This is BigBertha, thats just "Bertha" to you. She is from Reno, NV out of a dumpster and into a loving home such as ours. Betha was originally used as a mainframe data base for the Albertsons Supermaket but was evicted because some "newer", "faster", "smaller" machine had to take her place. She worked when we got her, but now is unable to startup =\. We think it was due to these two dumbasses who took her apart to take pictures of her, but we're not sure. Eventually we plan to recommision Bertha, whenever time allows us to find out whats her illness.

(This is Af8e next to Bertha to give you a feel for her giant size.)

(Bertha with her case off and a few memory and controller cards out.)

(These are the giant memory/controller cards that Bertha houses. Notice the burnt hole in the formika table =P)