"The Valkyrie"


Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Peter Wingfield (Methos)
Musetta Vander (Ingrid Henning)
Jan Triska as Nicolae Breslaw

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Richard Martin
Production no. 96510-98
Full Credits

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Igor Stefanovich is watching a tape of himself giving a speech. He is saying on the tape that he "will not compromise" As he watches, he calls Dimitri over.

Stafanovich: "Come, Dimitri. Watch, you might learn something." Dimitri leaves the door and crosses the room. "Sit down."

Dimitri does, and they continue to watch the tape.

Stefanovich, from the television: "And you and I once more proud to call ourselves Russians! Hammer and sickle will fly again!"

Stefanovich: "Do they not love me?" Dimitri doesn't answer. "Of course they love me. I fill their empty bellies with something more than food. I fill them with someone to hate, someone to blame for their wretched lives. Jews, Muslims . . .Czechians [Or something. No idea, really... --Jinjifore] " He pauses the tape and stands up. "It really doesn't matter. There are glorious days ahead, Dimitri." He yawns, looking at the flickering picture on the screen. "Lousy TV. That's the first thing we'll haved to fix." He heads tiredly for the bedroom. "I'm going to bed, and I don't want to be disturbed."

Dimitri: "Good night, Mr. Stefanovich."

After Stefanovich leaves, there's a knock on the door and Dimitri opens it to find Ingrid Henning standing there. She says she has an appointment to see Stefanovich, but Dimitri says that he's gone to bed. "Then I'm right on time," she responds, and walks in, opening her coat to reveal that she's wearing only a flimsy lace camisole underneath. Dimitri lets her pass, but Stefanovich comes out as she enters and demands to know what's going on. Before Dimitri can react, she pulls a gun and shoots Stefanovich. Dimitri shoots her in his turn, and rushes to the phone. While he calls for help, Ingrid revives, waiting until he hangs up before killing him, too. She stands for a moment, looking over the bodies, then turns and walks away slowly.

Act One Back to Top

The scene opens at a boxing match, specifically the "Charlie Desalvo Memorial Boxing Tournament." Duncan, Methos, and Joe are sitting in the front row, Joe and Duncan watching and commenting while Methos sits between them, appearing more interested in his popcorn than the fight.

Duncan: "What"d I tell you? The kid works a body just like Brasilio"

Duncan, to the guy fighting: "Keep up your left! Watch the upper hand right!"

But just as Duncan calls his advice, the guy goes down right in front of them. [Note: I had some trouble making out the dialogue here, especially the Methos's, because of the noise of the match. The gist is here, anyway]

Joe: "Well, it's not like you didn't warn him."

Methos: "So what, you and Joe, you want to sponser this . . . event?"

Joe: "Yeah, you know Charlie would have loved this."

Duncan: "Yeah, he grew up here. He figured a place like this would keep the kids off the street."

Methos (sarcastic): "Oh, yeah, I can see that's really important, you know, 'cause out on the streets you could get hurt."

Joe and Duncan glare at him. At that point, Ingrid enters on the other side of the ring and Duncan and Methos sense her. Duncan finally catches sight of her and says, "I don't believe it."

Methos, following his gaze: "Time to go."

Duncan: "She's a friend."

Methos, getting up: "When she carries a sword, and we haven't been formally introduced, I get shy." He leaves, getting Joe to come with him, while Duncan goes up to Ingrid. They recognize each other, and he takes her hands . . .

Flashback, Berlin 1935Back to Top

Ingrid and Duncan are dancing. She tells him that in her opinion, his "mission here for British Intelligence is useless." She says that the British are snobs, and that no matter what Duncan says, "they'll never believe that they should fear a house painter from Austria." Duncan asks if Hitler really has the support of the people, and she sighs and tells him that the proletariat is "always the last to realize what's going on and when they do, it's usually too late. You know, it wouldn't be tragic if it wasn't so predictable." Finally, though, she answers his question.

Ingrid: "They love him."

Duncan: "Incredible."

Ingrid: "Why should that surprise you? Hitler appeals to the lowest common denominator."

As they sit down, David comes in, bloodied up from being beaten by two Nazis. He says that all he was doing was standing on the street corner talking when they started hitting him. Ingrid says angrily to Duncan that he should tell British Intelligence that "the greatest danger in dealing with a leader like Hitler is underestimating him." As they talk, the Nazis who beat David come in and start looking around. Duncan starts towards them, but Ingrid reminds him that he is only there to observe. One of the soldiers approaches David, saying that the "loud-mouthed Jew has run back to his Communist friends." He turns to Duncan. "Are you his friend?"

Duncan: "No. I'm his brother."

"Another Jew," the soldier sneers, and takes a swing at Duncan. Duncan fights both of them off easily, and they leave. (Very nice fight, btw. It was short, but Duncan's moves were compact and graceful, especially after he got hold of the second guard's knife. He made it look completely effortless.) Ingrid, though, is not happy.

Ingrid: "What do you think you've accomplished with that little display?"

Duncan: "I dunno. It made me feel better."

David, as Ingrid grabs his hand and pulls him off with her: "I thank you, my friend, but she's right. You may have stopped these two, but there will be more."

Ingrid: "There will always be more."

Duncan: "Yeah." He stops at the bar to order another beer. The bartender tells him it's on the house, and just as he's thanking him Ingrid returns to drag him away, too. "What?"

Present DayBack to Top

Duncan kisses Ingrid's hand, saying that it's "been a while." She agrees, but even as they speak uniformed police begin entering the room, followed by a detective and Nicolae Breslaw.

Duncan: "Friends of yours?"

Ingrid: "I'll explain later."

She goes to the wall and pulls the fire alarm. They walk out in the ensuing confusion, but not (I think, anyway! :)) before Breslaw spots them.

The loft, Duncan and Ingrid coming out of the elevator.

Duncan: "So, you want to tell me what happened back there?"

Ingrid, exasperated: "Some Russian politician was assassinated. The police want to question me."

Duncan: "Is there something I'm missing here?"

Ingrid claims that she just happened to be in Moscow, at the same hotel. She doesn't even know who it was. Duncan is skeptical that they would have followed her all the way from Moscow just to question her.

Ingrid: "Actually, they already took a statement from me at the hotel. But, after I left the country they ran a check on my passport, and I guess something wasn't kosher. I don't know."

Duncan teases her about being careless. She laughs it off and sits down, crossing her legs and letting her slit skirt fall down to display said legs very nicely.

Ingrid: "Well, what do I have to do to get a drink around here?"

Duncan starts to laugh. He gets the drink, and they sit on the couch together and talk. He asks a little more about her trouble in Moscow, and he offers to help fix her paperwork. Ingrid says it's best just to leave it alone, and says lightly that, "who knows, they might even suspect me."

Duncan, not believing it: "Oh, you? No."

Ingrid: "Silly, isn't it? Although I must admit the world's a much better place without Igor Stevanovich."

Duncan, just a little less relaxed: "Thought you said you didn't know his name?"

Ingrid: "Well, I must have seen it in a newspaper, on TV or something."

Duncan still doesn't look terribly convinced, and she stands up, saying she has a plane to catch.

Duncan: "You're leaving now?"

Ingrid: "Yes, too many questions to answer if they find me. Oh, it's been really great seeing you again, Duncan." She kisses his cheek and walks to the elevator.

Duncan: "What's going on, Ingrid?"

Ingrid: "Nothing."

Duncan: "If you need any help..."

Ingrid: "I'll know where to find you."

Methos: "So what happened to your friend?"

Duncan: "She left."

Methos remarks that she didn't stick around long, and goes on to ask, casually, if she mentioned why the police were after her. Duncan says they were just there to "tie up some loose ends." They get to a pair of paper racks, and they each buy a newspaper.

Methos: "So, five patrol cars and ten uniforms, that's a lot of manpower to 'tie up a few loose ends.'"

Duncan, as they look at their papers: "You're an old cynic."

Methos: "I try. Oh, look at this, there's an exhibition of Greek antiquities."

Duncan: "Oh, yeah, can't wait. A 2,500 year old garage sale."

Methos, pointing to the ad: "Listen, some of this stuff could be mine."

As he points, Duncan sees a big display ad on the same page for the New Freedom Party. He snatches the paper.

Methos: "I believe the phrase is, 'Would you mind if I borrowed your newspaper?'"

Duncan ignores him, reading the ad. The speaker is Alan Wilkinson, speaking at the Seacouver Community Center. [see Notes]

Duncan mutters "Dammit," and shoves the paper back at Methos as he strides off.

Cut to Seacouver Community Center, where chairs are being set up. Alan Wilkinson is rehearsing parts of his speech, as Duncan comes in, saying that it's time for "white America to stand up and remember who we are, and what we've done." He's testing the mike with the phrase, "White is right" as Duncan senses another immortal. Surprise, it's Ingrid.

Duncan: "I guess you didn't leave town."

Ingrid: "If you're my friend you'll turn around and walk out that door."

She walks towards the stage, but Duncan cuts her off.

Duncan: "Because I'm your friend I can't let you do this."

Ingrid: "This is none of your business, Duncan."

Duncan: "You can't do this. I'm not going to watch you kill an innocent man." He grabs her arm, and a bodyguard standing near Wilkinson notices. While Duncan and Ingrid argue, Ingrid saying that she's "only doing what needs to be done," the bodyguard walks to Wilkinson and pushes him away. As he does so, Ingrid pulls a gun and tries to fire. Duncan grabs her wrist and pushes the gun down, but as the guards come up she thrusts the gun into his hand and yells, "My god, he's got a gun!" Ingrid runs, leaving Duncan holding the gun and facing the pistols of the bodyguards. He raises his hands, realizes he's still holding the weapon, and drops it with a look of deep chagrin on his face.

Act TwoBack to Top

At the Community Center. Duncan is sitting and being questioned by Breslaw.

Breslaw: "Are you a writer of fiction, Mr. MacLeod?" Duncan says no, and Breslaw takes the toothpick he's chewing out of his mouth. "Smoking," he muses, "was much more agreeable." He tosses the toothpick away, and laughs. Duncan smiles. Breslaw goes on: "It's a shame. Possessed of such an imagination it seems such a shame to squander your talents on my humble self." (Transcriber's pointless comment: "My humble self." Swoon. :))

Duncan: "If I could help you, Inspector, I would."

Breslaw: "Would you? Let's review, shall we? You just happened to be here when they are setting up for the Wilkinson speech--"

Duncan: "No, I was here the day before, for a boxing match. I was just . . ."

Breslaw, going on regardless: "And a woman you have never seen before, has a gun. You take the gun away from her. She screams that you have a gun and runs away, leaving you holding the weapon. Do I understand correctly so far?"

Duncan: "I know how it sounds."

Breslaw: "Do you? Do you, Mr. MacLeod. If I have learned anything in my relatively undistinguished career with Interpol it is that nothing is impossible, and no one is who they seem to be. No one." He shows Duncan a sketch of Ingrid, but Duncan claims he doesn't recognize her.

Breslaw is not convinced, and when Frayne shows up he tells him not to bother dusting for prints, saying, "She won't have left any." He sits back down and leans back tiredly.

Duncan: "What's this about?"

Breslaw: "It's about murder, Mr. MacLeod. It's about murder."

Duncan is coming up to the loft in the elevator. He senses another immortal, and when he arrives he finds Ingrid in his kitchen.

Duncan: "Doors and windows were locked. Elevator needs a key. You've gotten good."

Ingrid: "I've had to."

Duncan asks here what she's been doing for the last 50 years, and she tells him about the various government agencies she's trained with, including the British Special Services and the CIA. what Breslaw was saying about the murders was true?"

Ingrid: "They weren't murders. They were assassinations. There's a difference."

Duncan: "The end result is the same."

Ingrid: "Yes, but some people deserve to die. That's the difference."

Duncan: "Must be quite a responsibility being judge, jury and executioner." Pauses. "How many?"

Ingrid turns away, and Duncan goes to her, asking her since when was it so easy for her to kill.

Flashback, Berlin 1944Back to Top

Ingrid and Colonel Stauffenberg are waiting for Duncan in a tavern. The Colonel is nervous about Duncan showing up, but he arrives as the scene opens and Ingrid makes introductions. All three are dressed in German uniforms, and as Duncan speaks Stauffenberg is startled. "You are British," he says, and explains that he has "papers for a German officer returning from the Russian front. You will never pass." Duncan and Ingrid exchange a glance, and Duncan snaps to attention.

Duncan: "Ich versichere Ihnen, Oberst Stauffenberg, Sie konnen Ihr volles Vertrauen in mich und meine Fahigkeiten setzen."

(Translation: "I assure you, Colonel Stauffenberg, you can put your full trust in me and my abilities.") [Many thanks to Ari for the German assist! Sorry, the umlauts in "konnen" (the o) and "Fahigkeiten" (the a) didn't work here. --Jinjifore]

Stauffenberg is satisfied, and Duncan sits down.

Ingrid: "You're certain there's no other way than a bomb?"

Stauffenberg: "No one is allowed to carry a gun in the presence of the Fuehrer. This is our only way. You have the fuses?"

Duncan: "All the way from England."

He shows them the fuse, explaining that once the glass is broken the acid will eat through the wire holding the firing pin within 8 to 10 minutes, but that's as exact as they can be. Stauffenberg says that's good enough, and says the device will be placed in his briefcase. Duncan begins drawing a diagram on the tablecloth with salt, outlining the Wolf's Lair, and the position of the sentries and checkpoints. "There's only one way in," he finishes, and Stauffenberg reaches out to eradicate the diagram.

Stauffenberg: "There is not a chance in hell that he can escape this time."

Ingrid: "And the reserve army is ready to step in?"

Stauffenberg: "The shadow government is prepared, both here and in occupied France. As soon as they recieve word that Operation Valkyrie is completed, the new Germany will be born. To Valkyrie, then." Ingrid: "To Valkyrie." They drink.

Afterwards, Duncan and Ingrid walk out, and Duncan asks her what's bothering her. She says that for the last 200 years all she's done about war is talk about it. She tells Duncan that it's not fear. "The worst they can do is shoot me."

Duncan: "Then what is it?"

Ingrid: "Truth?" They sit down. "I've never killed a mortal before. I've used my sword when I've had to, but always against our kind. This is different."

Duncan: "Yes, it is."

Ingrid: "Some of those men are just soldiers, fighting for their country and tomorrow they'll die. Their children will grow up without fathers."

Duncan: "That's true, Ingrid, that will happen. But something else will happen, too. Hitler will be dead."

Present DayBack to Top

Duncan is saying that Wilkinson is not Hitler, and Ingrid argues that he might become him.

Duncan: "You don't know that."

Ingrid: "I won't take that chance. He has to be stopped." She goes on to say that now he doesn't even have to do it himself anymore. "All he does is give a speech and a dozen people go out and burn churches for him. He has to die, there is no other way."

Duncan: "There has to be another way."

Ingrid: "Fifty years from now I don't want to look back on this day as the day I could have saved the world from him. Duncan, we're old friends. Don't try to stop me, please. I won't let you."

Act ThreeBack to Top

At Joe's. Methos is sitting at a table, and bursts out laughing, then chokes it off as Duncan asks him what he finds funny about this.

Methos: "Well, not exactly funny, but, um, (starts giggling again) pretty entertaining, yeah."

Joe: "Just what is so entertaining?"

Methos: "MacLeod tussling with another of his, um, moral dilemmas."

Duncan walks away, peeved: "You know there are times I really don't like you."

Methos, serious now: "That's okay, sometimes I don't like myself."

Joe: "I see. Ingrid Henning."

Methos tells Duncan to ask Joe about it, and Duncan says he doesn't have to, he knows about her. "She failed to kill Hitler in '44, and she's been making up for it ever since."

Flashback, East Prussia 1944Back to Top

Duncan, Ingrid, and Stauffenberg drive up to the bunker and introduce themselves to the waiting Field Marshal as Field Marshal Brandt and Colonel Frick. As they talk, Hitler arrives and heads for the bunker. Stauffenberg gets his briefcase from the car, breaking the glass and starting the fuse before following the others, leaving Ingrid to wait by the car.

Inside, Hitler is ranting about the destruction of railways. After a moment, Stauffenberg excuses himself to make a call, and leaves the room. Hitler is still demanding an explanation, and one of the soldiers rises to give an explanation. As he moves to get to the map, his foot hits the briefcase that Stauffenberg left under the table, just in front of the Fuehrer. He picks it up and dumps it in a chair, and the officer sitting next to it idly moves it down to the other end of the table. Duncan, alarmed, begins to edge his way around the table, trying to get to the briefcase and move it back closer to Hitler. But the others notice him, and everyone starts staring at him. Realizing that time is running out, Duncan dives for the case, but before he gets to it, it explodes.

Outside, Ingrid lights a cigarette as the bunker explodes, and turns to see the survivors stagger out. The second one is Hitler, and she stands horrified as he stumbles out. She grabs a gun as he says that he has been spared again. "I am invincible!" He sees Ingrid with the gun and walks towards her, saying, "The hand of God Himself protects the Fuehrer!" He repeats it over and over, screaming louder and louder as she stands, sobbing, pointing the gun at him but not able to pull the trigger. Before she can bring herself to shoot, the guards gun her down from behind. Duncan voiceover: "Hitler should have died that day, but we failed. And Ingrid blames herself."

Present DayBack to Top

Methos: "Come on, man, you are not buying into that tawdry, guilt-induced little melodrama."

Duncan: "Oh, I forgot. We're talking to the only guilt- free man in the Western world."

Methos: "No, we're talking about Ingrid. It is the ultimate in arrogance to think that one person can alter the course of history."

Duncan: "You can't deny that by killing Hitler in '44 thousands of lives would have been saved. Maybe millions."

Methos: "Yeah, and if you'd killed him in '43 like Rommel wanted, maybe Germany would have won the war. History makes men, MacLeod. Men don't make history. I'm talking about the time, 'kay? The "Zeitgeist," to quote the Germans. If it hadn't been the little painter from Austria it would have been someone else. Would have been a--I dunno--a shopkeeper, a garbage man. My point is, it doesn't matter. The times were ripe for a Fuehrer."

Duncan: "My point is it was Hitler." Methos shakes his head.

Joe: "What are you gonna do?"

Duncan, shaking his head: "In her heart she thinks she's right." Looks at Methos. "And part of me agrees."

Methos shakes his head. "I don't know how to stop her."

Methos, not looking at him: "Don't you?" Looong silence. Methos slooowly raises his eyes to look at Duncan.

Duncan, tight and angry: "No. I don't." He leaves.

Joe: "You know you really can be an arrogant pain in the ass sometimes."

At the dojo, Duncan walks in to find Breslaw waiting with police.

Breslaw: "We let ourselves in."

Duncan: "Great. I love company. Who brought the beer?" The cops finish cuffing him and push him up against the wall. "Is this really necessary?"

Breslaw: "I had a man watching this place he saw Ingrid coming out."

Duncan: "You found her?"

Breslaw: "Where is she?"

Duncan: "I guess not."

Breslaw says that Duncan lied to him, said he didn't know her. He asks again where she is, and Duncan asks if he said he didn't know, would Breslaw believe him?

Breslaw: "I've already made that mistake. Take him downtown."

In the interrogation room at the station, Breslaw tells Duncan he's not interested in him, and suggest he not make him interested. Duncan tells him if he thinks he's involved to charge him, and Breslaw laughs.

Breslaw: "Charge me or set me free. The cry of the innocent man. I might not charge you, MacLeod. I know you are not in this with her. But what you are is a blind fool."

Duncan: "Then give me a white cane and I'll get out of here."

Breslaw: "Not quite. What is she to you? A lover? A relation, perhaps? Or just an old friend." He sighs. "Old friends are the worst. They claim the more of your soul." Duncan says he doesn't agree with what Ingrid's done.

Breslaw: "But part of you understands it, yes?" Duncan doesn't answer.

Breslaw leans forward and touches both his hands to Duncan's. "A little story," he announces.

Duncan: "Do I have a choice?"

Breslaw: "I'll be brief." He gets up and starts to back away, talking. He tells a story about a poet, who lived in Nazi Germany, and who fled to Romania to escape. He lived there quietly, and happily, until the Communists came one night and shot him, "for his poetry. You see?" Comes back to the table. "They shot my father for writing poetry, MacLeod. So part of me understands Ingrid, too. A tyrant here, a dictator there. And now there is this Wilkinson, despicable. Some people might say that murdering him is a community service. What would you say, MacLeod."

Duncan: "I would say you should postpone Wilkinson's speech tomorrow night. I want to stop Ingrid as much as you do."

Breslaw agrees. The door buzzes, and when Breslaw returns from speaking with the guard he tells Duncan that his lawyer is here, and since he isn't going to charge him, Breslaw says good-bye and leaves.

Duncan: "My lawyer?"

Cut to Duncan emerging from the station, followed by Methos.

Methos: "Well, that went pretty well."

Duncan: "Since when are you my attorney?"

Methos: "Whatever you need. Lawyer, doctor, Indian chief . . . I've got paperwork to cover it all."

They walk to the car, and they talk about the murders Ingrid has committed, 15 in the last 10 years, "which leaves about 40 years unaccounted for. The mind boggles."

Duncan: "Aw, come on, man. Who's to know--who's to say she's not right." Methos laughs disbelievingly. "Maybe the people she killed deserved to die."

Methos: "So this is the angle now. The end justifies the means. It's not very original."

Duncan: "She believes she's making the world a better place."

Methos: "Mac, that's exactly what he believed. Remember? What was his name? Adolf Something-or-other?"

Duncan: "'Adolf Something-or-other?' I don't believe you." Walks off.

Methos, calling after him: "You believe it, you just don't want to hear it." Follows him to the car.

Outside Wilkinson's hotel, Frayne watches Wilkinson's van drive off, then sees Ingrid step out to the stidewalk. "Gotcha," he says, comparing her to the sketch. But when he looks up again, she's gone. He radios Breslaw, but while he's waiting Ingrid comes up from behind the car and presses a gun to his neck.

Frayne: "Okay, Ingrid, just relax. Nobody's going to-- "

Ingrid: "That's right. Nobody's going to stop me. Sorry."

Act FourBack to Top

In the dojo office. Duncan is saying that he doesn't believe it, that Ingrid might kill Stefanovich, but not a cop. "She couldn't do that," he insists, and Breslaw tells him he's a fool. He plays the station log tape, and Duncan hears Frayne telling Ingrid to relax, then Ingrid saying she's sorry before she shoots him. Breslaw demands to know where she is, saying that she'll kill anyone who gets in her way, and Duncan admits that he doesn't know.

Breslaw: "I hope you have a dark suit, because soon you will be going to the funeral of a friend."

Cut to Wilkinson's hotel. His van pulls up, and as it stops a bag lady sitting nearby gets up and starts hobbling to the entrance. A man gets out, and as she goes for her gun he pulls one on her.

Breslaw: "It's not Wilkinson, Ingrid. Drop it. Drop it, or you are dead. It's not him."

Ingrid stares, then turns and fires at Breslaw. He shoots her, and she falls. He walks to her slowly. "What a waste," he says sadly.

At Joe's, Breslaw and Duncan are sitting and drinking. Duncan pours Breslaw another drink, and Breslaw says, "It never gets any easier."

Duncan: "What?"

Breslaw: "The killing, I mean."

Duncan: "Maybe it's not supposed to."

Breslaw lights a cigarette, saying, "Maybe if I die a little tonight, it will even things out between me and God."

Duncan: "I hear Wilkinson's speech is back on for tomorrow night."

Breslaw: "This time he is on his own." Smiles at Duncan. "When I was a little boy everything was black and white, good and evil, you see. Then I grew up and discovered there was only gray." Puts his arm around Duncan's shoulders. "I'm sorry I had to kill your friend."

Duncan: "The Ingrid I knew I'll never forget. But the one you killed, I don't even know who she was. You did what you had to do."

Breslaw: "But was I right? If this Fascist scum, Wilkinson, becomes your President in the next five or ten years, how am I going to sleep at night?"

Duncan: "I would have made the same choice."

Wilkinson's speech. Duncan and Methos meet near the back, Methos saying she's not there.

Duncan: "She will be. She has to be." They listen for a moment more.

Methos: "This guy gives me a headache. Lets get out of here."

But Duncan is insistent that Ingrid will try something, and as he watches Wilkinson he has a sudden flash to Hitler, and remembers Ingrid asking if they're certain that there's no other way than a bomb. He realizes what she must be planning, and dashes outside. He senses her as he exits the back door, and calls to her. "Ingrid, don't do this. Dozens of innocents are going to die."

Ingrid comes out of the shadows. "Innocence is relative. You've lived long enough to know that."

Duncan: "What about the cop you killed? What was his crime? He was just doing his job. He didn't care about Wilkinson, and he didn't care about politics."

Ingrid, tears in her eyes: "Just like those German officers we killed with that bomb? They were just soldiers. Ah, yes, but the price of killing Hitler. Except we didn't."

Duncan: "That was different. That was war." Ingrid raises her hand, showing him the detonator in her palm. "Put it down," he tells her.

Ingrid: "I can't."

Duncan draws his sword, and Ingrid protests that they're old friends. There are tears in Duncan's eyes now as he walks towards her, saying that "this goes beyond friendship."

Ingrid: "You'll never be able to do it. I know you. You're better than I am."

Duncan: "Please."

Ingrid: "Imagine a world without tyrants, without dictators."

Duncan: "I can't let you kill everybody in that room."

Ingrid: "Are you prepared to sacrifice all that? For what? For a group of arrogant, racist bastards who are no better than he is."

Duncan: "It doesn't matter who they are." Whips his sword up. "Put it down, damn you. You have no right to do this."

Ingrid: "But you have the right to stop me?! How is that different from my killing them?" Raises the detonator. "It's now or never, Duncan."

She moves her thumb to the button, and Duncan shakes his head. "No!" he sobs, and swings. Her thumb jerks from the button, and the detonator falls to the ground. Inside, the crowd begins to cheer, and Wilkinson raises his hands. As the Quickening takes Duncan, we see shots of Hitler, and crowds of Nazis, interspersed with Wilkinson and his listeners. When it's over, Duncan picks up Ingrid body and walks off as we hear Breslaw saying, "When I was a little boy, everything was black and white, good and evil, you see. Then I grew up, and discovered there was only gray."

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After the speech. Wilkinson's cars are driving away, and people are calling to each other, chanting "New Freedom Party," saying they'll vote for Wilkinson, etc. Methos strolls up to where Duncan is sitting against a car. "Are you okay?" he asks. He sits down next to him.

Duncan: "Ingrid asked me something before she died."

Methos: "They usually do."

Duncan: "She said, what was the difference between her killing them, and me killing her."

Methos: "Good question, right up there with chicken and egg."

Duncan: "So what are you saying, there is no answer?"

Methos, serious now: "No there is an answer. But the real question is whether you're ready for it." Duncan nods. "Stefanovich killed, and Ingrid judged him. Wilkinson killed, and Ingrid judged him." Pause. "Ingrid killed, and you judged her."

Duncan: "So who judges me?"

Methos, pauses: "You hungry?" Gets up and walks around him, while Duncan bows his head.

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According to my German history major hubby, the only thing wrong with the assassination scenario was that British Intelligence would never have aided in a plot to kill Hitler. Weird as it sounds, the Allies apparently felt that the only thing worse than having Hitler in power was having a competent (i.e., sane) commander in charge of the German army (which is what Methos was referring to when he talked about 1943). Anyway, I guess since they had to deal with Duncan already being established as working for BI during the war, it was a choice between which continuity they were going to keep and which they were going to ignore, so overall it's not that big a deal.

I don't even try to phoneticize accents for the most part, so I might want to mention that Ingrid and Breslaw had fairly thick accents. Don't ask me what kind, I'm rotten with anything other than English dialect accents, and not so hot with those outside the US. I think Ingrid sounded more German than anything, though. Breslaw, I have no clue. Also, it helps to know that Breslaw had a very slow and deliberate way of speaking, not inflicting with tone and lilt so much as with pace, if that makes any sense.

This episode also marks the first time, to my knowledge anyway, that the name "Seacouver" appears offcially on the show. The unnamed city in Washington State where Duncan lives has been called Seacouver behind the scenes for a long time (the show is filmed in Vancouver, but the city where Duncan lives bears a lot of resemblence to Seattle, so . . . ), and I b'leve the map shown in the catalog has Seacouver on it, but this is the first time it's appeared on the screen. One last trivial observation: At no point during this episode did they ever, to my knowledge, refer to Methos by name. Any name. This caused some confusion, needless to say, with a few first-time viewers who were wondering just who was that mysterious, yet cute, guy hanging out with Duncan.

Until "Comes a Horseman"...


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