Team Tournament Results

The Team Tourney event was probably the event of the week. I guess I'll let others fill you in on the highlights.

In game 1, the Glarers played "GLARER" through an L to block a triple-triple line. After we challenged that off the board, I told my partner to pick between MILLINED and MILLIPED, neither of which I knew to be good, but my partner (who hasn't played Scrabble in three years) picked MILLIPED for 149 points as an out play to win. The Glarers, unfazed (and not distracted by team TOPLESS), shrugged off the loss and won the tourney.

The Glarers (Levitt/Connelly) 5-1290 $180
The Bicoastals (Brook/Ho) 5-1-89 $120
Federal Reserve (Economos/Greenspan) 4-2331 $60
Stubob (Goldman/Ruderman) 4-2265
DD Team Canada (Panganiban/DSaldanha) 4-2155
He Can't Draw (Kamen/Golob) 4-2103
East Meets West (Wilkie/Parsons) 4-211
The Long & Short of It (Gaut/Lapinski) 3-3208
Cachepot (Chase/Potts) 3-3125
Young Blankless and in Love (Pianowski/Morehead) 3-0115 $10 best day 2
8.9 on the Richter Scale (Tillekeratne/Agdeppa) 3-3-2
Topless (Jordan/Widergren-Sherman) 3-3-115
The Sunshine Boys (Spector/Weissberg) 2-4-8
The Lost Soles (Wong/Fong) 2-4-29
The Earbobs (Karris/Rowland) 2-4-94
The China Dolls (Pughsley/Wilson) 2-4-336
The Winners (Ranney/Owen) 1-5-521
The Dixie Chaiks (Dixon/Chaikin) 0-3-25
Patukas/Lyons 0-3-112
The No-Shows (Cohen/Udelson) 0-1-161