"Money No Object"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
Tim Henry (Detective Dennis Tynan [aka "Fido"])
Tom McBeath (Sam Gringkov)
Nicholas Lea as Cory Raines

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Rafal Zielinski
Production No. 96506-94
Full Credits

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A street in a very seedy part of down. Richie Ryan and Amanda ride up on Richie's motorcycle and park in front of a grafitti-covered building.

Richie, looking around: "You have got to be joking."

Amanda: "I never joke about money, Richie, especially when it's mine. Besides, this place has atmosphere."

Richie: "Yeah, I can smell it from here." He takes her arm as they walk up to the door. "Amanda . . . "

Amanda: "What?"

Richie: "What's wrong with a regular bank?"

Amanda: "Unfortunately, dear boy, regular banks are full of sad little men, who'd insist on knowing all the dreary little details of my overseas money transfers."

Richie: "So?"

Amanda: "So . . . " She gestures at the gaudily painted door of the "Money Express." "Behold the temple of No Questions Asked."

Richie, cheerfully: "Amanda . . ."

Amanda smiling prettily: "What?"

Richie: "That's called fraud."

Amanda: "No, Richie, that's called CYA--Cover Your Assets. Now, are you coming in with me?"

Richie: "No, thank you, I think I'm just going to stay with my bike."

Amanda leans close, smiling: "It's okay."

She goes inside.

Inside, the bank is being robbed by Cory Raines, wearing a fedora and a bandana. He's holding a machine gun on the teller, who's putting money into a bag.

Cory, easily: "Go on, fill it up. Relax, man, I'm not going to hurt you."

He senses Amanda as she walks in, and she stops short. Amanda: "Uh oh."

Cory, like he's just seen a vision: "Amanda."

Amanda, not believing it: "Cory?"

They start to laugh, and the teller takes the opportunity to sound the alarm. Outside, Richie is buying a hot dog as Cory and Amanda run out, Cory holding the gun in one hand and the money bag, which Amanda is also holding, in the other. Cory fires a burst into the air as he and Amanda back onto the street. Cory: "Kiss the sidewalk! Stay where you are and nobody gets hurt."

The rest of the bystanders cower down, and Richie takes cover behind a pillar as Cory and Amanda get into Cory's van and drive off.

Richie, as the van drives by: "Amanda!" The van disappears down the street, and Richie watches, worried. "Dammit!"

Act One Back to Top

Amanda and Cory are driving along, excited and laughing.

Cory: "Was that a rush or was that a rush?! Whoo!" He reaches over and kisses Amanda's hand, then jubiliantly thumps the horn a couple of times. "Just like old times, isn't it?"

Amanda: "Yeah, too old. You know, I haven't been in a getaway car since . . .too long."

Cory: "You miss it?"

Amanda nods: "Yeah, I do."

Cory, slyly: "You miss anything else?"

Amanda: "Well . . ."

Behind them, Richie has caught up on his bike. Cory looks in the mirror as he senses him.

Cory: "Mm-mm. Now, he's a persistent little devil. You know him?"

Amanda: "Yeah. He's a friend."

Cory: "Aah, a friend. Well, let's just take a look at what kind of friends you're making these days."

He waggles his fingers at Richie as he pulls alongside, then starts trying to run him off the road, laughing the whole time like he and Richie are playing a game. Finally he succeeds in forcing Richie into a wall, and Richie goes flying over it into a nasty, muddy creek.

Amanda: "What was that for?"

Cory: "Well, maybe I want you all to myself."

Amanda: "Well, I'm flattered, of course, Cory, but I think that's a little much."

Cory: "Don't get your knickers in a knot. It's an immortal. Takes a licking, keeps on ticking."

They drive on as Richie pulls himself out of the creek and starts dragging himself back up the bank.

Cut to Cory and Amanda. Cory is whipping the cover from an old car.

Amanda: "The '24 Packard, I can't believe it!"

Cory opens the door for her, telling her that "your chariot awaits. They get in.

Cut to Richie, just walking back onto the road. He sees the Packard coming and tries to flag it down, but it doesn't stop. At the last second, he senses them and has to fling himself aside...right back into the creek. In the car, Amanda is protesting, "Cory!"

Cory: "Aw."

Amanda: "What?"

Cory: "I think he smudged my hood ornament."

At the bank. Detective Dennis Tynan [Yes! Someone finally told me his real name! --Jinjifore] is talking to Sam Gringkov. Tynan is saying that at least no one was hurt and not much was taken.

Gringkov: "Yeah, only a couple thousand." (Gringkov has an accent that I think is Russian, but I'm not sure.)

Tynan dismisses the other cops, and once they're alone he asks Gringkov what happened.

Gringkov, furious: "You tell me! That was 1.4 million, cash, and I want it back!"

He asks what he's paying Tynan for, and Tynan assures him that the word is out on the street, that he'll make it right. Gringkov tells him he'd better find the money and man who stole it, "or it is your ass. You like my English?"

In the loft, Richie is looking at a book about antique cars, saying to Duncan MacLeod that there's gotta be something better to do. Duncan says if he has any better ideas, he's listening. Richie finds the car, and Duncan plops down next to him on the couch to take a look.

Duncan: "1924 Packard. You sure?"

Richie: "Oh, yeah, I'm sure. I got a real close look at that grill." Richie asks what he thinks Cory wants with Amanda.

Duncan: "What do immortals usually want with other immortals?"

Cut to Cory, carrying a glass of wine to Amanda. She's chatting and laughing, but clearly uncomfortable as Cory sits next to her, and puts his arm around her.

Cory: "You always were a great-looking skirt."

Amanda: "Skirt? Cory, you're living in the past."

Cory edges closer, saying some habits die hard, and he can think of "one in particular." Amanda keeps retreating as he pursues, until she's backed up to the arm of the sofa. She says she's flattered, but she can't.

Cory: "You're married."

Amanda: "No."

Cory, delighted: "Well, then . . ."

Amanda: "But I'm the original serial monogamist. One guy at a time."

Cory: "The guy on the bike."

Amanda dithers, but doesn't disabuse him of this, saying she should call, that he's "probably really worried about me."

Richie and Duncan walk into a garage, where Reynaldo the mechanic is working on an old car. Richie tells him he's looking for a 1924 Packard.

Reynaldo: "I'm happy for you."

Richie tells him it's important that they find it.

Reynaldo: "You a cop or something?"

Richie: "No."

Reynaldo: "Then buzz off."

Duncan finally speaks up, in a French accent: "Does he not know who I am?"

Whips off his sunglasses and saunters to the middle of the room, while Richie looks on, dumbfounded (Richie's expression is priceless. He's not going to blow whatever game Duncan is trying, so he's keeping his face controlled, but his face also says that he thinks Duncan has just lost his mind!). Duncan says that he is "Jacques Berry (sp??) The greatest director of all France."

Reynaldo: "You make movies?"

Duncan whirls, outraged: "Movies?! I make film history!"

Richie finally recovering: "You heard the man. Film history."

Duncan leans on the car, bowing his head: "I am desolate. I am distraught." (Or maybe "destroyed?"--Jinjifore)

Richie: "You are."

Duncan, bouncing up: "I am!"

Richie: "He is."

Duncan starts pacing around, picking up stuff, looking at it, then throwing it away dramatically as he wails about his latest masterpiece.

Duncan: "The only thing my creation lacks is a car." Looks at the car being worked on, and dismisses it, saying it can't be "just any car. It must be a 1924 Packard!" Swoops on the mechanic. "You, sir . . . You are also an artist. Look at these hands. The hands of a genius!"

Richie: "Genius."

Reynaldo: "Genius?"

Duncan: "But what good is a genius without the right tools."

Reynaldo: "Yeah, right."

Duncan: "You see, he understands! He knows my pain!" Embraces him. "I love this man! I love him!"

Overwhelmed, Reynaldo recalls someone who was looking for a part, and leaves to look up the order. Duncan and Richie watch him go.

Richie: "I'll applaud later."

Act Two Back to Top

Duncan and Richie approach Cory's house. Duncan glances at the car as they go by and remarks that Richie "didn't leave much of an impression."

Richie: "Oh. Funny. Ha ha."

Inside, Cory is stoking the fire when he senses them, and stands as Richie and Duncan come in, Richie pointing his sword at him.

Richie: "Okay, buddy. Where is she?"

Duncan, though, recognizes him: "Cory."

Amanda comes in from the other room. "MacLeod?"

Richie looks at her, and puts his hands on his hips, disgusted.

Cory turns to Amanda: "Serial monogamy, Amanda? Now unless I'm seeing double, which I don't, I count two of them."

Richie knocks his glass from his hand.

Cory turns, still smiling, and snaps his fingers: "Now I recognize you. You know, you look a lot different flying over the hood of a car."

Richie: "Yeah? How would you like to go flying through a wall?"

Amanda tries to smooth things over, saying Cory didn't mean anything.

Cory: "Course not. I don't know him well enough to dislike him yet."

Richie is seething, but Duncan tells him to take it easy.

Cory: "Hey, kid, what's the big deal? You're an immortal, right? It's all in fun."

Richie: "All in fun. Are you nuts?"

Cory says they should just relax, the lady is in no "immediate . . .immediate physical jeorpardy."

Duncan: "Obviously not. In fact she's . . . positively glowing."

Cory invites Duncan and Richie to join them in the hot tub: "There's room for two more."

Duncan: "Well, you can count me out. You know what they say, don't you? Two's company and four is--not sanitary."

Cory to Amanda: "You know, I think he's still jealous."

Cory smiles, and the frame freezes and fades to yellow, then fades to . . .

Flashback Missouri, 1926 Back to Top

Shot of newspaper with Cory's picture on the front page, under the headline "Cory Raines Makes Most Wanted List". Paper spins away, and we see Duncan and Amanda driving along a dusty back road.

Amanda is saying: "Rules are made to be broken, and so are contracts."

She's driving while Duncan sits and complains that they'd signed on with Barnum and Bailey for a year, they can't just leave.

Duncan: "Where are they going to find an act as good as us?"

Amanda: "Let them use that third-rate lion tamer. The Amazing Amanda takes second billing to no one!"

Duncan: "I thought he was pretty good."

Amanda glares, and complains about the fortune-teller scam she was having to do between shows.

Amanda: "Is that what I spent sixty years perfecting my tightrope technique for?" Turns to him. "Well, is it?"

Duncan, seeing the cows in front of them: "Amanda, maybe you should slow down, for just a little bit."

Amanda ignores him, going on about how depressing it is to work in the small towns, how there's no glitz, no glamor.

Duncan finally grabs the wheel: "Stop!"

They screech to halt as more cows lumber onto the road, lowing.

Duncan: "What are you, blind?"

Amanda: "I saw them."

As they sit, they sense another immortal.

Duncan: "Can't be coming from the cows . . ."

Two cars pull up on the other side of the cow crossing. The first is an amored car, and as Duncan and Amanda watch Cory gets out of the second car and walks up to the armored car. He throws a gas cannister into the window, and when the guards come out he makes them lie down at gunpoint.

Duncan: "Aw, no. Not now. I don't want to get involved in this."

He and Amanda get out, but stay on their side of the cows and don't interfere while Cory helps himself to the money.

Duncan: "What does he think he's doing?"

Amanda doesn't answer, but she looks more amused and intrigued than indignant. Cory bows and tips his hat to her, and she waves back.

Duncan: "Stop flirting."

(I wish I could adequately describe Amanda's costume, by the way. It's a sequined halter top and short skirt made of fringes, with sleeves that flare out over her wrists. Her hair is bobbed and crimped, and looks, in my humble opinion, pretty good.)

Duncan: "That immortal just robbed that amored car!"

Amanda: "So? He saw it first."

She gets in and says they still have 14 hours to Chicago, they should go. Cory, whistling, gets in his car and backs away, and Duncan goes to the driver's side and announces that he's driving, muttering about cows.

Amanda finally relents, asking: "Do you know how to work this?"

Duncan: "I know how to work it."

After a couple of tries, and with some help from Amanda, he gets the car started.

Duncan "See?" (Grinding the gears)

Amanda: "Be careful. It's my new car."

Duncan: "Oh, I like your new car."

As they drive on, Duncan tries to persuade Amanda to go back, talking about the crowd chanting her name, but Amanda says that ten bucks a week isn't worth it.

Amanda: "I wonder how much he made?"

Duncan: "He didn't make it, he stole it."

Amanda: "Picky, picky."

She sits up as she recognizes Cory's car parked next to a barn. She persuades Duncan to stop, saying she wants to meet him.

Cory is standing with an obviously poor farming family, saying: "Use it in good health."

Famer: "We'll never forget you for this, Mr. Cory."

As Duncan and Amanda walk up, he says that if it wasn't for Cory, they would've starved.

Farmer: "God bless you, son."

The family walks off, and Amanda and Duncan introduce themselves.

Duncan: "So, you're giving it away."

Cory: "Well, what else is it for?" Says he's giving them a chance to start a new life. "Think of me as the Robin Hood of the 1920's."

Duncan: "Well, I got news for you, Robin. This isn't Sherwood Forest. And you're not stealing from the rich, you're stealing from banks, banks that hold other people's money. People like him."

Cory still insists that "no one is getting hurt." They stop where the farmer is looking at his own car, and Duncan takes a look.

Duncan: "Block's cracked. What now, Robin?"

Cory looks at his car, then throws the keys to the farmer, tells him to take care of it.

Amanda: "That's the most unselfish thing I've ever seen."

Duncan: "So, I guess now you'll be wanting a ride, huh?"

Cut to all three riding down the road, Cory sprawled in the rumble seat, sipping from a flask. Duncan starts whistling, but when Cory joins in he trails off, glaring, then looks ahead.

Duncan: "Uh oh."

There's a roadblock in front of them, policeman running up with guns to take up positions to stop them. Duncan stops the car, and they consider what to do as another car pulls up behind to cut off their escape.

Duncan: "Looks like the party's over."

Cory says not to worry, "I've always got a plan." Cory's plan, as it turns out, is for them to become his hostages. "You get off scot free. It's perfect."

Duncan: "And what about you?"

Cory: "I'll be waiting for you to dig me up."

Cory gets out and starts waving his gun around, saying he'll blow "these hostages into swiss cheese." Amanda and Duncan raise their hands and try to look like hostages while Cory walks towards the police, shouting, "You'll never take me alive, coppers!" They gun him down, but the police still have guns on Amanda and Duncan. Amanda fakes hysterics, and Duncan pats her shoulder.

Duncan, soothing: "There, there. It's all over . . ."

Cut to cemetary, where Duncan is digging up Cory's coffin.

Cory (muffled): "It's about time!"

Duncan raises the shovel over the coffin: "You know, it would really serve him right..."

Amanda stops him, and together they get the lid off and let Cory out. Cory isn't even out of the grave before he's suggesting that they "run this racket all over the country."

Amanda: "Brilliant!"

Duncan: "Stupid!"

Cory: "But we'd make a fortune!"

Duncan: "We'll get caught!"

Cory: "Well of course we will! You'll dig us up and we'll start all over."

Duncan can't believe he's even suggesting it, but Amanda thinks it's a lot better than "fortune telling for the rubes." Duncan, though, says not to expect him to come along on their "suicide junket."

Amanda: "So, you're telling me you don't want to go with me?"

Duncan shrugs: "If that's what you want."

Amanda: "Well, if you want me to stay, just tell me."

Duncan: "It's up to you."

Amanda: "Fine. Fine."

Duncan: "Fine."

Amanda and Cory leave, Amanda saying just a little too defiantly that "we're going to have a lot of fun!"

Duncan, muttering: "Yeah, fun."

Cory and Amanda get in Amanda's car and leave. Duncan watches them drive away, then runs after them, yelling for them to wait.

Duncan: "We can talk about this...!"

Cut to montage of Cory and Amanda's crime spree. It's filmed to imitate old movies, in black and white with the jerky motions and spotty screen. We seem them robbing the bank, then getting chased by the cops.

Paper Headline: "Bank Robbery Spree Spreads North: Get-away duo leaving trail of mayhem."

Interspersed with the scenes of their crimes are photographs they took of themselves, posing with guns, and with money.

Headline: "Federal Marshal Tracks Dangerous Duo."

The montage continues in this vein for a while, then we see Amanda and Cory both get shot down. Duncan shows up at their graves. He drops his coat on Cory's grave ("You can wait.") and sets to work.

Duncan: "I'm getting tired of this, Amanda. This is the last time."

Cut to Duncan standing by the road, shouting after them as they drive off, "This is the last time!"

Amanda: "We'll write!"

Headline: "Five State Spree Ends in Bloody Battle"

The headline is accompanied by a picture of Amanda and Cory lying side by side, presumably dead. The picture fades into Cory and Amanda, standing by the fireplace.

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan is telling Cory that he's nuts.

Duncan: "How many times did you get shot?"

Cory, laughing: "Oh, I dunno. More than Bonny, less than Clyde, what's the difference?"

Duncan, to Richie: "Let's go" To Amanda (rather imperiously, I thought!) "Amanda!"

Amanda tells Cory it'll be okay, and heads off with Duncan. Cory asks her to "think about tomorrow," but she doesn't answer. As they walk from the house, Richie asks how she can like Cory.

Richie: "Everything to him is just one big joke."

Amanda: "Well, that's sort of why I like him."

Duncan starts pressing her about "tomorrow," and Amanda confesses that Cory wants her to do "this job."

Duncan: "What kind of job?"

Amanda: "The Federal Reserve?"

They drive off, and Tynan comes out of the bushes. He calls Gringkov and says he's "found our boy. But we're gonna need some more bodies." (Whatever that's supposed to mean! :))

Act Three Back to Top

In the loft, Duncan and Amanda are arguing about the bank job. Richie is sitting at the kitchen island, feet on the counter, peeling an orange and listening. Amanda says it's just a small truck, and besides, Cory has promised that "no-one is gonna get hurt." Duncan scoffs, and scoffs more when Amanda says that Cory has a plan.

Duncan: "Oh, he would."

Amanda: "You know what? I think you are jealous."

Duncan denies it, and she asks, "Why not?"

Duncan: "Because Cory thinks this is a big game, that's why." Says that "immortality is a gift, it's not a game. You don't run people over just for fun." Turns to Richie. "Right?"

Richie: "Absolutely right. Not," he adds quickly when Amanda glares at him, "that I'm taking sides or anything."

Duncan: "Look, you get in over your head, don't come looking for me to bail you out."

Amanda: "What are you saying? Are you throwing me out?"

Duncan: "I didn't say that."

Amanda: "No, I think that's what I heard."

Duncan is trying to tell her that she doesn't need the money, but she's not listening.

Amanda: "I'm not going to stay where I'm not wanted."

Duncan: "I didn't say I didn't want you here."

Amanda: "That's what I heard, and I don't need to be told twice."

She leaves Duncan standing there seething.

Richie: "Smooth. Very smooth. Hey, I'm taking notes."

Amanda goes to Cory's, saying she's changed her mind, and they go to look at Cory's plans. Cut to later, Amanda reading a magazine on the couch. She gets the buzz, and smiles.

Amanda: "I knew you'd come." Then she hears Richie's voice. "Richie? Where's MacLeod?"

Richie says he's come to stop her from making a big mistake.

Amanda: "I'm going to do the job, and that's that."

Richie: "I'm not talking about the heist. I'm talking about you and Mac."

He says she doesn't want to be with Cory, she just took the job to get back at Duncan.

Amanda says he's wrong: "I'm missing the good old days, you know, the running from town to town, one step ahead of the cops, all that good stuff."

Richie smiles a little and moves closer: "I know that Mac comes on a little strong, but that's only because he cares about you."

Amanda: "Did he send you here to tell me that?"

Richie: "No."

Amanda says she just wants to be wanted, and Richie says "he does want you."

Amanda: "Then why didn't he tell me to stay?"

Richie: "Because, Amanda, dear, nobody actually tells you anything."

Amanda: "That's beside the point." She says it's time to cut loose, have a little fun.

Amanda: "Do you wanna come along?"

Richie looks interested, and she sits down and explains the plan to him, which is simply to have a nearby car explode when the armored car goes by. She says Cory is already there, wiring the car as they speak.

Amanda: "We pull the armored car over, we gas the security guards, and make off with the loot. And nobody gets hurt."

Richie: "Amanda, you don't know that for sure."

Amanda: "Come on, Tiger, you didn't used to be such a boy scout. Don't you miss the thrill of a plan well laid, a lock well picked. You know, the adrenaline high? Or maybe you've forgotten."

Richie: "No, no I remember. Being terrified. Never knowing who to trust. Always wondering if today would be the day that I'd bite it. Amanda, I've been there, and I've done that, and I'm definitely staying very far away from anything that has to do with Cory."

Amanda: "Cory is a pro."

Richie: "Cory is an ass."

Amanda: "You're just saying that because he ran over you."

Richie: "Twice."

They get up as someone begins pounding on the door, and Amanda hustles Richie out, thrusting the plan of the heist at him as two men come in and grab her.

Cut to street, Cory lurking in a doorway. We see the counter on the bomb in the car, ticking away with 2:09 to go. He turns as he senses someone, saying, "Dollface!" but instead he gets Duncan's fist in his face. Duncan tells Cory what happened to Amanda.

Cory: "This puts a little kink in things."

Duncan, grabbing his ear: "I'm gonna put a little kink in your ass right after you help me get her out."

Cory says he'd love to, but there's a little situation, and explains that an amored car is going to come by at 8:29, and he's set "that Saab to blow at, um, 8:28."

Duncan looks over his shoulder. "Uh, oh."

They turn and see Deus Ex Marching Band just turning onto their street. Duncan gets the keys from Cory, and drives the car off as Cory follows in Duncan's T-bird. Duncan drives the Saab out past an industrial area, and stops in a vacant lot. He starts to get out, only to have the door handle break off in his hand... "I hate you," he mouths to Cory through the glass, then whimpers and shuts his eyes as the counter ticks to zero. "Yowza!" says Cory appreciatively as the car blows up, watching with interest as Duncan's body arcs up and thuds down in front of the T-bird's hood.

Cory, turning to the camera and wincing: "Ooh, that's gotta hurt."

Duncan, sooty and smoking, drags himself onto the hood, pointing his finger at Cory, then his eyes roll up and he slides back out of sight.

Act Four Back to Top

Cory is offering a hand to help Duncan up.

Duncan: "Don't even touch me."

He pulls himself up and starts stalking Cory, who's trying to smooth things over saying, "No hard feelings, right?"

Duncan: "Oh, no. Why let a little thing like being blown up come between us?" He chases Cory around the car and grabs him and pushes him down over the trunk.

Cory protests that he can't kill him: "You need me to get Amanda out. Yeah?"

Duncan thinks it over: "I really hate you."

Back in the loft, Duncan is discovering that the police do not, in fact, have Amanda. He and Richie look to Cory for an explanation.

Cory: "You know, you're really not going to like this very much."

Duncan: "I'm sure I won't."

Cory: "Sam Gringkov."

Duncan: "What?"

Cory, louder: "Sam Gringkov."

Duncan and Richie, simultaneously: "You stole from Sam Gringkov!"

Cut to abandoned factory. Amanda is standing handcuffed to a pole, with Gringkov and Tynan there. She's asking what that rotten stench is, then concludes that it's "a crooked cop." Tynan is peeved, but Gringkov tells him not to damage the "insurance policy." Gringkov says her partner stole a lot of money from him, and he wants it back.

Amanda: "You know, you really should brush after lunch."

Tynan tells her she should learn to shut her mouth.

Amanda: "Just relax, Tynan, okay? Look, my hands are tied. You'll have to dial."

Cut to Duncan, listening to the phone while Richie ties Cory to a chair.

Richie: "What were you thinking of anyway, stealing from Sam Gringkov? You're not a thief, you're an idiot."

Duncan comes over, saying that he and Richie will give back the money, and Gringkov will give back Amanda.

Cory: "No can do."

Duncan: "Come again?"

Cory: "I gave the money away."

Richie: "Yeah, right, I suppose to an orphange, right?"

Cory: "Actually, yes, the Little Angels Orphanage just across town."

Duncan asks what they're supposed to do now, and Cory says he had an idea that maybe Duncan could "float him the cash. Strictly a loan."

Duncan: "1.4 million dollars?!"

Cory: "Okay, yeah, it's a recession, um..."

Duncan: "You know what, I think it's time for you to leave. Can you fly?"

Duncan and Richie pick him up and carry him to the window, while Cory babbles that they can try the reserve truck again tomorrow, that it was a "beauty of a plan. Except for that little timer thing..." But now Duncan has "a better idea."

Cut to warehouse, Cory saying, "There's gotta be a better way," He's standing on a loading dock while Richie and Duncan stuff bundles of dynamite into his vest. They put his coat on over the vest, give him the detonator.

Cory: "It's a fake one, right?"

Duncan: "Trust me, I've got a plan."

They give Cory a suitcase of fake money, and pack him off.

At the factory, Cory tells Gringkov the deal. Gringkov will release Amanda, and Cory will tell him the combination of the suitcase, adding that any attempt to tamper with the case will detonate it's contents. Amanda is released, and Gringkov demands the combination.

Cory: "Let's see. Three, two, one..." Pulls open his coat. "Boom!" He walks towards them, a cigar in his mouth. "Can you say, incendiary device?" Cory tells them they have sixty seconds. "Oh, and could you leave the money, please?"

Amanda joins Duncan and Richie at their vantage point, saying that she thinks it worked. In the warehouse, Tynan loses his nerve and leaves. Amanda tells Duncan it was a good plan, and goes to kiss him, but he moves his head and ends up hitting her on the nose instead. "Oh, poor baby," he croons and hugs her. (I have to say, it does look like an outtake, but it's cute, anyway! :)) In the warehouse, Gringkov is still holding out, until Cory takes his cigar and lights the fuse. He runs, and Duncan settles back, satisfied. They watch as Cory comes out.

Duncan: "And now for the grand finale."

He takes a detonator out of his pocket as Cory strolls toward them.

Richie: "You didn't."

Amanda: "You wouldn't. Would you?"

Duncan grins, and holds the device to Richie.

Richie: "Come on. Let me."

Duncan takes it back. "No. This one's all mine."

He presses the button, and Cory goes boom . . .

Richie: "Oh, I bet that's gotta hurt, Cory."

When the smoke clears, Cory staggers out, yelling, "What was that for?"

Duncan: "It's all in fun, Cory-boy. All in fun . . ."

Tag Back to Top

Duncan walks into the loft, wearing a suit, carrying a portfolio. He finds Amanda there, bags packed.

Duncan: "Somebody leaving?"

She says that Cory has already blown town, and that she should, too, at least until Gringkov stops looking for her.

Duncan: "I wish you could stay."

Amanda sets down the bags and goes to him: "That was really nice to hear." Kisses him. "But I think I should go."

Duncan: "Of course you should."

Amanda gets in the elevator: "See you in Paris?"

Duncan: "But of course, cheri. But of course."

He blows her a kiss. She shuts the gate, and the last shot is of Duncan sitting silhouletted in the window, alone.

Until "Haunted"...


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