Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
Lisa Howard (Dr. Anne Lindsey)
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


David Robb (Kalas)
Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos)
Carmen Chaplin (Maria Campolo)

Written by J. P. Couture
Directed by Dennis Berry
Production No. 94316-60
Full Credits

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What has gone before:

In the two precededing episodes, "Song of the Executioner" and "Star-Crossed," the evil immortal Kalas has been making Duncan MacLeod's life hell. The two first met in a monastary run by Brother Paul, also an immortal. Paul intended the place to be a sanctuary for all immortals, but he was unaware that Brother Kalas, the most gifted singer in his choir, was waylaying immortals after they left the grounds and beheading them. Duncan discovers this, and Kalas is expelled from the order. Somehow, in the years between Kalas's departure from the monastary and the present day, Kalas and Duncan apparently met again, and Kalas came away from the encounter with a scarred throat and a ruined voice, for which he swears vengeance on Duncan. Kalas begins this vengeance by killing Paul, then by trying to kill Duncan. He fails (duh! :)), but in the process Anne sees Duncan fall to his death. Duncan then has to flee to Paris to avoid telling her the truth, but Kalas pursues him there and continues his vengeance by hunting and killing Fitzcairn.

Teaser Back to Top

Kalas is leaving a club called "Nosferatu". As he does, we cut to Roger, talking to someone on the phone, displaying his Watcher tattoo quite nicely in the process. He's telling the person on the other end that he's seen Kalas, and that he's going to follow him. As Kalas walks away, Roger hangs up and trails him, but quicky loses him. As he pauses, looking around, Kalas sneaks up behind and grabs him.

Kalas: "Looking for me?!"

Cut to a basement. Roger, sans shirt, is strapped to a chair. Kalas walks to him, putting on rubber gloves, and picks up a pair of long metal rods.

Kalas: "Electricity. Such a wonderful discovery, Roger. It doesn't care where it goes, or what it goes through, it just takes the path of least resistance." He starts asking Roger questions, and at first Roger tries to lie. But Kalas touches him with the rods, after he stops screaming Roger starts to talk.

Roger: "I'm your Watcher."

Kalas: "My Watcher? And that's supposed to mean something to me?"

Roger: "Immortals. We know what you are. We've been observing you for centuries."

Kalas: "Tell me, do you watch all of us?"

Roger: "I think so."

Kalas: "Did you watch Fitzcairn?"

Roger: "Yes."

Kalas: "And MacLeod?"

Roger: "Yes."

Kalas pauses: "Methos?"

Roger nods: "But we never interfere."

Kalas: "Tell me more, Roger. Tell me everything . . ."

Act One Back to Top

Duncan MacLeod is driving along in his car when he gets a call from Joe Dawson.

Duncan, pleased to hear Joe's voice: "Hey, Joe. What's up?"

Joe: "We got trouble."

Duncan: "How come you never call me with good news..."

Joe: "One of our guys, he hasn't been seen or heard from in a couple of days."

Duncan: "And?"

Joe: "Well, he spotted Kalas. In Paris. I think the son-of-a-bitch is tracking you."

Duncan: "I know he is. I've been out looking for him. He found Fitzcairn."

Joe: "Damn. What happened?"

Duncan: "Kalas was better." Joe sighs. "You say one of your guys spotted him. Where?"

Joe: "Coming out of a little jazz club in St. Germain. 'Nosferatu.'"

Duncan: "Okay, thanks."

Joe: "MacLeod?" He pauses. "Watch yourself, my friend."

Duncan: "Always do."

Cut to racetrack. Richie Ryan is watching the motorcycles go by, timing them. As Richie watches, Philippe leaves the track and gets off his bike. Saracen, the owner of the team, walks up to him as he pulls off his helmet.

Saracen: "You didn't finish your run, Philippe. Why?"

Philippe, angry: "Basil forced me off the track"

Saracen, not impressed: "Two years ago it never would have happened." Saracen looks thoughful, and brings up the subject of retirement.

Philippe: "Give me a gold watch? Forget it. It's not going to happen." He stalks off.

After Philippe leaves, Richie approaches Saracen, and is told that there are "no visitors in the pits."

Richie: "I'm a rider, uh, Richie Ryan."

Saracen: "Let me guess. You want to join my team."

Richie: "Well, I got my international papers and I nailed third place at Long Beach."

Saracen, singularly unimpressed: "Very impressive. But this isn't Long Beach." Saracen walks away. Richie considers a moment, then strolls over to Philippe's bike and takes off. Saracen hears the commotion, and walks over to watch as Richie takes the course. Meanwhile, Philippe goes up to Basil Dornin, who's just finished his own run.

Basil: "Hey, man. It was an accident. No hard feelings?"

Philippe: "Saracen's losing it. He thinks I should retire."

Basil: "So?"

Philippe: "I was wondering if you would talk to him."

Basil gives a little laugh: "Why would I do that?"

Philippe: "Because I'm your friend. Because I taught you everything you know about racing. Without me you would be nothing . . ." Basil starts up his bike and revs it up loudly, keeping it up until he's drowned out Philippe. Philippe looks at him, giving up, and walks off.

Meanwhile, Richie comes back with Philippe's bike. Saracen strolls over to meet him.

Saracen: "I could get you arrested for that."

Richie: "You could." Smirking. "Or, you could have me ride for you."

Philippe comes over, furious: "Hey, get off my bike."

Saracen: "It's not yours anymore. You should have taken the watch." He turns to Richie. "It's your bike now."

At "Nosferatu," Duncan is trying to talk to the bartender, Gerard, trying to get him to tell him about Kalas.

Duncan: "His name is Kalas. Somebody saw him here the other night."

Gerard: "Never heard of him."

Duncan: "Well, you couldn't exactly miss him, he has an unusual voice. Something happened to his throat."

Gerard: "Sorry."

Duncan gives up on him. As he gets up, Duncan hears a song being rehearsed in the next room. He goes in and listens to Danielle singing, and remembers the song being sung by another singer . . .

Flashback Paris, 1920 Back to Top

A woman is standing at a microphone, singing the same song as the "Nosferatu" singer. Maria Campolo is fixing her hair in the mirror when Duncan comes up to her. She takes his arm, and they walk off together.

Duncan: "You look wonderful."

Maria: "I'm so nervous."

Duncan: "He'll probably feel the same way about meeting you."

Maria: "Sure, he will. Antonio Neri, the world's greatest tenor, I would like you meet Maria Campolo." Maria shugs deprecatingly. "She sings a little."

Duncan: "Maria, you have a great gift. Don't underestimate it."

They head up the stairs.

Maria: "Antonio Neri's Paris debut, and my date's the best-looking man here."

Duncan: "I'm flattered, but I wouldn't exactly call it a date."

Maria: "I know, my uncle asked you to take me, but I can pretend, can't I?"

A man calls "Buenos dias," to Duncan as they reach the top of the stairs, and Duncan waves back.

Duncan: "Picasso! Que tal?"

Maria, impressed: "You know Picasso?"

Duncan: "We've met."

They move into the main salon, where "Antonio Neri" is just beginning to perform. He and Duncan sense each other, and while Duncan is still reacting to recognizing his ol' buddy Kalas, Maria breaks from his arm and begins to accompany Kalas in the duet. Kalas is startled by her interruption, but quickly recovers and finishes the duet with her.

Kalas to Maria: "That was . . . quite lovely." He greets Duncan as he walks up. "Welcome to my home, Duncan MacLeod. I am glad you are here."

Duncan, neutrally: "Are you?"

Kalas, pleasantly: "My friend, the past is gone, forgotten. We all change over the years. I know I have." Maria clears her throat, and Kalas turns to her. "Forgive me. I am Antonio Neri."

Duncan: "Miss Maria Campolo."

Maria: "They said you were greater than Caruso. They were right."

Kalas, bending over her hand: "And you have the voice of an angel."

He kisses her hand, and Duncan rolls his eyes. Maria glances at him.

Maria: "You two know each other?"

Kalas, expansively: "Duncan MacLeod knows everybody. Your friend did me a great favor once. I used to lead a very cloistered life, but he advised me out of it."

Duncan, looking around at the lavish surroundings: "Well, it doesn't seem to have hurt you much."

Kalas: "On the contrary. I owe my success to you."

Duncan, to Maria: "I believe it's getting late." He takes Maria's hand.

Maria: "But we just got here!"

Kalas: "I hope you won't leave without dancing with me?"

Maria, taking his arm: "I'd love to."

Duncan watches them go to the dance floor. As they dance, Kalas tries to feel out Maria on the nature of her relationship with Duncan.

Kalas: "Let me guess. I know you can't be his daughter."

Maria: "Of course not. We're close friends."

Kalas, leaning in to murmur in her ear: "And perhaps, more than just friends?"

Maria: "Really, Mr. Neri."

Kalas: "Please, we are all adults here. And after all, this is 1920."

Duncan, watching, remembers how he discovered Kalas killing the immortals at the monastary (scenes from "Song of the Executioner"), and how Kalas told him "you do not know what you have done, but you will." In the present, Duncan watches as Kalas and Maria finish their dance, and moves to collect her as Kalas takes his leave.

Maria: "He's setting up an audition with me with the director of the Paris Opera."

Duncan stops and stares: "Pardon?"

Maria: "He's having a dinner party for me on Friday."

Duncan, taking her arm and continuing out: "I don't think you'll be available."

Maria: "Why?"

Duncan: "You must get ready."

Maria: "For what?"

Duncan: "Your surprise."

Maria: "What are you talking about?"

Duncan: "You can't just sing at the Paris Opera. You have to study, build a repertoire, learn languages. You're going to New York."

Maria: "I'm going to New York?"

Duncan: "To study at the Metropolitan Opera."

Maria: "Me, at the Met?"

Duncan: "Yes. Your ship sails on--" Thinking fast. "--Tuesday. I'll send your regrets to Mr. Neri."

Maria: "You can't fool me, Duncan MacLeod. I know why you're doing this. You're jealous."

Duncan, for lack of a better explanation, agrees: "Desperately."

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan listens while Danielle finishes the song, and comes up to her afterwards.

Duncan : "I haven't heard that in a long time."

Danielle : "Yeah? stick around. We play it every night. The owner's got this thing about it."

Duncan: "Really? What's the owner's name?"

Danielle seems about to answer, then she catches sight of Gerard looking at them disapprovingly and excuses herself. Duncan follows Gerard back to the bar.

Duncan: "Maybe you could answer the question. Now where could I find your boss?"

Gerard, pointing to the door: "Bar's closed."

Duncan turns away: "Really."

Gerard grabs his arm, and Duncan whirls on him. In very short order, he has him pinned over the bar, his head under the soda water fountain.

Duncan, cheerfully: "This could last hours . . ."

Gerard, sputtering: "Shakespeare and Company!"

Duncan turns off the water and lets him go: "Put it on my tab."

Shakespeare and Company. Kalas goes in, and starts a conversation with Don Salzer.

Don is saying: "No, I'm sure I've never heard of him." Gestures around at the books. "But books. Books, I do know."

Kalas begins looking at the books in the locked case, and picks up one.

Don: "Ah, that is my prize. An original Pope. Signed by the author himself."

Kalas, bored: "Fascinating. But it's not what I'm looking for Mr. Salzer." Snaps the book shut in his face. "You are."

Don: "I think you've made a mistake." Looks on nervously as Kalas starts leafing through the book again. "Please. Put it back."

Kalas: "That's not what Roger said." [Pointless aside: ??? This is what they both say, I'm pretty certain of it, but I don't know why it's significant that Roger didn't say anything in Don's last speech. Roger said Kalas *didn't* make a mistake? Roger said *don't* put it back . . .?--Jinjifore] "You remember Roger, don't you?" Kalas starts tearing pages from the book.

Don, horrified: "Don't! Look, it's priceless! Look, I don't know what you're talking about!"

Kalas: "Let me refresh your memory." He strikes Don, and pursues him as he stumbles to the back of the shop. "I'm an immortal. You're a Watcher." He corners Don in the back of the shop and leans over him. "I'm looking for a particular, old, powerful immortal. His name is Methos." Don's eyes grow wide. "I see you've heard of him." Kalas whips out a knife, holding it to Don's mouth. "Speak! Or you'll never speak again!"

Act Two Back to Top

Duncan goes into Shakespeare and Co. He finds one of Kalas's gloves on the floor, and then Don's moans draw him to the back of the shop, where he finds the Watcher hurt and dying. He kneels beside him.

Duncan: "I'm Duncan MacLeod. Who did this to you?"

Don dies then, but before he died he managed to write an "M" and an "E" in his own blood. Duncan grabs his arm, turning it to see the Watcher tattoo on his wrist, then takes the paper and leaves.

At the track. Philippe is looking out over the empty track as the riders come in. Night falls, and Richie, wearing a Saracen uniform, turns away after giving some last-minute instructions to the guys working on his back. Basil, a girl beside him, is propped against his own bike.

Basil: "You should have been in third on turn four."

Richie laughs shortly: "Maybe you take it that way."

Basil gets up and walks over to offer his hand: "I'm Basil Dornin, Saracen's Number One. Welcome to the team."

Richie: "Thanks, Richie Ryan. Nice to meet you."

Basil goes back to the woman: "And this is Teri."

Richie comes over: "Hi, Teri."

Basil: "Let's have a drink with the ladies I'm sure she has a friend who's dying to meet you."

Richie: "All right, let's go." He follows Basil to the bar.

At Joe's, Joe gets a phone call from Duncan, who's phoning from his car.

Duncan: "Hi, Joe. It's me."

Joe: "MacLeod!"

Duncan: "Yeah, I've got some news. About your missing Watcher."

Joe, sober: "Yeah. He turned up a few hours ago. The police fished him out of the Seine." Duncan, surprised, doesn't answer. "MacLeod. Did you hear me?"

Duncan: "Yeah, I heard you. That means Kalas has killed another one of your people."

Joe: "No."

Duncan: "Yeah, in the American bookstore."

Joe gets very serious: "Dan (sic) Salzer. Oh, boy."

Duncan: "What is it?"

Joe: "He's not a field guy. He's an historian, he had no reason to be near Kalas."

Duncan: "Before Salzer died he was trying to write something, they were letters "M" "E." What can they mean?"

Joe: "This is no good, I'm gonna have to make some calls."

Duncan: "Joe!"

Joe: "Salzer, he's been working on the Methos chronicle. If Kalas was to find that, find Methos . . . "

Duncan laughs: "Aw, come on, Joe! Methos doesn't exist. The oldest immortal? He's a legend! He's like--well, like Adam and Eve."

Joe: "Oh, no. He exists all right."

Duncan: "You're telling me you've seen him?"

Joe: "Me? Nah. He's very elusive. He'd have to be, to live that long. Imagine an immortal so old, that he doesn't remember the time of his birth. If Kalas found him and took his head, he'd be even stronger."

Duncan: "Seems I'm gonna have to find him first."

Joe: "We've got a guy at the University there, Adam Pierson. He's been our top Methos scholar for about ten years. He knows as much about Methos as anybody. I'll let him know you're coming."

Duncan: "Okay." He hangs up.

In the bar with the other riders, Richie is sitting apart, drinking a beer and not looking happy. Basil comes up to him.

Basil: "Try and look happy, mate. You just made the bloody Saracen team."

Richie, quiet: "I'm okay."

Basil: "Is it Philippe? Is that what is eating you? Hey, he can't cut it anymore. That's just the way it is. Everybody gets old."

They hear someone out on the track then, and they go out to see Philippe riding in the dark.

Richie: "It's Philippe. What the hell is he doing?"

Basil: "I guess the man thinks he's got something to prove."

As they watch, Philippe loses control and crashes. They run to him, but it's too late.

Richie falls to his knees by the body: "He's dead."

At "Nosferatu."

Kalas confronts Gerard: "What did you tell him?"

Gerard: "The bookstore. That's all, I swear. Who was that guy?"

Kalas: "Get back to your work."

Gerard: "Yes, sir."

Kalas sits down and loosens his collar, running his hand over the scar on his throat and thinking . . .

Flashback Paris, 1920 Back to Top

Kalas and Maria are in his house. She's come to tell him that she's going away, and that she can't accept his offer. She tells him about the Met, but he doesn't respond to what she says.

Kalas: "These big houses can be so dreary. They need beauty like yours to make them shine."

Maria: "I'm sure you know hundreds of beautiful women."

Kalas: "But they don't interest me. You do." They drink their champagne.

Maria, sitting down: "I really should go."

Kalas sets down his glass and moves behind her: "I never liked Caruso's way with that piece," he remarks, referring to the music playing in the background. "He's dying in New York now, you know." Leans on the back of the sofa. "Some people say he was poisoned."

He leans down as if to kiss Maria as she turns to him, but she pulls away quickly.

Maria, teasingly reproachful: "Mr. Neri. What would people think?"

Kalas: "That you were too young, too beautiful. Too tragic." He slips his hands over her shoulders and whispers to her. "Do you think I want to seduce you? I'd love to oblige, but truthfully, I have other priorities." His hands suddenly tighten fiercely around Maria's neck. "Your lover, MacLeod, took everything away from me!"

He starts to strangle her, but Duncan arrives, sword in hand.

Duncan: "She's not part of this!"

Kalas: "She's yours."

Kalas draws and faces him and they fight. (Wonderful fight. The floor had just been waxed when the crew showed up, and they had to choreograph it to account for the super-slick floors. Duncan and Kalsa do a lot of running and sliding at each other, including a wonderful shot that made it into the current title sequence [see below].) Kalas eventually gets the upper hand, bearing Duncan back through a glass door and pinning him down, pressing his blade towards Duncan's neck. Duncan gropes for a piece of the glass, and slashes desperately at Kalas's neck. He slices his throat, and Kalas runs off, choking horribly. Duncan goes to Maria, and tells her everything is all right...

Present Day Back to Top

Duncan walks up to Adam Pierson's house. As he does so, he gets a very intense buzz (Okay, I know buzzes are technically the same, but they pulled out all the sound effects for this one: slow-motion, voices, chanting, looong musical noises, chimes, deep groaning voices, you get the picture . . . :)). Duncan goes into the house cautiously, sword drawn. He calls Adam's name and doesn't get an answer, but hears music playing very faintly. He goes downstairs and finds "Adam Pierson" sitting on the floor with a large book in front of him, listening to music on a Walkman.

Duncan: "You Adam Pierson?"

Adam sits up and takes the earplugs out: "Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod." He picks up a beer from the cans beside him and throws it at Duncan. "Have a beer." Duncan catches the can. "Mi casa es su casa."

Duncan looks from the beer to the other immortal's face.

Duncan, incredulous: "Methos?"

Methos smiles.

Act Three Back to Top

Kalas is lurking outside Methos's house. He breaks in and starts prowling around. (This is as good a time as any to try to describe the place. It's a studio, with lots of neat alcoves and lofts and nooks and crannies. The walls are white, and there are metal sculptures and astrolabes everywhere. The sculptures are abstract metal for the most part, but there's a white korai in the bedroom area and what looks like a small stuffed camel (?)over the bed. The desk is a piece of thick clear glass held up by four silver dolphins. There are old leather books piled everywhere, next to a modern whizmo stereo and at least two computers. Everything is either white or shades of blue except for the books. Very interesing.) The phone is ringing as Kalas enters, and the machine soon picks it up.

Joe, over the phone: "Pierson, this is Joe Dawson. Get back to me as soon as you can. We've got major problems."

Kalas goes to look at the books.

Cut to Duncan and Methos walking along the bank of a river, talking.

Duncan is saying, "5,000 years."

Methos: "Give or take. And that was when I took my first head, remember. Before that, it all starts to blur."

Duncan: "Well, I guess it would." Pauses. "So, have you . . ."

Methos: "Made any sense of it, found out any purpose?"

Duncan: "What, you read minds, too?"

Methos laughs: "No, that's what I'd ask, if I'd just met me."

Back to Kalas, looking over the books, turning to the desk.

Duncan: "I just didn't think you existed."

Methos: "It's good to be a myth."

Duncan: "Yeah, no one hunts for a myth. Or a Watcher."

Methos: "What better place to hide? I'm in charge of finding myself and I make sure it never happens."

Cut to Kalas again, looking at the book on Methos's desk.

Methos (voiceover): "I've even got a few entries on you in my journal."

Duncan (still voice-over as Kalas sits and turns the pages): "You keep a diary?"

Methos: "I've been keeping it almost since writing began."

Duncan: "That would make a hell of a read."

Methos: "You could say that. How may people have stood on the same stage with Julius Caesar and the Rolling Stones?"

Duncan: "So you know about Kalas."

Cut back to Methos and Duncan.

Methos: "He killed a good friend."

Duncan: "And now he'll be coming for Adam Pierson."

Methos: "You think I'd still be around if I was an easy mark?"

Duncan: "When was the last time you faced anyone?"

Methos: "Uh, what are we...(looks at his watch)...6th of March, uh, 200 years." Smiles at Duncan's expression.

Duncan: "Oh, that's good."

Methos: "I may be a bit rusty but I'm still here."

Duncan: "Well let's keep it that way. I'll stay close."

Methos shakes his head: "You cannot fight my battles for me, MacLeod." Walks away.

At the track, the Saracen team is finishing up their time trials. Basil and Richie are one and two, respectively. Afterward, Basil and Richie walk off the track together.

Basil: "Hell of a run. You were really flying out there today."

Richie: "Thanks."

Basil, reluctant: "Richie . . ."

Richie: "Yeah."

Basil: "Never mind."

Richie stops him and makes Basil face him: "Hey, if you've got something to say, just say it."

(I have no clue what Basil says here. A bike revs at an inopportune moment, and the best I can do is something about Richie being too tight, or maybe rubbing his tire on his last turn. Whatever it was, Richie isn't happy.)

Richie: "That's funny, I was talking to Saracen--"

Basil, angry: "Saracen's not a racer!" Calms down. "Just offering some friendly advice."

Richie: "Thank you."

Basil: "No problem, we're on the same team, right?"

Richie: "Yeah."

Cut to Methos, walking down the street towards his house. He senses another immortal, and finds Kalas waiting outside.

Kalas: "So you're the famous Adam Pierson."

Methos: "At the moment."

Kalas: "I was in your house. Found a diary there. Pity I couldn't read the hieroglyphics but the ancient Greek was most enlightening."

Methos, smiling faintly: "You should have been there."

Methos looks down, and his eyes widen slightly. The scene then cuts to them fighting on a bridge. In the Eurominutes, the fight is longer, but the end is the same. Kalas gets Methos pinned against a bridge railing, forcing his sword down to his throat.

Kalas: "You've been out of the game too long,"

Methos, holding the sword away from his neck, rolls off the bridge, taking Kalas with him, and they both fall into the water. Kalas gets out, but Methos is long gone.

Act Four Back to Top

It's night. Duncan is walking back through the tunnel towards the barge, a worried look on his face. He feels another immortal, and turns to see Methos come out of a side tunnel, still wet and with his sword in his hand. Methos says nothing, just walks to Duncan.

Duncan: "Methos. Kalas found you? Is he dead?"

Methos is close enough now, and he shakes his head.

Methos: "No."

He swings at Duncan. Duncan dodges his first thrusts, then pushes him away long enough to draw his own sword.

Duncan: "Why?"

Methos: "Because there can be only one."

They fight, but in a very few blows Duncan gets through and stops just short of Methos's neck. He holds there for a second, and Methos closes his eyes, keeping his neck against the blade.

Methos: "What are you waiting for, MacLeod?"

Duncan hesitates, then steps back and knocks his sword out of his hand.

Duncan: "No."

Methos: "I'd've killed you."

Duncan: "No, you would have made a mistake and then let me take your head."

Methos: "Do you think I want to die? Do you think it's easy after thousands of years?"

Duncan: "Then why?"

Methos: "Because if you don't kill me, Kalas will."

Duncan: "Not unless I get him first."

Methos: "And if you don't? I cannot beat him. I have tried. He will take my head and then he will have the strength to take yours."

Duncan: "So after 5,000 years, your only solution is that I kill you?"

Methos: "He can beat me. He might beat you. He can't beat both of us."

Duncan: "If it's that simple, why don't you take my head?"

Methos, shaking his head tiredly: "Because it's not just a matter of who is the best fighter. It is about passion, and hate. I don't have the fire. You do. You want Kalas." Methos reaches down and takes Duncan's hand, lifting his sword and setting it against his neck. "Live, Highlander, grow stronger. Fight another day."

Methos stands there waiting, while Duncan holds the sword and considers . . .

The next day, at the racetrack. There's a looong montage (about two and a half minutes) over a rock song of the race. Richie and Basil are jockeying for position, pushing at each other, swerving to intimidate one another. But finally Richie loses it, skidding out of control and wiping out. He goes tumbling into the grass and gets up. He tries to pick up his bike, but it's hopeless. He takes off his helmet and throws it to the ground, angry as hell.

After the race, Basil and the others are drinking champagne. Saracen congratulates Basil, then strolls over to chew Richie out.

Saracen: "Taking the corner like that, what the hell were you thinking?"

Richie: "I made a mistake."

Saracen: "You made a mistake. You only get one."

Saracen leaves, and Basil comes up and offers his condolences.

Basil: "Consolation drink?" Richie says nothing, just stalks away, but Basil follows him. "Aw, too bad, Richie. You were that close." Richie turns and glares daggers. Basil shrugs. "It's a grown-up game, man. You're only as good as your last meet (?)."

Richie steps up, getting face to face: "You set me up."

Basil: "Like you Americans say, if you can't take the heat . . . " He walks off with Teri, leaving Richie seething.

Duncan drives up to Methos's house. Kalas is sitting inside, waiting. He senses another immortal and hears the door open.

Kalas: "Welcome home, Methos."

Duncan answers from above. "Hello, Kalas."

Kalas starts up: "Where's Methos?"

Duncan: "That doesn't matter anymore, does it."

Kalas: "You were after him all along."

Duncan: "Now I'm after you."

Kalas: "I'll get Methos, when I get you."

They fight, and Kalas quickly retreats out of the house. Duncan chases him to a bridge (a different one, Methos has lots of interesting geography near his house . . ..:)), and as they square off again, Kalas is looking distinctly uneasy.

Duncan: "It's a bitter taste, isn't it, Kalas. Fear."

Kalas doesn't answer. They continue to fight, and Kalas flees further, this time down to the bank. But as they fight on, they hear sirens and see police approaching.

Kalas: "Some other time, MacLeod."

Duncan: "Well make it soon."

Duncan books, but Kalas is left to wait the police. They approach him.

Inspector: "Mr. Kalas, you're under arrest for the murder of Donald Salzer."

Kalas: "You have no proof of that."

Methos walks up: "Wrong. That's the man, Inspector."

The police take Kalas away while Duncan watches from behind a handy pillar. After the cops are gone, Methos strolls off, and Duncan speaks to him as he walks by.

Duncan: "Why?"

Methos looks to make sure the cops are gone, and turns back to Duncan.

Methos: "Because I didn't know if you could beat him. It was a chance I couldn't take. Remember, Highlander, live, grow stronger. Fight another day." He walks away.

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Joe is on the phone to Duncan: "You're telling me that Adam Pierson is Methos?"

Duncan, standing in Methos's apartment, talking on his cell phone: "I think it was his little joke on you. Adam, the first man."

Joe: "What better way to steer clear of other immortals. He's been right there all along. I can't believe I missed it."

Duncan: "There's no way you could have known."

Joe: "You hang tight, MacLeod. I'm going to be on the next plane."

Duncan: "Joe. Don't bother." The camera pulls back, and we see the bare walls and empty space of Methos's apartment. "He's gone, and all your Chronicles went with him. He's going to be hard to find."

Joe: "What about Kalas?"

Duncan: "Out of reach. He's in jail, at least for now. But I can wait." Hangs up.

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As I understand, the role of Methos was supposed to be a one-shot. When he cleared out at the end of this episode, The Powers That Be didn't, apparently, intend to have him back. But the character was so popular that they wrote him into the season ender, and the rest is history...

This episode provides quite a bit of fodder for the fourth season credits. Kalas and Duncan's fight in the house shows when Joe starts to say "constantly facing other immortals in combat to the death," the scene that finishes that sentence is from Duncan and Methos's fight under the tunnel. The scene when Methos pulls Kalas off the bridge also made it, during the bit where Joe says "part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record." (The camera lens, btw, was superimposed for the credits, and wasn't part of the actual shot.)


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