Funny As Hell Chat

Buffalo: thanks for you help
Buffalo: i am a beginner, want to learn more
Buffalo: can you tell me what is Finger and IMCP?
SiMONSAYS: okay tell me the whole story
Buffalo: you mean the NT user?
Buffalo: he said he is a NT user and use proxy
1.0 SiMONSAYS: no
SiMONSAYS: tell me what system of yours is being hacked
Buffalo: ?
SiMONSAYS: gimme all the info
SiMONSAYS: please
Buffalo: i am a MAC OS user
Buffalo: MacOS 8.5
Buffalo: his ICQ is 13931502
Buffalo: he try to hack me, i use net monitor to see he try to connect to m
Buffalo: me
Buffalo: so i am afraid
SiMONSAYS: what asian country are you in?
SiMONSAYS: japan? thialand? china?
Buffalo: HK, he also
SiMONSAYS: why is he trying to hack you?
Buffalo: may be i am his testing
Buffalo: tester
Buffalo: i don't know who he is , he add me in ICQ
Buffalo: yes
SiMONSAYS: so he is trying to hack a windows NT server of yours?
Buffalo: no, he use his NT to hack my MacOS
SiMONSAYS: uh no
SiMONSAYS: thats not possible
Buffalo: really, so i am safe?
Buffalo: you mean windows cannot hack mac?
SiMONSAYS: how does he try to hack you?
SiMONSAYS: with icq?
Buffalo: i use net monitor to view all the
connection list, and i find he is searching my port
Buffalo: yes i think he find my IP through ICQ
SiMONSAYS: he cannot hack you
Buffalo: windows cannot hack mac?
Buffalo: you mean 95 can?
SiMONSAYS: no i mean your mac is safe unless you have a trojan on your machine...
SiMONSAYS: do a virus test
Buffalo: i see, use virex?
Buffalo: so can i hack him?
SiMONSAYS: whats his ip?
Buffalo: dyn ip
SiMONSAYS: well whats the most recent ip of his you have>
Buffalo: you want his IP? how about his ICQ UIN?
SiMONSAYS: no it's okay i dont care. he cant hack you
Buffalo: thanks
Buffalo: what is Finger?
Buffalo: i find this word in many TCP/IP app
SiMONSAYS: like when you stick your fingers in a girls vagina... ttyl! =P
Buffalo: but don't know what is it