San Jose Scrabble(r) Club No. 21

70% Vowel Word List

Effective February 1996

Copyright (c) 1996 San Jose Scrabble Club No. 21

AA         rough, cindery lava
AE         one
AI         three-toed sloth
OE         Faroean wind
EAU        water
AEON       long period of time
AERO       pert. to aircraft
AGEE       to one side
AGIO       currency exchange commission
AGUE       malarial fever
AIDE       assistant
AJEE       to one side (agee)
AKEE       tropical tree
ALAE       [ala-pl] (wing)
ALEE       toward side away from wind
ALOE       African plant
AMIA       freshwater fish
AMIE       female friend
ANOA       wild ox
AQUA       water
AREA       amount of space/cerebral cortex section
ARIA       melody for a single voice
ASEA       at sea
AURA       invisible emanation
AUTO       to ride in an auto
AWEE       awhile
BEAU       boyfriend
CIAO       intj. used as farewell
EASE       to alleviate
EAUX       [eau-pl] (water)
EAVE       lower projecting roof edge
EIDE       [eidos-pl] (essence)
EMEU       emu
EPEE       fencing sword
ETUI       case for holding small articles
EURO       large kangaroo
IDEA       thought
ILEA       [ileum-pl] (part of the small intestine)
ILIA       [ilium-pl] (pelvic bone)
INIA       [inion] (part of the skull)
IOTA       very small amount
IXIA       flowering plant
JIAO       Chinese monetary unit
LIEU       stead
LUAU       Hawaiian feast
MEOU       to meow
MOUE       pouting grimace
NAOI       [naos-pl] (ancient temple)
OBIA       African sorcery (obeah)
OBOE       woodwind instrument
ODEA       [odeum] (concert hall)
OGEE       S-shaped molding
OHIA       tropical tree (lehua)
OLEA       [oleum-pl] (oil)
OLEO       margarine
OLIO       miscellaneous collection
OOZE       to leak out slowly
OUZO       Greek liqueur
QUAI       quay
RAIA       non-Muslim inhabitant of Turkey (rayah)
ROUE       lecherous man
TOEA       monetary unit of Papua New Guinea
UNAI       two-toed sloth (unau)
UNAU       two-toed sloth
UREA       chemical compound
UVEA       layer of the eye
ZOEA       larval form of certain crustaceans
AALII      tropical shrub
ADIEU      farewell
AECIA      [aecium-pl] (spore-producing organ of certain fungi)
AERIE      birdŐs nest built high on a mountain or cliff
AIOLI      garlic mayonnaise
AQUAE      [aqua-pl] (water)
AREAE      [area-pl] (cerebral cortex section)
AUDIO      sound reception or transmission
AURAE      [aura-pl] (invisible emanation)
AUREI      [aureus] (gold coin of ancient Rome)
COOEE      to cry out shrilly
EERIE      weird
LOOIE      armed forces lieutenant
LOUIE      armed forces lieutenant (looie)
MIAOU      to meow
OIDIA      [oidium] (type of fungus)
OORIE      shivering with cold (ourie)
OURIE      shivering with cold
QUEUE      to line up
URAEI      [uraeus-pl] (figure of the sacred serpent on the headdress of ancient Egyptian rulers)
ZOEAE      [zoea-pl] (larval form of certain crustaceans)
ABOULIA    loss of will power (abulia)
ACEQUIA    irrigation ditch or canal
AECIDIA    [aecidium-pl] (spore-producing organ of certain fungi)
AENEOUS    having a greenish gold color
AEOLIAN    pert. to wind (eolian)
AEONIAN    everlasting (eonian)
AEROBIA    [aerobium-pl] (organism that requires oxygen to live-aerobe)
ALIENEE    one to whom property is transferred
AMOEBAE    [amoeba] (unicellular microscopic organism)
ANAEMIA    anemia
AQUARIA    [aquarium] (water-filled box for fish)
AQUEOUS    pert. to water
AREOLAE    [areola] (small space in a network of leaf veins)
AUREATE    golden
AUREOLA    halo
AUREOLE    to surround with a halo
AURORAE    [aurora] (rising light of the morning)
COUTEAU    knife
EPINAOI    [epinaos-pl] (rear vestibule)
EUCAINE    anesthetic
EUGENIA    tropical evergreen tree
EULOGIA    blessing/holy bread
EUPNOEA    normal breathing (eupnea)
EVACUEE    one that is evacuated
EXUVIAE    [exuvium] (molted covering of an animal)
IPOMOEA    flowering plant
MIAOUED    [miaou] (to meow)
NOUVEAU    newly arrived
OOGONIA    [oogonium] (female sexual organ in certain algae and fungi)
OUABAIN    cardiac stimulant
OUGUIYA    monetary unit of Mauritania
ROULEAU    roll of coins wrapped in paper
SEQUOIA    large evergreen tree
TAENIAE    [taenia-pl] (headband worn in ancient Greece)
URAEMIA    abnormal blood condition (uremia)
ZOOECIA    [zooecium-pl] (secreted chamber in which a zooid lives) {OSPD3}
ABOIDEAU   type of dike
ABOITEAU   type of dike (aboideau)
AUREOLAE   [aureola] (halo)
EPOPOEIA   epic poem (epopee)
EULOGIAE   [eulogia] (holy bread)
AUTOECIOUS passing through all stages of life on the same host
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Director: Rick Wong

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