West Coast Championship 2003
SCRABBLE® Crossword Game Tournament
July 1st-6th, 2003
Atlantis Hotel and Casino
Reno, Nevada
Website: http://www.yak.net/kablooey/scrabble/wcc03.html for current info and registrant list.
More info: Jeff Widergren (certs25_scrab@yahoo.com) (408-323-9404)
Payment: Checks payable to Rick Wong, 454 Porter Lane, San Jose, CA 95127.
Directors: John Karris, Jeff Widergren, Rick Wong
Main Event: July 3rd-6th, 2003
27 games (Thu 8, Fri 8, Sat 8, Sun 3). Games begin at 9:00am each day.
Wednesday 8:00pm Checkin/RECEPTION
Cash refunds for main event contestants who arrive for Wednesday night reception:
$10 if full entry fee is received by 6/1/03. We are not responsible for late postal delivery.
Receive another $10 if you stay at the Atlantis (see below).
$10 fee for late signups after 6/25/03. All late signups must contact Rick Wong by phone or email to arrange payment.
$25 cancellation fee.
Playing up in the main event is permitted if within 100 points on April, May, June, or July ratings sheet, subject to directorial approval in order to keep the groups even. Players must be current National Scrabble® Association members. You may join the NSA by adding $18 annual dues. No Walk-ins will be accepted!
Early Bird I: Tue July 1st, 2003
10 games. Checkin opens at 8am.
$50 entry fee (single division)
Early Bird II: Wed July 2nd, 2003
8 games. Checkin opens at 8am.
$40 entry fee (Round Robin groups of 8)
Clabbers: July 3rd-4th, 2003
6 games unrated (3 games each night starting at 7:30pm)
High-scoring Scrabble variant, where any scrambled anagram of a word is also valid
$20 entry fee (collected at the door)
Team Tournament: July 3rd-4th, 2003
6 games unrated (3 games each night starting at 7:30pm)
Two-person teams compete in this handicapped tournament (see formula below).
$40 entry fee per team (collected at the door)
Custom "WCC 2003" Protiles will be commissioned for this tournament and will distributed to the first 190 registrants staying in the hotel using the "SWCSC03" code. Additionally, a A $10 refund will be given to participants who stay at the hotel. Participants must use the registration code "SWCSC03" and book rooms directly through Atlantis Reservations at (800) 723-6500 by 6/1/03 to be eligible for this offer. Maximum $20 refund per room. Registrants using the "SWCSC03" code will be placed into a drawing for a free room at the 2004 WCC. these offers. Maximum two sets of tiles and $20 refund per room.
The main event and first early bird will award prizes for straight finish and for "performance". Performance is measured as the number of places finished relative to one's seeding in the division.
The second early bird will have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each group.
Atlantis Hotel and Casino, 3800 S. Virginia St., Reno NV, 800-723-6500.
Reservation code: WCC
Room rates:
standard room:$69/night
(limit 2 people per room at this price).
Must book room by 6/1 with our group code (SWCSC03) to get the custom tiles (which are only to the first 190!!!) and get the $10 rebate and to guarantee these rates!!
The playing area ballrooms are much more elegant than at the Sands. There are seven excellent restaurants in the hotel, including the "best buffet in Reno", an award winning steak house, the fabulous Monte Vigna Italian, the above-street oyster bar, the convenient pizza/sandwich/ice cream snack bar, and more.
Although there is usually a daily charge, the hotel is making the beautiful domed pool area, fitness/ health spa area available to all guests in our group staying at the hotel at no extra charge. Go look at the website!! http://www.atlantiscasino.com
Come see Reno's newest major hotel/casino, with its state-of-the-art air filtration system and greatly improved ambiance and essence of luxury. The designated smoking area for Scrabble players will be reasonably far from the playing area (for their own exercise!). There is a huge entertainment fun center, as well.
EQUIPMENT: Please bring Deluxe Scrabble® Game Boards, clocks, and tournament tiles.
TEAM TOURNAMENT: * - The team tournament will not have divisions but will be handicapped to encourage players from different divisions to team with each other. The handicap will be in the form of points, using the following formula:
points spotted=(TeamARating-TeamBRating)/8
assuming TeamA has the higher team rating as defined by:
Rating = .75 x higher rated player + .25 x lower rated player.
Unrated players counted as 500.
Please register me for the 2003 West Coast Championships Tourney.
I plan to stay at the Atlantis using code "SWCSC03"
I am looking for a roommate.
$50 Early Bird I  arrive by 8:30am July 1st for checkin
$40 Early Bird II  arrive by 8:30am July 2nd for checkin
Main Event (arrive after 8pm July 3rd for checkin):
$110 (1750-up)  Expert
$100 (1450-1749)  Intermediate
$90 (1150-1449)  Competitive
$80 (unrated-1149)  Recreational
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City State/Province ZIP/Postal Code

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