Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
Peter Wingfield (Methos)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Justina Vail (Katya)
Grant Russell
Diane Bellego
Mathew Radford
Godfrey James as Frederick of Godfrey

Written by Michael O'Mahony and Sacha Reins
Directed by Richard Martin
Production No. 97608-114
Full Credits

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Teaser Back to Top

Katya appears on a rooftop, walking across it with a long, flat case in her hand. As we track her progress over the roof, we see flashes of her opening the case, and taking out a crossbow, assembling it, and loading a bolt into it. She screws a sharp metal tip to the end of the bolt, then kneels down and looks through the scope, taking aim at the front door of the Cole Hall Fencing Club across the street.

Inside the club, Duncan MacLeod and Armando Baptista are squaring off in a large, bare room. [see Notes] They're wearing full fencing gear, and after saluting one another they begin to fence. [Looks like sabres to me, but it's been a *long* time since that college fencing class. --Jinjifore] They trade several blows, then Duncan slips under Baptista's guard and hits him in the side. They straighten up, and remove their masks.

Baptista: "I never saw that riposte coming."

Duncan smiles modestly: "Ah, lucky, I guess."

Baptista: "No, that was more than luck. But I appreciate the lie." He finishes taking off his gloves. "We haven't been formally introduced." He holds out his hand. "I'm Armando Baptista."

Duncan shakes his hand: "Duncan MacLeod." He looks at him. "Baptista. Didn't you fence for Argentina in the '84 Olympics?"

Baptista shrugs modestly: "And you? You fenced for . . .?"

Duncan, with a depreciating laugh: "I gave up my amateur standing a long time ago." He walks to the bench and picks up his gear bag.

Baptista, looking at him oddly, not entirely pleased with the answer: "Ah." After a moment, he follows Duncan. "How about lunch, MacLeod?"

Duncan, putting his gear in the bag: "I have a few errands to run."

Baptista: "Oh, please. The least you can do is allow me to lose graciously, no? What do you say? My home, two hours?"

Duncan shrugs: "Why not?" He picks up his bag and heaves it over his shoulder.

Baptista: "I'll leave you my card at the door."

Duncan: "Okay. See you later."

Baptista nods, and Duncan leaves.

Baptista: "Bye." He watches Duncan leave, his expression wary.

As Duncan walks out the front door of the club, he's followed by Katya's scope. She tracks him for a moment, then looks aside as she senses his immortality. Duncan, too, pauses and looks around, and spots her on the rooftop. He starts across the street, and Katya tracks him for a short way, then decides to ignore him and returns her sights to the front of the club. The next person to emerge is Baptista, and Katya looks up, closing her eyes briefly. She follows him as he walks down the stairs, and across the sidewalk. But even as she aims at Baptista, she suddenly hears Duncan's voice from behind her.

Duncan: "I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod."

Katya ignores him, keeping her sights fixed on Baptista. Duncan, holding his sword up behind his arm, takes a step toward her.

Duncan: "I don't think we've been introduced."

Katya whirls abruptly, taking aim at Duncan. Duncan ducks as she fires, but the bolt still pierces his shoulder and he falls, dropping his sword. Katya walks up towards him, carrying the crossbow in one hand and the case in the other. Duncan looks behind him for his sword and gropes for it as she approaches him. He raises it up, still clutching the bolt in his shoulder, and looks up as Katya stops just in front of him.

Katya: "Now we have." She pauses. "You're not my business, but if you ever get in my way again, you will be." She walks off.

Duncan, still grimacing in pain from the bolt in his arm, heaves himself up enough to see over the wall, trying to spot who her target was. He sees Jose ushering Baptista into his car, and groans, sagging against the wall.

Duncan: "Oh. My lucky day."

Act One Back to Top

Baptista, at his home, is talking on the phone.

Baptista: "I didn't get into this business to make friends. This is my paper. If he's corrupt, I have to print it. People are dead because of him. We have to shut him down. Well, find a second source." He listens for a moment. "Uh-huh. Yes. Well, pay him if you have to. But, nail it down, eh?" [see Notes]

Mia Baptista comes out to the balcony, and tugs at Baptista's trouser leg, causing him to look down at her.

Mia: "Papa."

Baptista: "Princess, please. I'm on the phone, eh?" He straightens up, putting the phone back to his ear.

Mia: "I hate my new school."

Baptista waves at her, then speaks again into the phone: "Si. Un momento, eh? Un momento." [These are almost cognates, but here's the translation anyway: "Yes. One moment, eh? One moment."] He puts his hand over the receiver, and kneels down to Mia, looking at her earnestly "Mia. Honey. The schools in Europe, they are wonderful, no?"

Mia: "But I don't like it there. I want to go home."

Baptista, gentle and reluctant: "Mia, this is an important call, I have to talk to him. Why don't you take Maxine and go and play. And we'll talk later, yeah?"

Mia nods: "Okay."

Baptista kisses her cheek: "Okay." Mia leaves, and Baptista returns to the phone.

Meanwhile, Duncan is being led across the grounds by Jose.

Jose: "He is this way on the patio. You made quite an impression this morning."

Duncan: "Nice place he's got here. Baptista must sell a lot of newspapers."

Jose laughs shortly: "Enough."

They walk on, and Mia runs past them.

Duncan: "Hello." Mia runs on without stopping to acknowledge them.

Jose: "That's Mia, Senor Baptista's daughter." They walk around the corner, and find Baptista standing on the grass by a table laid for lunch, still talking on the phone.

Baptista: "I don't care who he owns in Congress. They come after us, we go after them. [It's all] part of the game, no?" He waves a hello to Duncan, and gestures to a seat. "But, we print it. Si. Front page. Eh?" He listens. "Well, tell those bastards they know where to find me." He hangs up.

Duncan: "I think they already have."

Baptista looks at him, confused: "What?"

Duncan holds up the crossbow bolt: "Found you." He hands the bolt to Baptista. Baptista takes it, looking at it while Duncan moves casually to take a seat.

On another part of the grounds, Katya scales over the wall, dropping down and running off.

By a fountain, Mia, crying quietly to herself, tosses a stone into the water, then turns and walks off into the grounds.

As Katya runs through the woods, Baptista is talking to Duncan.

Baptista, skeptical: "You're telling me that an assassin--" Cut to Baptista, regarding Duncan dubiously over the table. "--a woman, was trying to kill me with this arrow?" He picks it up.

Duncan: "It's a crossbow bolt, it's not an arrow." Baptista makes a "So what?" noise, but Duncan goes on. "And it's designed to kill."

Baptista: "And exactly how did you find it?"

Duncan: "Just lucky again, Mr. Baptista. Just lucky."

Baptista looks at him and nods, smiling patronizingly.

Katya runs on, the crossbow still slung over her shoulder. As she runs, Mia is also walking through the grounds. She finally sits down on the edge of a stone pool, and hurls another rock angrily into the water. In the bushes nearby, Katya kneels down and raises her crossbow, looking at Mia through the scope. She watches Mia throwing rocks into the water, then lowers the crossbow.

Mia looks up as she hears something behind her, and jumps up with a smile on her face.

Mia, happily: "Katya!"

Katya: "Mia." She runs to her and hugs her. "My little Mia. Oh, sweetie, I missed you so much."

Mia: "I miss you, too."

Katya, smiling: "Mia, sweetie, where's your father?"

Back on the patio, Duncan and Baptista are still talking.

Baptista: "We fence, I invite you to lunch, and you turn up with a story right out of 'Mission: Impossible.'" Duncan says nothing. "And I'm not supposed to be skeptical, eh?"

Duncan: "Skeptical is fine. Stupid isn't."

Baptista, calm: "I'm not stupid, Mr. MacLeod. Or gullible."

In the trees nearby, Katya stalks closer, crossbow ready. As she kneels down, though, Duncan senses her, and stands up.

Duncan: "It's her." He paces to the edge of the terrace.

Baptista: "What?"

Duncan, harder: "She's here." He moves off, and Baptista stands, too. Jose comes to his side, and Baptisa gestures at where Duncan went.

Baptista, urgent: "Mia. Mia's down there, too." He and Jose follow Duncan.

Duncan walks down the slope a little ways, and meets Mia coming up. She starts to run right by him, but he grabs her arm, stopping her.

Duncan, gentle but urgent: "There was a woman here. Did you see her?" Mia looks up at her father, and tries to pull away, but Duncan keeps hold of her. "This is important. Did you see anyone?"

Baptista, walking up: "You're scaring her.

Katya watches through her scope as Duncan touches Mia's hair, reassuring her.

Duncan: "It's all right. Don't be scared." He stands up, turning to Baptista. "She was here."

Baptista kneels by Mia: "Mia. Did you see anyone?"

Katya hesitates, and lowers the crossbow, moving away.

Mia: "Just me and Maxine."

Baptista: "Okay. Come. We'll go back to the house." He looks at Duncan. "Lunch is over." To Mia. "Come." He walks away with Mia, leaving Duncan to look out over the grounds.

Duncan, sword in hand, moves down through the wooded part of the grounds and walks up to Katya, who's standing with her own sword, waiting.

Duncan: "Who are you?"

Katya: "The name's Katya."

She attacks him without further ado, and they spar for a few blows, then back off, circling each other.

Katya: "You should have gotten out while I gave you the chance."

Duncan, lightly sarcastic: "That was a chance?"

Katya, even and menacing: "If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead."

Duncan, diffident: "Maybe."

Katya swings again, and they fight.

Duncan: "Why are you trying to kill Armando Baptista?"

Katya swings with a cry of rage, and Duncan grabs her sword arm, bearing her down to her knees and pointing his blade at her neck.

Duncan, again: "Why are you trying to kill Armando Baptisa?"

Katya, finally cracking: "Because he killed Elena!"

Flashback Buenos Aires, 1958 Back to Top

We see the front of a posh hotel (or maybe restaurant). Well-dressed couples are coming out of it, moving down the steps to the street.

Duncan, voice over: "Who was Elena?"

Katya, voice over: "She was my daughter." Katya walks out, wearing a dress. She starts down the steps, looking for something in her purse as the present-day Katya continues to narrate. "I found Elena Moreno in Buenos Aires." A little girl is kneeling in the dirt by the street, silently holding out her hand. "Millions of people, and she was alone, barely surviving. She was only six years old." Katya walks out to the street, and sees the little girl. She stops, and stares at her, watching her. Elena glances up at her, then looks down again. "You should have seen her. She was tiny, starving. Begging for scraps, living on other people's garbage." Katya takes a step closer, watching her with pity. Elena looks up at her again. "There was something in her eyes, something that reached out and grabbed my soul. All she knew was her name and that her parents didn't want her." Katya kneels down by the little girl, and takes her hand. "I couldn't walk past her." She pulls Elena to her feet. "Sometimes I would make believe that she was part of my own flesh and blood. And maybe because I could never have children of my own, I wanted to be the best mother in the world." The scene changes now as Katya continues to speak, showing Elena as a schoolgirl, running out to meet Katya after classes. "I wanted to give her back some of what she had given me." Elena runs to Katya, and they embrace. "I watched her grow up." Now Elena is blowing out the candles on a birthday cake while the people sitting at the tables around her clap. "She was beautiful. And when she was old enough, I told her the truth about me." Elena, still smiling, turns to Katya and gets a kiss on the cheek. "We kept moving so that the world wouldn't know that I wasn't getting any older." Now Elena is older, maybe thirty. She and Katya are standing in a house, having drinks, talking. "I went from being her mother, to being her older sister, to her younger sister. But she was always my little girl."

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan listens to the story, nodding. After Katya finishes, he backs away, putting his sword at rest. Katya stays kneeling for a moment, then stands up.

Flashback Buenos Aires, 1996 Back to Top

A police car drives up to the front of the Baptista house, and a policeman gets out and goes inside. As he enters, a gurney is wheeled out. Katya's car pulls into the driveway as the paramedics start for the ambulance, Elena lying on the stretcher.

Katya, voice over: "I came to her home one night. Armando Bapista had shot my beautiful baby."

Katya gets out of the car, taking in the ambulance and police: "Elena!" She runs for the stretcher as they load Elena into the ambulance, pushing between the paramedics. "Elena!"

Paramedic: "No, senora."

Katya pushes him aside: "Get out of my way!" She climbs inside, and the paramedic gives up trying to stop her. He climbs in after her, and his partner shuts the doors.

Inside, the paramedic is putting an IV into Elena's hand, while Katya grips it.

Elena: "Mama."

Katya, desperately, even as tears run down her face: "Elena. You're going to fine, you're going to be all right. Okay? You're going to--you'll be fine." She strokes Elena's hair.

Elena, weakly: "I feel bad. Am I dying?"

Katya: "No, baby, I'm not going to let you die. You're going to be fine, okay?"

Elena: "Mama."

Katya: "Yes?!"

Elena: "Mama. Stay with me."

Katya: "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere."

The paramedic puts a stethoscope against Elena's neck.

Elena, weaker: "Stay with me." She dies.

Katya, sobbing: "No!"

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan and Katya are standing by an archway, still on the Baptista grounds, still talking.

Duncan: "Why didn't you go to the police?"

Katya, calm: "Oh, there were police, and a judge, and a jury. But in places like Argentina, a man with important friends . . ."

Duncan, getting it: "He walked."

Katya says nothing for a moment, then sighs, looking away: "Mortal law failed, MacLeod. But I won't." She hefts her sword. "My little girl will have justice." She walks away.

Act Two Back to Top

Baptista and Mia are lying on the lawn, Mia playing with her stuffed dog. The ever-vigilant Jose stands in the background.

Baptista, gentle: "I'm sorry if that man scared you, Mia, this afternoon." He looks down at Maxine, and smiles. "You like playing with your new dog, eh?"

Mia: "Maxine's not just a dog, he's a royal dog."

Baptista, amused: "Oh. Because you own him?"

Mia: "No, silly. Because the Queen of England has lots of them."

Baptista: "Really? Who told you that?"

Mia mimes zipping her lips: "It's a secret."

Baptista: "Ah, I see, oh." He leans closer, asking conspiratorily, "Did the Queen ask you not to tell?" Mia shakes her head. "No. The King?" Another shake. "No." Baptista shakes his head. "I give up, Mia."

Mia: "Aunt Katya." She instantly claps her hand over her mouth, realizing what she's said.

Baptista looks away, stunned, then returns to Mia.

Baptista, calm: "Mia, when did you see Aunt Katya?"

Mia: "I wasn't supposed to tell."

Baptista: "The man was right, eh? She was here, this afternoon?" He gets up. "Jose."

Jose comes forward: "Yes, Senor."

Baptista goes up to him, so Mia won't hear: "Katya's in town. Find her. And dig up all you can on Duncan MacLeod."

Jose: "Okay, sir."

Baptista watches him go, then turns and looks around at the grounds, as if he can see Katya there.

Baptista and Duncan are meeting in Baptista's office. Baptista is sitting at his desk, and Duncan is standing in front of him, listening as he talks.

Baptista: "Duncan MacLeod. Born in Glasgow in 1962. [At] St. Alastair's Hospital, which burned down in 1966--" Duncan finally takes a seat, his expression one of someone preparing for a long speech. Baptista continues. "--conveniently destroying all the original records." Duncan doesn't comment. "Your parents, John and Mary, die in a car accident when you were still a child. So, you were raised by a maiden aunt in America."

Duncan, calm: "Judith. I still miss her."

Baptista puts on a sympathic face for a moment: "Mm. But she dies of a stroke when you are seventeen." His expression becomes inquiring. "It's amazing how everyone who knew you as a child seems to be . . . unreachable. Or dead."

Duncan, bland: "It's a sad story."

Baptista: "Mm. Was it Oscar Wilde who said, 'Losing one parent is a tragedy--"

Duncan: "'--and losing both is carelessness.' Oscar was a cynic."

Baptista: "And you, Mr. MacLeod, are a liar." They have a brief staring contest, then Baptista continues. "I've been in the newspaper business all my life. I can smell a fake. And you, my friend, stink."

Duncan rises, getting tired of it: "She's out there, and she's coming, and there's nothing you can do to stop her."

Baptista: "Why is my life so important to you, eh?" Duncan looks away in mild annoyance.

Duncan, impatient: "All life is important to me, Mr. Baptista." He pauses. "Even Elena Moreno's." Baptista looks away, saying nothing. "Why did you kill her?"

Baptista reaches foward, picking up a framed picture of himself and Elena from his desk.

Flashback Buenos Aires, 1996 Back to Top

Baptista is sitting on the sofa at home, having a drink while going through some papers.

Baptista, voice over: "Elena and I had been married for ten years. Ramon Castillo had been my right arm for nearly as long."

Ramon Castillo appears above Baptista, and trots down the stairs to him, carrying some papers. Baptista looks up, and puts down his drink.

Baptista: "Ah, Ramon." He rises to meet him.

Ramon, handing him the papers: "I have the final intinerary."

Baptista looks at the schedule: "Paris, [??], Rome, Venice . . ." He looks at Ramon. "Nine cities in twelve days, eh? You're trying to kill me, eh?"

Ramon, blandly: "I have to keep the advertisers happy."

Baptista: "Ah, I think taught you too well, no?" He returns to the intinerary, then looks up as Elena comes in, carrying a tray.

Elena, setting the tray on the coffee table: "What time is the car coming?"

Baptista: "I'm driving myself to the airport, so we have a little time."

Elena, taking a seat: "Good."

Katya comes in at this point, and goes to Elena.

Katya, anxious: "Now, you're sure it's okay if Mia stays with me tonight, right?"

Elena, smiling: "Yeah."

Katya: "Yeah." She moves nervously toward the bar. "The housekeeper will be with her during that dinner thing I have to attend--" As Katya walks by, Ramon looks at Elena intently. Katya goes on, oblivious. "--but she'll be asleep by then anyway." Kayta reaches the bar, and starts pouring herself a drink.

Elena, amused: "She's been looking forward to it for weeks. I'll be fine." Ramon casts Elena another glance, then gets up and walks to the bar.

Ramon, to Katya: "You look great. Do you mind if I help myself?"

Katya steps aside to let him at the bottles: "No, not at all."

Elena's smile vanishes, and she gets up, walking over to the bar, moving between Katya and Ramon to pick up the ice pitcher.

Elena, moving to Katya's side: "I think we need more ice. Katya, a little help?" Ramon regards them impassively, sipping his drink.

Katya, nonplussed: "Sure. What, for ice?"

Elena, calm but firm: "Yes, please."

Katya: "Okay." They walk off together, both Ramon and Baptista following them with their eyes. Baptista puts down his papers, rubbing his face thoughtfully.

Out on the terrace, Elena turns to Katya.

Elena, hurt: "How could you do that to me?"

Katya, completely confused: "Do what?"

Elena: "Put the moves on Ramon like that."

Katya laughs: "Me?" She lowers her voice, out of earshot of the men in the living room. "It's not my fault he can't keep his hands to himself."

Elena doesn't smile: "Just stay away from him."

Katya puts a hand over her mouth, realizing. She stares at her.

Katya: "Elena. What are you doing?"

Elena looks down, then says slowly: "Ramon makes me feel beautiful." Katya closes her eyes, looking away with a heavy sigh. "He makes me feel young." She looks at Katya. "Some of us can't stay twenty-seven forever."

Katya: "Does Armando know?"

Elena hesitates: "Mama. I've only one short life. Let me live it."

Katya shakes her head: "Please. Be careful, Elena. And--and think of Mia." Elena says nothing. "You know he'll find out. They always do."

Elena only smiles, shrugging. Katya can only shake her head.

Later, Baptista stands on a street, looking through a set of photographs. They all show Elena and Ramon, together in a car, kissing. He looks through the pictures, shaking his head.

Baptista: "Ramon. How could you do this to me?" He shakes his head. "I don't believe it." He looks up the private investigator standing in front of him.

Private Investigator, shrugging sympathetically: "Pictures don't lie. I'm sorry, Senor. You want to see more?"

Baptista: "No." He thrusts the pictures back into their folder, and takes out his wallet. He starts to count out bills, then pauses and just hands the whole wad to the investigator.

Private Investigator: "Are you all right?"

Baptista doesn't answer. He walks to his car, not saying a word, and gets in.

Back at the house, Baptista sits in the living room, staring at the folder of pictures. After a moment, his face crumples and he puts his head in his hands, sobbing silently. But, as he sits there, he hears sudden laughter from upstairs, Ramon and Elena's voices. He looks up, and his face tightens in anger.

Upstairs, Elena and Ramon are lying on the bed, rolling around and laughing.

Baptista opens a drawer, and takes out a gun.

Ramon and Elena, still giggling under the sheets, don't notice the bedroom door opening behind them. Baptista walks in, and sees Ramon and Elena, kissing in bed. He raises the pistol, and cocks the hammer. The noise startles the two lovers, and they look up.

Elena: "Armando--NO!"

Baptista fires, first at Elena, then Ramon. He lowers the gun, and walks away, leaving them lying in the bed.

Baptista goes down the stairs, slowly. He stops at the landing, and leans against the wall, then slides down to the floor, burying his face in his handkerchief as he starts to sob.

Baptista, voice over: "I telephoned for an ambulance, but she died on the way to the hospital."

Present Day Back to Top

Baptista replaces the picture on his desk, looking up at Duncan, then nodding to the photograph.

Baptista: "I loved her."

Duncan, standing by the window, turns to him: "So much that you killed her?"

Baptista, upset: "You weren't there. You didn't see them! Castillo was my protege. He was like a brother to me. With my wife."

Duncan, not terribly sympathetic: "So they had to die because you got your feelings hurt."

Baptista: "No. There was no thought. No plan. The courts understood. It was a crime of passion."

Duncan walks toward him, saying with conviction: "It was murder. And you beat it."

Baptista: "Did I? Do you have any idea what it's like to see my little daughter's face every day? To see her mother looking back at me?" He looks at the picture, then up at Duncan. "She has no idea how her mother died."

Duncan: "Yes, but she will. 'Cause Katya's not going away."

Baptista jumps to his feet, slapping his hands on his desk: "What do you want me to do? Kill myself, eh?!" He calms a little. "Tell me. Tell me, how can I kill my little girl's father when I've already killed her mother, huh?"

Duncan, cold: "I haven't come here to tell you what to do. Or how to live your life. That's your choice." He leaves.

Act Three Back to Top

Inside the barge, Duncan is lying asleep in his dressing gown, the book he was reading lying open on his chest. Someone taps softly at the door, and a moment later he starts up as he senses another immortal. The door opens.

Duncan, resignedly: "Come in." He looks over as Katya comes in, sword in hand.

Katya, controlled but angry: "Where are they?"

Duncan, mild: "Disneyland?" He checks his place in the book, and sets it aside.

Katya, still quietly furious: "Armando's disappeared and taken my granddaughter with him."

Duncan sighs, and swings his legs over the platform to stand up.

Duncan: "You hungry?" He heads for the kitchen.

Katya: "What?"

Duncan, starting to open cupboards: "I've got some fresh basil in the fridge. And, I've got some parmesano, too. I've got some extra virgin olive oil somewhere . . ." He peers intently under the sink. "Hope there's some pine nuts."

Katya takes a deep, calming breath: "MacLeod . . ."

Duncan looks up inquiringly: "Hm?"

Katya: "I need answers."

Duncan looks at her a moment, then shuts the door: "Pesto's no good without pine nuts." Katya makes a noise of disbelief. He looks in another cupboard. "What about the wine? I say we go with the red?" He holds up two bottles for her inspection. "French, or Italian? What do you think?" He waits, while Katya stares at him blankly. "Hm?"

Katya: "French." She laughs, like she can't believe she's doing this. Duncan starts laughing, too, and they look at each other, smiling.

Later, Duncan pours more wine for them, as they sit on the floor across the coffee table, the remains of the meal between them.

Katya: "You know, I came here thinking I might have to kill you."

Duncan: "You don't get out much, do you?"

Katya, admitting it: "Not lately, no."

Duncan, softly: "Too busy being the sword of justice?"

Katya: "Don't joke."

Duncan, serious: "I'm not."

Katya leans forward: "Why are you protecting him?"

Duncan: "It's not about him."

Katya, looking away: "You ever raise a child, MacLeod?" Duncan sits up, shaking his head. "Do you ever wish that you had?"

Duncan, cutting to the chase: "Katya, killing's not the answer."

Katya: "What about revenge?"

Duncan: "The emptiness you feel . . ." He shakes his head slightly. " . . . won't be filled by anger. Or revenge, or hate. Armando's death will just leave you feeling emptier." He looks down, then stands up. "And I don't think you need to feel emptier." He grabs Katya's hand, pulling her to her feet. "I think you need to feel life." He draws Katya to the middle of the floor, and into his arms. She laughs, and lets him swing her around in a gentle dance. "Hmm?" Katya laughs again, and dances with him, letting him twirl her around gently. "Your life." They dance a little more, laughing, until they make a small mistake in the step. "Oops." Duncan pulls her back close. "Yours and mine."

Katya: "Oops."

Duncan: "For Elena."

They keep dancing, and eventually they come close, holding each other and swaying slowly.

Katya: "So, how old are you, really?"

Duncan, cheerful: "Well, next birthday I'll be, uh, four hundred and six."

Katya: "You're pretty smart. For a kid."

The scene shifts, and we see Katya kneeling on the floor, Duncan kneeling behind her as he rubs her shoulders. She leans her head back, closing her eyes, and Duncan kisses her on the neck. The scene changes to the bed, with Katya and Duncan lying on the sheets, kissing. Duncan turns her over, kissing her, and then he wipes her face gently, brushing at the tears that are leaking from the corners of her eyes. He holds her, looking at her face tenderly, as she closes her eyes.

The next morning, Katya is sitting on the roof of the deck, looking out over the water. Duncan walks up from below, carrying two cups of espresso. He hands one to Katya.

Duncan, neutrally: "Good morning." He drinks. Katya keeps staring out over the water. Finally, she sighs.

Katya: "Every time I close my eyes I see them."

Duncan: "Who?"

Katya: "The jury. They thought Armando's precious honor was more valuable than my daughter's life."

Duncan, carefully: "That's the system."

Katya: "No, it was his jury. Twelve men, good and true." Duncan looks down, saying nothing. "I've seen it before."

Flashback England, 1362 Back to Top

It's a busy, noisy tavern, filled with men drinking and talking. Katya, wearing old, worn clothes, her hair straggling from her cap, is serving drinks. As she walks past one of the table, one of the men reaches out and pinches her.

Man: "[Piece] for me there, sweetie."

Hardly missing a step, Katya pours the contents of one of the mugs over his head, and moves on. She walks up to Quigley, who's trying to pour himself another mug of ale, but his hands shake so badly he can hardly hit the cup. Katya puts her hand on his, pushing the pitcher gently aside.

Katya, firm: "Sorry, Quigley. Rolf says you've got to pay for what you've already drunk. Besides, one more mug and Mistress Quigley's going to come fetch you home in a cart. And you wouldn't want that to happen again, now, would you?" Quigley shakes his head. "No." Katya moves behind him, taking his shoulders and pushing him to his feet. "Go on, then." He tries to reach for the pitcher again, but she's firm. "No. Come on. Off you go. You go home now and sleep it off." She sends him off with a pat on the shoulder. "Go on." She moves to the fireplace and starts cleaning.

As Quigley leaves, William of Godfrey walks in, and takes a look around the room. He sees Rolf sitting at a table, and walks over to him.

William: "Alesman. There's gold in it for you." He tosses three coins onto his plate. "Clear the house."

Rolf looks up at him, and stands up quickly: "Out! Everybody." There are immediate groans of protest, but Rolf starts grabbing people and pushing them out, and in a few moments the patrons are gone. Katya casts a covert glance over her shoulder as the patrons leave, but stays where she is, polishing pitchers and tankards. After pushing the others out, Rolf takes his money and leaves, casting William one last look. When he's gone, the house is empty except for Katya and William. William waits a moment, but Katya is ignoring him, sticking to her polishing.

William: "I waited." He paces around the room, waiting, but Katya keeps on with her work. "All night, I waited, and you never came."

Katya, not looking at him: "I told you I wouldn't."

William takes her face in his hands, forcing her to look at him: "Katya, I love you." He strokes her face. "I want to be with you so badly it makes me burn. Like fire." He moves to kiss her, but she pulls away.

Katya: "I can't. I can't." She moves to a table and starts clearing things away.

William: "Katya."

Katya stops, throwing down her rag: "No more secrets. No more hiding in empty barns and midnight meetings." William looks down, upset. Katya goes on, her voice controlled, but firm. "I won't be the . . . nobleman's whore any longer."

William, shouting: "No, that is not true. That is not true!" He moves away, looking at her angrily. "Who says these things?"

Katya, gently: "But it is true. William, I want a family, children. But I won't let them grow up the way I did, without a father." William looks at her sadly. "I love you, you know that. But I--" She shakes her head. "I'd rather marry the poorest goatherd in the land than bear the bastards of William of Godfrey."

William, firmly: "I'll talk to my father. I will make it right."

Katya shakes her head sadly: "There's nothing you can do." William pulls her close. "There's nothing you can do! Someone like you . . ." She laughs bitterly. " . . .and someone like me . . . It'll never happen."

William: "No."

Katya: "Good-bye, William." She leaves him.

At his home, William confronts his father, Frederick of Godfrey. He's sitting on the throne in his hall, listening.

Frederick, annoyed: "When will you grow up, William? Now think of your inheritance. Think of your title." William says nothing. Frederick raises his hands in disbelief. "Are you going to throw all that away? On a tavern whore?!"

William: "I love her!" Frederick laughs uproariously, but William goes on evenly. "And if you disinherit me, you'll have to leave the kingdom to your brother Leopold."

Frederick gets up, still laughing: "Leopold? That idiot? I'd rather burn it to the ground!"

William, still calm: "A tavern whore. Or your brother Leopold." Frederick looks away. "Which is it to be, Father?"

In the kitchen of the tavern, Katya is peeling apples. She looks up as William comes in, holding a cloth-wrapped bundle to his chest. He quietly takes a seat across from her, while she stares at him.

William: "He said, um . . ." He scratches his cheek. "He said yes."

Katya stares, shocked: "Yes?" She gives short laugh of disbelief. "Yes?!" She laughs again. "It's impossible!"

William, laughing weakly, as if he doesn't believe it himself: "No, it's a miracle. He wants to meet you. Tonight, at dinner."

Katya looks panicked: "Oh, no." She puts her hands on her hair. "I can't." She stands up. "All those high-born people. I mean, what would I wear?"

William laughs: "My father's already thought of that." He puts his bundle on the table. "This dress is my mother's. And he wants you to have it."

Katya looks at the bundle, amazed: "Oh, for heaven's sake! I feel like I'm dreaming."

William, smiling: "It's true."

That night, Katya arrives at the Godfrey house, dressed in the gown that William gave her. The guard announces her at the door.

Guard: "Your Lordship. Katya of Greenhill."

Katya walks in, holding the train of the dress up stiffly as she paces up in front of Frederick's throne and curtseys. There are a few other nobles sitting around him, watching her.

Katya: "Good evening, your lordship." She rises. Frederick says nothing, and she clears her throat, looking around nervously. "I was expecting William."

Frederick: "My son has been unavoidably detained." He pauses, and raises his voice a bit. "Let us proceed with the evidence." He raises a hand, and gestures. "Bring on the witnesses."

Katya looks at him, puzzled: "Evidence? Witnesses? Your lordship, what is this about?"

Behind the other nobles, several other men come in, including Rolf and Quigley from the alehouse. Frederick gestures again, sorting through the papers in his hand.

Frederick: "Mrs. Quigley. Come forward." Katya watches, confused and beginning to be frightened, as an older woman steps forward, not meeting her eyes. Frederick goes on. "You have testified that a week ago, that woman passed your house, and gave it the evil eye. Since then, two of your best milking cows have dried up. And now, your husband has taken to unnatural walks, calling out this witch's name!"

Katya, finally understanding: "Witch? I'm no witch!"

Frederick, ignoring her: "Quigley, you would also swear to this?" Quigley looks at him sidelong, and nods once.

Katya: "No! It's not true."

Frederick gestures again: "Alesman. Come forward." Rolf steps forward. "You have also testified that you have seen her mixing potions and spells in the shed behind the alehouse." Rolf looks away, his face full of guilt. "Spells that she used to bewitch William of Godfrey!"

Katya, pleading, not believing what's happening: "Rolf. You're my friend." Rolf looks at her miserably, but says nothing.

Frederick: "This witch has employed her unnatural powers to seduce my son. Look! She even wears his mother's dress to allure him." Katya looks down at the dress, still stunned. "Only someone in league with Satan could tempt William to desire such a base-born wench."

Katya, speaking loudly, and forcefully: "No! There is no witchcraft! William loves me as I love him! I swear, I am innocent your lord--"

Frederick, standing up: "Silence!" Katya stares at him, shaking. Frederick goes on. "You will be taken to the quarry at dawn, and there you will be stoned until you are dead."

Katya: "No! Your lordship, no!" Rolf puts a hand to his mouth, stricken.

Frederick: "And that is a fitting end--" He raises his hand, pointing at her accusingly. "--to a devil's whore!"

Katya: "No! I beg you, I am innocent." Two guards come and take her arms.

Frederick: "Take her away!"

Katya, screaming as she's dragged from the hall: "No! I beg you! No, I'm innocent! Let me go! Rolf, don't let them do this to me!" Rolf crosses himself, watching in pity. "William!"

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Katya, concluding: "I went out to dinner expecting to be treated like a young bride, and I woke up in a charnal pit. Immortal." She looks at Duncan, who's standing in front of her, holding her hands. "Men's justice, Duncan." She gets up.

Duncan, reaching out to take her arm: "Katya, it's not all men." He pulls her around to face him.

Katya reaches up and touches his face gently: "I don't want to kill all men." She pats his chest once, firmly. "Just one." She turns to go.

Duncan: "Katya . . ." She keeps walking. "Katya . . ."

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Outside Mia's school, Mia and Jose are walking to the car. On a side street, Katya watches them in her rearview mirror, observing as Jose puts Mia in the car, then gets in and drives off. When they've passed her, Katya starts her car to follow.

At the Baptista house, Baptista is talking to Jose.

Baptista, voice over as the camera pans over the house: "Jose, make sure the place is locked up tight. I don't want any surprises from Katya, eh?"

Jose: "Yes, senor."

Inside, Jose walks to a window, and checks the lock. He moves on, then turns as he hears the squeak of hinges down the next hall. He goes to investigate, and Katya is able to jump out and dispatch him with two quick blows. Katya takes Jose's gun, and moves on. She only goes a few steps, though, before she senses another immortal. Katya lowers her gun, exasperated, and steps out into the hall to confront Duncan. She sighs heavily as Duncan walks around the corner of the landing, unarmed.

Duncan, very gently: "Is this about his guilt, or yours?"

Katya, tired: "Stay out of my way, Duncan."

Duncan: "You were a good mother. There's nothing you could have done to stop it."

Katya: "I can end it." She starts forward, but Duncan steps to block her way.

Duncan: "Katya . . ."

Katya, determined: "The only way you're going to stop me, is to kill me." She stares at him a second, then moves on. He stands still, but reaches out to take her arm, stopping her again.

Duncan, slowly: "I haven't come to kill you, or to stop you. Just to tell you that if you do this, you'll never heal." Katya says nothing, still looking away. "Nothing will ever be the same. Let it go." He strokes her hair softly, then puts a hand on her shoulder for a moment before walking away.

Katya stays where he left her, staring ahead.

In his study, Baptista is going through some papers. Katya, holding Jose's gun ready, opens the door and steps around the corner, aiming the gun at him. Hearing her steps, Baptista looks up.

Baptista: "Katya." Katya paces forward, keeping the gun trained on him, saying nothing. Baptista raises his voice. "Jose! Jose!!!"

Katya: "He won't be coming." She gestures minutely with the gun. "Isn't this the same kind of gun you used to kill Elena?"

Baptista, spreading his hands: "For God's sake, Katya, what do you want from me?"

Katya: "I want you to die."

Baptista glances aside, frustrated: "Don't you think I would do anything to have her back? I was crazy that night, it was not my fault!" Katya looks aside, and sees a pair of swords sitting on display nearby. Unaware, Baptista goes on, growing more and more impassioned. "They knew that at the trial!"

Katya moves to the display: "Then I think it's time we had another trial." She picks up one of the swords, and starts backing away. Baptista looks at her uncertaintly. She nods at the sword. "Pick it up." Baptista looks at the blade. "I said, pick it up." She assumes a defensive position. Baptista finally moves to the sword and takes it, advancing to her slowly. She salutes him. "I'm only giving you one chance, Armando. Right now. You and me." She attacks, and they exchange a few blows, then disengage.

Baptista: "Katya, this is insane!" Katya attacks again, and he has no choice but to defend himself. They fight up and down the room for a short while, then Katya gets the upper hand, closing with Baptista and putting her blade to his throat. She bears him back across the room, and presses against him. She's holding the blade at his neck, ready to strike, when Mia calls from the doorway.

Mia: "Papa!"

The two adults turn to look at her.

Katya: "Mia! Go away! Go away, get out!"

Mia looks from one to the other, frightened.

Baptista, breathless: "Princess, please. Go. It's okay."

Mia looks at them, then turns and runs out of the room. Baptista turns to Katya, lifting his chin defiantly.

Baptista: "Take care of her."

Katya looks down, her hands flexing on the blade she's still holding at his throat.

Katya walks out of the front gates of the house, and over to where Duncan waits, leaning against his car. He looks down at her inquiringly, and she finally speaks.

Katya: "Mia loves him."

Duncan nods, and smiles. He steps forward and puts his arms around her. They stand there, embracing.

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Katya and Duncan are walking along the river.

Katya: "I have to go away and sort this stuff out."

Duncan: "You gave her a life, a mother, a love she would never have known without you."

Katya: "Yeah. You know, I always wonder why we could never have children. I used to think it was a curse, but it's not." She stops walking, and turns to face Duncan.

Duncan, softly: "We lose friends, and we lose lovers. It always hurts."

Katya: "But no one should ever have to lose a child." She searches Duncan's face, then leans up and kisses him. She starts to turn away, but he pulls her back for a longer, more passionate kiss. Then they break away, and walk off in opposite directions, both turning to look back as they walk away.

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Once again, for reasons unknown, my local station's closed captioning didn't show up. Therefore, the spelling of "Armando" is nothing more than a guess. I got "Baptista" from the final credits, but "Rolf" and "Quigley" are great big Guess-O-Ramas, not to mention "Maxine." I wasn't around to tape it off WGN this time, but I plan to aim for grabbing the CC on the repeats. In the meantime, I'd be thrilled if anyone with CC capabilities could check my spelling. I got "Katya" off the Rysher Site, by the way, so I wouldn't mind some extra confirmation there, too.

Baptista, as you may note, has a habit of ending a lot of his sentences with "eh?" I debated whether or not leave them all in, since I usually avoid inserting too many of the "uh"s, "oh"s and "ah"s. They're a very natural part of speaking, but I feel that they tend to get distracting in print and so I try not to overdo them. But Baptista's trick of turning statements into questions seemed to lead to people answering him as if he had asked a question, so I ended up leaving in most of the "eh"s and using question marks when, in fact, he wasn't really asking a question, just adding a questioning lilt.

Now we have our third "spinoff lady" in Katya. If you're not familiar with what's going on, four episodes this season are being used to showcase four different female immortals, to see if they might be able to carry a spinoff series. Alex Raven from "Sins of the Father" was the first and Kyra from "Patient Number 7 was the second, making Katya number three. In addition to these four, Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame will be making an appearance in "Two of Hearts," and I understand she's a fifth prospect, along with the immortal number four featured in "Deadly Exposures."

Next, "Deadly Exposures,"


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