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Corinthian Headliners (now sold by Equity Sports)

1997-1998 Basketball

Dark blue card with "Warning" text (bottom right)
Figures have 1997 Copyright (except Garnett, which has 1996 Copyright).
Malone figure has 1997 copyright and different number, even though pose and coloring are identical to 1996 figure.
Payton is found exclusively in the 5-pack.
1st indicates the first Headliners piece issued for the player.

Unless otherwise noted, prices are for figures complete in unopened packages
HL97NBA077Charles BarkleyHOUwhite
HL97NBA077rCharles BarkleyHOUwhite (red base)
HL97NBA003Muggsy Bogues 1stCHAblue3.95
HL97NBA045Cedric Ceballos 1stPHXpurple3.95
HL97NBA014Clyde Drexler 1stHOUblack pinstripes
HL97NBA080Patrick EwingNYKwhite
HL97NBA020Kevin Garnett 1st (1996)MINblue
HL97NBA091Horace GrantORLwhite pinstripes3.95
HL97NBA092Penny HardawayORLwhite pinstripes5.95
HL97NBA089Grant HillDETwhite6.95
HL97NBA096Juwon HowardWASbluegreen
HL97NBA043Allen Iverson 1stPHIblack
HL97NBA082Larry JohnsonNYKwhite
HL97NBA078Shawn KempSEAwhite6.95
HL97NBA008Jason Kidd 1stPHXpurple
HL97NBA041Toni Kukoc 1stCHIred6.95
HL97NBA079Karl MaloneUTpurple6.95
HL97NBA087Jamal MashburnMIAwhite
HL97NBA073Reggie MillerINDblack pinstripes3.95
HL97NBA085Alonzo MourningMIAwhite
HL97NBA083Dikembe MutomboATLwhite
HL97NBA076Hakeem OlajuwonHOUwhite
HL97NBA034Gary PaytonSEAwhiteonly in NBA West 5-pack
HL97NBA075Scottie PippenCHIwhite
HL97NBA044Bryant Reeves 1stVANgreen3.95
HL97NBA095Mitch RichmondSACwhite
HL97NBA094Clifford RobinsonPORwhite2.95
HL97NBA074David RobinsonSAwhite4.95 (damaged card)
HL97NBA085Glenn RobinsonMILwhite3.95
HL97NBA086yDennis Rodman YellowCHIwhite
HL97NBA086oDennis Rodman OrangeCHIwhite
HL97NBA086rDennis Rodman RedCHIwhite
HL97NBA086gDennis Rodman GreenCHIwhite
HL97NBA035Detlef Schrempf 1stSEAgreen3.95
HL97NBA012Joe Smith 1stGSblack4.95 (damaged card)
HL97NBA046Rik Smits 1stINDblack pinstripes3.95
HL97NBA011Latrell Sprewell 1stGSblack
HL97NBA093Jerry StackhousePHIblack4.95
HL97NBA038John Stockton 1stUTpurple
HL97NBA08?Damon StoudamireTORwhite
HL97NBA016Nick Van Exel 1stLApurple
HL97NBA039Chris Webber 1stWASbluegreen3.95
HL97NBAwestWestern Conference 5-pack

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