SCRABBLE® Crossword Game Tournament
November 15-16, 2003
50 Los Gatos-Saratoga Road
Los Gatos, California 95032
DIRECTORS: John Karris (karris@intergate.com) 408-729-3618,
John C. Green, Jr. (john.green@sun.com) 650-814-1289,
and Rick Wong (kablooey@yak.net)
TOURNEY WEBSITE: http://www.yak.net/kablooey/scrabble/gambados03.html
Expert (1700 and above) $90 US
Intermediate (1200-1699) $80 US
Recreational (under 1200) $65 US
Directors have the discretion to allow those within 100 points of a division cutoff to play up. Players must be current National Scrabble® Association members. You may join the NSA by adding $20 annual dues.
Entries with full payment RECEIVED by November 1st will receive $10 cashback when registering before 9am on Saturday November 15th.
No entries will be accepted after 6pm, Friday November 14th. All entry fees must be received by that date. No Walk-ins will be accepted!
LUNCH: Entry fee includes buffet lunch on Saturday only.
Saturday  8 games  Registration begins at 8:30 am; Play starts as soon after 9:30 am as we're ready.
Sunday  6 games  Board setup begins at 8am; Play starts promptly at 9:00 am
PRIZES: Cash prizes will be awarded to top finishers in all divisions. Additionally, the highest-placed finisher in the lower half of each division (based on NSA rating list) will be awarded a cash prize (limit one prize per contestant). Actual prize amounts will be determined based on the number of entrants. The directors for this tournament are not paid, and all after-expense funds are intended to be awarded as prize money.
LODGING: Los Gatos Lodge has rooms at $99/night rate to tournament players for single occupancy. These rooms must be reserved by calling (408) 354-3300 or (800) 231-8676. Mention the Scrabble tournament.
LOCAL CHARM: The Los Gatos Lodge is located within walking distance of delightful "downtown" Los Gatos with its many shops and restaurants.
EQUIPMENT: Please bring Deluxe Scrabble® Game Boards, clocks, and tournament tiles.
ENTRY: Complete and print the form below and mail with check or money order to:
  Rick Wong
  454 Porter Lane
  San José, CA 95127-2553
  (415) 425-2798

Please register me for the 2003 Gambados en Los Gatos, November 15th-16th, 2003.
I will arrive by 9:00 on November 15th for check-in.
My entry fee is enclosed:
$90 (>1700)  Expert
$80 (1200-1699)  Intermediate
$65 (<1200)  Recreational
[Optional] Place me into the highest division for which I qualify.
Name Phone
City State ZIP Code

Registrant List