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2001 Martin Luther King Jr.
SCRABBLE® Crossword Game Tournaments
January 12th Early Bird
January 13th-15th Main Event
Sands Regency
345 N. Arlington
Reno, Nevada
DIRECTORS: Jeff Widergren (,
John Karris (,
John C. Green, Jr. (,
Rick Wong (
Expert (1700 and above) $90 US
Intermediate (1400-1699) $80 US
Competitive (1100-1399) $70 US
Recreational (under 1100) $60 US
Directors have the discretion to allow those within 100 points of a division cutoff to play up. Players must be current National Scrabble® Association members. You may join the NSA by adding $18 annual dues. Credit card payment is accepted via PayPal. Effective December 22nd, all PayPal payments must add $3 surcharge. Entry fees must be received by January 7th. Walk-ins are subject to a $20 late fee at the door.
COMMUTERS: Commuter fee is included in entry fee. We will be refunding $10 cash at tourney registration for all people who register in the hotel (1-800-648-3553) using the SCR 112 registration code ($59/night) by January 1. Limit two refunds per room.
Friday  8 games  Registration 8:30am-9:00am; Play starts at 9:00am.
Saturday  8 games  Registration 8:30am-9:00am; Play starts at 9:00am.
Sunday  8 games  Play starts promptly at 9am.
Monday  3 games  Play starts promptly at 9am.
EQUIPMENT: Please bring Deluxe Scrabble® Game Boards, clocks, and tournament tiles.
ENTRY: Complete and print the form below and mail with check or money order to:
  Rick Wong
  454 Porter Lane
  San José, CA 95127-2553
  (408) 420-5091

Please register me for the Reno Tournament, January 2001.

My entry fee is being sent by postal mail.
I'm sending my entry fee plus $3 surcharge via PayPal (see the PayPal instructions or send email to Rick if you need help):

Early Bird ($40)

Main Event
Division: Expert ($90) Intermediate ($80) Competitive ($70) Recreational ($60)
If possible, I would like to play in a higher division.
Name Phone
City State ZIP Code