. "Xavier gave me my revenge. Now I'm going to give him, his."

They square off, but before the first strike Morgan turns off the lights and disappears. Duncan follows, and quickly flushes him out. They fight, and Morgan pulls out another lighter of gas, just as they both hear the approach of sirens.

Morgan: "Seems your [???] is arrival (?). Another time, MacLeod." He turns to flee, but finds Renee there, holding a gun on him and back by a load of cops.

Renee: "Freeze."

Act Four Back to Top

Renee and Duncan are coming out of the Chateau, Renee explaining that there's enough evidence to link Morgan to the robberies.

Renee: "Hope there's some rare bottles of wine, like the one he used to kill the Inspector."

Morgan is being let out in cuffs, and as he passes Renee he remarks, "I hope the Inspector appreciated it."

Renee, furious, starts after him: "Scumbag."

Duncan holds her back: "It's all right. He's a problem for the French police now."

Morgan: "Not for long, MacLeod. Soon I'll be somebody else's problem."

Renee: "I don't think so. Get him out of here."

Morgan, as he's led off: "She's quite something, you know. Young, fiery, intense. But oh, so temporary."

Duncan: "She's nothing to me."

Morgan: "Oh, spare me. You know the minute you two are alone she'll be all over you like a bitch in heat."

Renee jumps for him, but other cops close up around Morgan and she backs off. Morgan is taken away.

Renee to Duncan: "Sorry. Who does that murdering bastard think he is? Where'd he get that stuff about us?"

Duncan: "You followed me."

Renee, unapologetic: "Like I had a choice. My intuition said you had a lead and you weren't sharing. Turns out I was right."

Duncan: "Yeah, but we agreed to trust each other."

Renee: "No, we agreed to work together. How'd you know where to find him?"

Duncan shrugging: "Intuition." Walks off.

Renee: "It's not good enough, MacLeod."

Duncan stops and turns to her: "Listen. You be careful of d'Estaing. He can be very dangerous."

Renee: "Oh, we can handle him. Look, there's a few more questions I'd like to ask you."

Duncan smiles, give a "yeah, right," chuckle, and heads for his car.

Renee: "Duncan . . . Aw, don't make me pull rank here, Duncan. I'm a cop. I could have you brought in again."

Duncan just smiles and gets in his car.

At the police station. Renee goes down to the cell where Morgan is being held, waiting while a guard unlocks the door to the cell block.

Renee: "You don't have the death penalty here, do you?"

Cop: "Not since 1981, Agent Delaney."

Renee: "That's too bad." They walk in. "I could pull the switch on this creep myself. Has he got a lawyer yet?"

Cop: "He didn't want one."

Renee: "That's weird."

But when they reach the cell, they find Morgan hanging in his cell, dead. Renee calls for someone to get a doctor, and tries to revive him, but it's no use.

Cop: "He's dead."

Renee: "I guess he didn't need a lawyer after all."

Duncan and Renee are out walking, the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Renee, incredulous: "Somebody stole him from the morgue."

Duncan: "Well, maybe nobody stole him, maybe he just . . . got up and walked away."

Renee: "Very funny. Somebody had to be in it with him, but why? What good is a dead body?"

Duncan: "What do you think?"

Renee: "I don't want to think about it anymore. Whatever happened, it's over. Morgan's dead, and I lost a case." She stops. "This is it." She turns to Duncan. "Thanks for walking me home."

Duncan: "No problem. You sure you're going to be okay?"

Renee: "Yeah. Duncan, now that this is over, I don't think that we should see each other anymore."

Duncan, not quite smiling: "You sure?"

Renee: "Yeah, I'm sure."

Duncan leans forward and kisses her on the lips, but chastely. As he does so, though, he senses another immortal, and straightens up, breaking the kiss.

Renee: "Yeah."

Duncan: "Uh, I think I should probably come up."

Renee: "I don't think it's a good idea."

Duncan: "Just to talk, I mean. Honest." Dredges up a Boy Scout salute after a second. "Scout's honor."

Renee doesn't say anything, just leads the way.

Inside, Renee, acting very subdued, offers him wine, then says, "actually, forget the wine. I've kind of gone off wine, lately."

Duncan: "Coffee's fine."

Renee: "Okay. I'll put some on." She leaves, then turns back to say, "Coffee, I mean," and goes into the kitchen, leaving Duncan to make himself at home. Soon, she brings the coffee in on a tray.

Renee: "It won't be long now. As soon as I hand in my report, that's it. Back to the States."

Duncan: "It must be hard. Being away from someone you care about." Renee, just coming into the room, stops and stares at him. "Oh, Paul," Duncan amplifies. "The guy you're gonna marry."

Renee, relieved: "Paul. Yes. I thought . . . . Absolutely." She puts the tray down, goofy with relief. "You'd like him. He's a normal guy. Not that, you're not normal, I mean . . ."

Duncan: "I know what you mean."

Renee, pouring coffee: "He's steady. Nine to five. No secrets, no danger. Just what I need."

Duncan sits down beside her: "Well, I hope you'll be very happy together." He reaches for the cup as she hands it to him, but their hands collide and the coffee spills. Renee gets up and goes into the bedroom to change, leaving Duncan alone in the living room. In the bedroom, Renee starts to take off her blouse.

Renee: "Duncan? You think there was anything to what Morgan said? About you and me and how it was so obvious? You think he's crazy?"

Duncan: "About some things."

Renee: "When we kissed, did . . . did you feel anything? Like your spine melting or something?"

Duncan, still in the living room, senses Morgan. He gets up. In the bedroom, Renee, oblivious, continues to speak to him as she undresses, not realizing he's gone.

Renee: "Duncan, I have this thing for you. It's--it's chemical, I think. I've spent the last few nights trying to think of a hundred reasons why we shouldn't go to bed, but if we don't, I'll never have any closure, and I'll spend the rest of my life wondering what I missed. I can't do that to Paul. It wouldn't be fair to him."

She comes out, dressed in a black silky negligee, and pauses just short of the living room. "Duncan?" There's no answer, and she walks on in, staring at the empty room in disbelief.

Duncan opens the door onto the roof, and finds Morgan waiting for him.

Morgan: "Hello, MacLeod." Grins. "How could I just walk away, eh?" He strolls out onto the roof, taking off his overcoat despite the falling snow, Duncan following suit. "Oh, just so you don't worry . . . After I kill you, I'll take good care of her." He draws his sword. "She'll remember Morgan d'Estaing as long as she lives."

Duncan, softly: "Silly boy."

Morgan beckons with his hand, and they fight. Duncan slips, but recovers, and they continue. Morgan backs him to the edge, then Duncan turns and presses him, and gets free. Morgan is confident, taunting Duncan, sure of his swordsmanship, but Duncan eventually parries hard enough to nick his sword.

Morgan: "You've dented my blade."

Duncan: "Got any more tricks?"

They close again, and Duncan soon sends Morgan's blade sailing up to land on a platform overhead. Morgan dodges back, then pulls a knife, tsking, and throws it into Duncan's chest. Duncan pulls it out and tosses it aside before following Morgan up the ladder to where his sword landed.

Duncan: "That's not going to do very much good, boy."

Morgan: "There's a curare on the tip. That's poison, MacLeod. You've only got thirty seconds."

Duncan struggles up the ladder, weakening, as Morgan urges him on. He drags himself over the top.

Duncan: "That's fifteen more than I need."

Morgan: "You're going down."

Duncan swipes at him from his knees, and Morgan dodges easily. Duncan is still on his knees, and Morgan puts his sword under his throat.

Morgan: "Here it comes, MacLeod. Can you feel the life draining out of you? Can you?"

Duncan looks up at him, groggy, and grabs his blade in his bare hand, pushing it aside.

Duncan: "Why don't you see?" [I think this is what he says, anyway.--Jinjifore] He staggers up and slashes Morgan across the stomach, then takes his head.

As the Quickening begins, Duncan stumbles back, dying, and falls off the platform onto the roof, and lies there, dead, until the Quickening is over. He twitches as the lightning crawls over him, but his eyes stay closed, and his body limp, until it's over and he jerks up, gasping and reviving all at once.

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Renee comes to the barge, holding an umbrella against the rain. She finds Duncan on deck and he jumps down to greet her.

Duncan: "You look like you're going somewhere."

Renee: "Washington. Paul's decided to run for Congress, so we moved up the date of the wedding."

Duncan: "Congratulations. Um, look, about last night . . ."

Renee puts a finger on his lips: "Nonono. Don't explain it. If you'd stayed, it might have been a big mistake. You could have taken advantage of the situation, but you didn't. You were a gentleman. Thank you."

Duncan, nonplused but going along with it: "Oh, what can I say?"

Renee: "Can you imagine me a politician's wife?"

Duncan: "Mmm?"

Renee laughs: "Well. Wish me luck? Kiss me goodbye?"

Duncan: "Good luck." He kisses her cheek. She turns to walk away, glum, then suddenly turns back.

Renee: "Aw, hell."

She grabs his face and kisses him soundly, sending them both tipping over into the river . . .

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Coupla little things. I tried to suggest this in the fights, but I thought that Morgan was really a pretty confident guy, even when he wasn't using this or that trick for an advantage. He used his gas and knives and whizmo toys to tip the scales, but he never really looked too worried. He was a nicely overconfident opponent. Also, the names . . . There were several names and titles in the credits, but blowed if I have a clue who the heck they are. Angela, for example. Who the heck is Angela? There wasn't *any* Angela, unless she was Morgan's girlfriend from the first scene. And Hastings (??!!). Anyway, there are several spots where folks are called imaginative names like "Jeweler" and "Cop," and I'm sorry about that. I just couldn't play the matching game very well for this one . . .


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