This is the ghetto version of the 6tNet page. I will do more when I am not tired.

Activities log from 10/14/99

Climb 50 foot redwood tree next to the Six Toed workshop in hopes to put up an antenna. After much trouble, and almost dropping the flash light 30 feet antenna is up. The antenna is made of standard coax and aluminum stereo antenna (the wrong stuff to use).

Broadcasting @ 97.1mhz. Begin fine tuning and distance testing. Song playing "Trapped on The Dance Floor" by Dj Jazzy-Jeff and the Fresh Prince. 7.9 voltz DC. Distance: 75yards approx.

We had no luck with extended antenna. We changed power supply to a 12v DC from a 9v battery @7.1v.

Broke tuning inductor while trying to tune with oversized screw driver...

Tuning conductor completely fucked. We found another and are attempting to transplant it.

Tired of bullshit, we break an old circut board from a walkman in disgust, and crushed the damaged tuning inductor.

***Side Note***
On the plus side, we have discovered a new found hatred of a local radio DJ.

Retire for the evening and will bull new inductor within the next fe days.