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Corinthian Headliners (now sold by Equity Sports)

1998 Football

Large yellowish box

Players appear in their college uniforms.

Unless otherwise noted, prices are for unopened boxes
Ref #Number MadePlayerUniformPrice
HL98HXL00320,000Terrell DavisGeorgia
HL98HXL00515,000 Warrick DunnFlorida State13.00
HL98HXL00815,000Curtis EnisPenn State13.00
HL98HXL00220,000Elvis GrbacMichigan8.00 (limited time)
HL98HXL00120,000Curtis MartinPittsburgh8.00 (limited time)
HL98HXL00615,000 Herman MooreVirginia13.00
HL98HXL00420,000Deion SandersFlorida State8.00 (limited time)
HL98HXL00715,000Charles WoodsonMichigan
HL98?XL00?? (Shopko)Vince Lombardi

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