"End of Innocence"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Chris Humphreys (Graham Ashe)
Chris Martin (Carter Wellan)
Real Andrews as Haresh Clay

Written by Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by Gerard Hameline
Production no. 96502-90
Full Credits

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Richie Ryan is working out in the dojo, using the punching bag. (His hair is quite a bit shorter, by the way, not quite as short as Methos was in "Chivalry", but you get the picture. Looks good, in my humble opinion. :)) The doors open and Duncan MacLeod walks in, saying, "What are you doing here?"

Richie: "I just needed a place to work out."

Duncan saunters over, smiling, sounding friendly, but friendly in the way that a bully is friendly just before he demands all your lunch money.

Duncan: "You wanted a place to work out."

Richie: "Yeah, I just needed a place to work out, what's the matter with you?"

They're standing close now, nearly toe to toe.

Duncan: "Well, if you want to work something out, work this out." Grabs Richie's face and shoves him down to the mat.

Richie: "What the hell are you doing?"

Duncan: "You're a smart boy, figure it out yourself."

As Richie scoots away, we see his sword lying on the floor behind him. He makes a grab for it, but Duncan stomps his foot on his wrist.

Duncan: "Nearly. So close."

Richie lets go of the sword. Duncan puts his katana on his neck.

Duncan: "Richie, didn't I ever tell you not to let go of your sword? You know what can happen, don't you?...This."

Raises his own sword over his head and slashes down...and Richie wakes up screaming.

Act One Back to Top

Duncan working out in the dojo, doing katas with a knife. This is a beautiful scene, by the way. It's filmed slower than realtime but not slo-mo, and images of him keep superimposing on each other. The soundtrack is also very nice, kinda dreamy but with a nice throbbing beat, goes very well. As the shot moves to the doors, we see Joe Dawson come in. (Music fades, back in real time). Duncan sees him, then returns to his workout. He tells Joe he shouldn't be there.

Duncan: "I'm an immortal, you're a Watcher. We can't cross that line. How many times do we have to be taught that?"

Joe says he hears stuff, and can't just ignore it.

Joe: "It's Richie."

Duncan stops cold, turns and looks at him. Joe says he's not been the same since Duncan left.

Joe: "He's been walking on the edge, travelling, picking fights, trying to make a name." Says he's heading back to town.

Duncan (evenly): "That's nice."

Joe: "He's gonna get himself killed, MacLeod, you gotta talk to him!"

Duncan says it isn't any of Joe's business, and Joe says it's Duncan's. Duncan doesn't answer.

Joe: "Fine. You don't owe anybody anything, not me, not Richie. We can just go to hell!" Turns and walks away. "He's at the rooming house at South and Pine. Do whatever you want about it."

Cut to Richie having another nightmare, this time reliving the scene in "Something Wicked" where Duncan attacked him. He wakes up again crying out, then senses another immortal. He goes outside, sword in hand, and finds Duncan.

Richie (still keeping sword ready): "You looking for me? Okay. Here I am."

Duncan: "I came here to tell you I'm still your friend"

Tries to get Richie to put up the sword. Tells Richie he tried to find him while he was in Paris.

Richie: "I wasn't around." Tells Duncan he used to stay up at night, thinking that because he was immortal there was something special he was supposed to do with his life.

Richie: "And I had this illusion that because you were my teacher, that you would show me what it was. And you did. I got it now. There can be only one. Thanks, Teach."

Tells Duncan he's been practicing, and if Duncan tries again, he won't find it so easy. Duncan says he wishes he could take back what happened, but he can't. Duncan tells Richie that he knows what he's doing is wrong.

Richie: "Thanks for the tip."

He goes back in.

Outside shot of a bar located under an interstate ramp. As the scene moves into the interior, you see a painted sign saying "Beat Delila, win a beer." A customer is trying, and he loses with Richie sitting at the bar making cracks about why anyone would even bother. ("It couldn't possibly be for the beer.") Richie tries her next, and is holding his own until he gets the buzz. The new immortal (Carter Wellan) is a youngish guy, blond hair. He tells Delila he'll have "a beer and a haircut."

Richie: "You're gonna need more than a haircut."

Carter asks if Richie goes around looking for trouble. Richie says he's looking for him. Carter doesn't want to fight, but when Richie insists they leave.

They drive somewhere not too far away. Carter says they don't have to do this.

Richie: "Yes, we do."

They fight. Back at the bar, a man (Haresh Clay) drives up, then goes in and asks about Carter. As he talks to Delila, we cut back and forth from them to the fight. Clay describes Carter as having a lot of attitude.

Delila: "Big mouth?"

Clay (smiles): "Attitude".

Delila says he ran into someone with "more attitude."

Cut back to the fight, and see Richie win and behead Carter. Cut back to Clay leaving the bar. He drives to the scene of the fight just in time to see Richie drive off.

Clay screams: "You're a dead man, you hear me! Dead!"

(Um, I have no idea how he found the site of the fight. If Delila told him, or he saw the Quickening or anything, it's in the Eurominutes...;)) (Which it apparently isn't.)

Act Two Back to Top

Richie is back at his place, reading a magazine. He senses someone, then Clay kicks through the door, without even bothering to try to open it. He goes after Richie in a complete rage, yelling and screaming and slashing wildly, but still good enough that when Richie manages to get his hands on his own sword, Clay's first blow breaks it clean in half. Richie takes a dive out the window and gets away on his bike.

Duncan is in the loft, taking care of his sword. Joe comes up on the elevator, and Duncan sets the sword aside.

Duncan: "What are you doing here?"

Joe tells him Richie is in a lot more trouble than he thought.

Duncan: "I've seen Richie. He can take care of himself."

Joe: "Yeah, with what?" He holds up Richie's broken sword. "With this?"

Duncan takes it, closes his eyes and sighs.

Duncan (very quiet): "Who is it?"

Joe: "Haresh Clay."

Flashback, Southern Europe 1657 Back to Top

Duncan sparring with Graham Ashe. As they fight, Duncan lunges and is tripped.

Ashe: "Personally, I would never use the Thracian lunge on terrain such as this. It was meant for an uphill strike."

Duncan asks how he knows what it was meant for, and discovers that Ashe himself invented it. Ashe wins the fight, then lowers his sword, grins and tells Duncan that "it was really Juan Ramirez who perfected it."

Ashe: "He was one of my better students."

As he walks away, Duncan makes a face and mutters, "No wonder I'm losing here..."

Ashe goes on to say that while he might be good, there are others who are better, "as Kurgan was better than Ramirez." Duncan says it will probably be his luck to meet one of the them, and Ashe tells him to cheer up, that there are worlds of art and learning out there for Duncan to explore.

Ashe: "We fight to stay alive. Don't forget to live."

Cut to Carter and Clay, riding along.

Clay: "When the Duke challenges you to a game of darts, your job is to lose, young squire..."

Back to Duncan and Ashe sitting and eating. They sense the other two, and as soon as Ashe recognizes Clay he tells Duncan that they have to leave and find some holy ground. They make for a nearby church, but Clay catches them up before they can reach it. Clay challenges Ashe. Ashe tells Duncan to go to the church and stay, and not to come out. Ashe and Clay fight. Clay disarms Ashe, then kneels and stabs his own sword into the ground, offering Ashe the chance to pick up his sword. Ashe does and slashes, but Clay grabs him and stabs him with his own blade. Ashe then begs for Clay to spare him. He offers him anything he has, and says that he doesn't want to die. Clay seems to put away his sword, then turns and beheads Ashe anyway.

Present Day Back to Top

Joe says he's just trying to help a friend. Duncan says Richie isn't his friend and grabs his arm to expose the Watcher tattoo.

Duncan: "This is who you are."

Joe: "I know who I am. I've been a Watcher for more than 25 years. It's as much a part of me as your Clan MacLeod is to you."

Duncan: "Then for once, keep your vow, don't interfere."

Goes on to say that whatever he does for Richie is his business, and tells Joe that they're through. Joe leaves.

At Joe's. Richie comes in, asks if Joe has a minute. Richie says he's been meaning to get in touch, etc. They sit and Joe pours them both a drink. Richie has two stiff doubles in a row, then admits: "I lost my sword."

Joe: "Broke it."

Richie: "You guys know too much."

Joe: "So I've been told."

Richie says he came to borrow a couple of grand for a new sword. Joe says he can't.

Richie: "This is me. It's Richie!"

Joe: "And I'm a Watcher. And I swore an oath not to get involved."

Richie: "You saved my life. You shot MacLeod. That's not getting involved?"

Joe: "It was a mistake."

Richie: "Saving my life was a mistake?"

Joe says it was a gut reaction, that he didn't think. Says as a friend, he wishes he could help him, but as a Watcher, he can't.

Richie: "That's convienient."

He leaves.

Cut to Richie breaking into a museum, specifically into a "Masterworks of the Forge" exhibit. He finally finds a sword that he likes, then feels another immortal. He breaks the glass, setting off the alarm, but can't get the blade free of the display even then. Clay comes in, says he knew Richie would have to show up sooner or later. Richie says he's not armed, asks where's the honor in this.

Clay: "I din't come for your honor, boy. I came for your head."

Tells Richie he's going to kill him for revenge, Richie says he doesn't even know him.

Clay: "You didn't know Carter Wellan when you killed him."

Richie: "Ah, you must mean Leather Boy..."

Clay attacks, and Richie dodges and runs out just as the police drive up. "You got me..." he says, and lets the cops take him away while Clay watches.

Act Three Back to Top

Outside the police station. Richie comes out and finds Duncan waiting for him.

Richie: "Thanks for posting my bail."

Duncan says he's welcome, and asks him to come with him.

Richie: "If the bail comes with a lecture, I'd just as soon wait it out in a cell."

Duncan: "That doesn't matter. What's matters is he'll kill you." Duncan says Richie can't win.

Richie: "Everyone's entitled to his own opinion."

Duncan tries another tack: "This fight is mine."

Richie: "Mac, forget it. The days of you protecting me are long gone."

Duncan: "Hey, this isn't about me protecting you. I have to finish this."

Richie: "Then you'd better find him before I do."

They go back to the car. Duncan reaches in the back.

Duncan: "Look, if you face him, you'll be needing one of these." Takes out a sword. "It belonged to Graham Ashe."

Richie: "I can take care of myself."

Duncan: "Yeah, I know you can." Looks down, and kinda sticks the sword out. "Just take it. Please."

Richie: "Thanks."

Duncan gets behind the wheel.

Richie: "So, I guess I owe you one."

Duncan: "No, I owe you one."

Richie goes to the bar where he met Carter and asks Delila about Clay. She gives him a complete cold shoulder and no information. As Richie leaves, Joe puts down the paper he was hiding behind and comes around to the front of the bar.

Delila: "Get you something?"

Joe: "Yeah." Puts his elbow on the bar.

Delila: "Anytime."

Joe pins her after about a second.

Joe: "Just a kind of talent I have."

Delila (shaking her hand out): "You got any more?"

Joe (evil grin): "You just never know."

Having wormed his way in, he starts asking her about Clay...

Back at Joe's. Duncan comes in as Joe's opening up.

Joe: "Now you look like a man could use a drink."

Duncan: "We both know why I'm here."

Joe: "Richie's hunting Clay, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Duncan: "He's gonna die."

Joe: "Aw, he might live. Hell of a thing, weighing ethics and honor against a friend's life."

Duncan: "Where's Clay?"

Joe doesn't answer. Duncan turns to leave. Joe calls him back and gives him Clay's address. Duncan thanks him and is about to leave again, then Joe stops him and shows him his left wrist. There's a bandage around it, and when he unwinds it there's nothing but a patch of grafted skin where his tattoo used to be. Tells Duncan an old saying in Yiddish, which Duncan translates as: "With one ass a man can't dance at two weddings."

Joe: "You were right. I couldn't be both your Watcher and your friend."

Duncan: "I'm sorry."

Joe: "For what? Making me choose. When I joined the Watchers, it was the most important thing in my life, learning about the immortals, keeping the Chronicles. I thought it was work that had to be done. Well, somebody else can do it now."

Act Four Back to Top

Outside shot of a downtown hotel. Duncan is walking up the steps. As he approaches the elevator, he senses another immortal. He draws his sword and flattens himself to the wall next to the elevator. It opens, and there's Richie with his sword. He edges out carefully, and Duncan swings and they engage, then actually see each other...

Richie (exasperated): What are you doing here?"

Duncan: "What are you doing here?"

They start down the hall together. Duncan asks how he's supposed to stand aside and let Richie take Clay.

Richie: "That's what you're asking me to do."

Duncan: "You'll lose."

Richie says maybe not. He says that Duncan taught him that his life could end any time. He goes on to point out that he got himself into this mess, and he's not running from it. Whatever happens, happens. They walk on, and as they round a corner (swords still drawn) they run into a guest.

Guest: "Ah, more of you with swords. What are you guys? Shriners?"

Duncan and Richie: "Uh, yeah, yeah, we're Shriners..."

Guest asks why they aren't at the funeral with the other guy. Duncan and Richie look at each other.

Duncan: "What cemetary was that again?"

Richie: "I can't remember..."

Guest dredges up the name, and they leave.

Richie and Duncan drive out, Richie first on his bike. Clay is kneeling by the grave, head in his hands. He looks up as they arrive. Duncan still tries to talk Richie out of it.

Richie: "I thought this wasn't about you protecting me"

Duncan: "This is about you seeing me for who I am. I'm not your father and I'm not your guardian angel. It's not about you." He's angry now. " You want to fight Clay, you get in line."

Richie follows him to where Clay's waiting. Clay says his fight is with Richie, says Richie had no quarrel with Carter.

Duncan: "And you had no quarrel with Graham Ashe."

Clay asks if Duncan condones what Richie did.

Duncan: "We fight to the death. That's what we do."

Clay turns away. His voice breaks a little.

Clay: "Do you know what it's like to have a friend for 900 years?" Looks at Duncan sadly. "I've known him longer than you've been alive. He was my squire, and my companion on one hundred campaigns in five continents. Now he is gone." Looks at Richie. "Because of you."

Richie offers to fight and Clay says when he's ready, and walks away. Richie starts after, but Duncan stops him.

Duncan: "Richie, there's something I haven't told you. He shamed me."

Flashback, Southern Europe 1657 Back to Top

Fade back to Ashe dying.

Duncan voiceover: "After I watched Graham Ashe beg for his life, and die, Clay taunted me. And I did nothing. Nothing."

Clay asks if Duncan is scared, and says he has something for him, Ashe's sword. He swings it around, and Duncan shrinks back, shouting that they're on holy ground. Clay drives the sword into a piece of wood behind him, and says he hasn't come for Duncan, unless he wants to step off holy ground. As Clay and Carter ride away, Clay says, "A coward who runs for sanctuary is not worth my time or effort." He then shouts over his shoulder, telling him that they'll be at a certain inn that night, "if your knees ever stop shaking."

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan: "I'm not telling you to do this for me. I'm asking you."

Richie nods: "Okay." Steps aside.

Duncan: "Thanks." Pauses. "This is holy ground, you'll be safe here." Pauses again. "If he takes me, he'll take you, too."

Richie: "Then don't let him."

Duncan and Clay meet just off the cemetary and fight. They give each other minor wounds, then after a lengthy exchange of blows Duncan runs Clay through and gets his sword.

Duncan: "You can walk away, if it ends here."

Clay: "It's what we do."

Duncan raises his sword, hesitates, then takes his head. As he gets the Quickening, the sky turns to night. The field is across the bay from the city, and the stars and lights from the city show up, then fade back to day. After the Quickening, Duncan kneels and looks at Clay's body, then picks up his sword and raises it over his head, then thrusts it into the ground.

Tag Back to Top

Richie is sitting at the bar at Joe's. Richie says Duncan told him about Joe leaving the Watchers. Joe shows him the scar.

Richie: "Ooh."

Cut to Duncan sitting upstairs alone as Joe says, "Don't touch it!."

Richie: "Hurts?"

Joe: "The wrist isn't so bad. But the rest...I lost a lot of good friends."

Richie says the dark glasses and secret meetings never seemed like Joe's style.

Joe: "It was never meant to be like that."

Duncan: "Then make it right." He stands up and comes downstairs. "Can you get back in?"

Joe says maybe, but why?

Duncan: "For thousands of years immortals have fought and Watchers have observed. One day, they'll only be one of us left, and someday maybe none at all. Somebody has to record that we've lived, somebody has to record the history that we've seen and the lessons we've learned." Says their lives have to be recorded by "someone who feels, someone who does. Someone who has honor, like you."

Joe: "What about our friendship?"

Duncan: "We'll work it out."

Turns to Richie and holds out his hand. Richie hesitates, then takes it

Duncan: "See you around."

Richie: "See you, Mac." Duncan leaves, fade to credits.

Notes Back to Top

A few 'lil comments. Although Richie and Duncan worked together, especially at the end, their body language and facial expressions never showed that they were even close to being comfortable with each other. I don't remember either of them smiling. The couple of times they come close to emotion (when Duncan gives Richie the sword, and at the graveyard), they avoid meeting one another's eyes. Very well done.

In the swordfights, it looked to me (and this is just me, no one's mentioned it that I've seen) as if they were very subtly speeding up the film here and there to make it go faster. It wasn't as blatant as in "The Gathering," but it was noticeable (to me, anyway!).

Until "Manhunt"...


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