What Simon runs:

CPU: AMD k6-2 450mhz
RAM: 98244 Kb
hda: Maxtor 72004 AP, ATA DISK
hdb: Conner Peripherals 1275MB - CFA1275A, ATA DISK

Distro: Debian GNU Linux 2.1
Kernel: 2.2.16
X Win.: None

CPU: 486 66.7mhz
RAM: 48076 Kb
hda: Maxtor MXT-540 540MB 256k Cache hdc: Dolphin 2x

Distro: Debian GNU Linux 2.1
Kernel: 2.2.121 X Win.: None

Scanner: Electra, Bearcat MC-210
Misc. Info: Certified in accordance with FCC rules and regulations part 15.63 as of date of manufacture.

Servers Simon frequents:

irc.2600.net - #2600 (not often)
irc.chat.org - # (I never use efnet)


If you don't have a hotline client you can get one at http://hx.fortyoz.org/


Mon Aug 28 23:32:11 PDT 2000 - Oh good god it's been a long long time since I have updated this page. Well here is the deal... I moved out, and haven't had a phone let alone an Internet link for a few weeks. But by Monday I will have a phone and net connection. If you didn't notice I am writing this on Sunday at almost 2am before I have my phone =P. So I bought a new book! It is called "Cryptography The Science of Secret Writing" by Laurence Dwight Smith. It is a really good book. I suggest everyone check it out if they get the chance. It was written in 1943 but covers really important concepts of crypto and ciphers etc. I like it... So I haven't done shit with computer/phones in what seems like ages. Damn responsibilities *grin*. Actually I just turned my computer on last Thursday for the first time since I moved. Haven't dont shit but attempts at ASCII art heh. Erm yeah. I decided to learn Flash4 and I want to do some crypto programming too. I also have an idea for an 8watt solar powered portable FM transmitter I want to build. 8watts should get around 0.5 miles so not too bad. Um java/jscript are on the plate too. But as I am sure as most of you "older" hacks know time is something hard to get a lot of. Oh one more thing: I am upgrading to Debian 2.2 and I have decided to install XFree86 4.0.1 with a GNOME/Enlightenment Nautilis(sp?) combo? So I'm out. Peace.

Okay it is monday and I'm adding more. And I changed the date above to reflect today/night rather than lastnights blablablabl. I just wanted to tell a quick little story about this guy me and af8e met at the local book store when he was here visiting. So... af8e and I were perusing the linux mags and chit chatting away and this gentleman walks up and talks a little bit and asks us some question about solaris 8 b/c he couldn't get x to work right. I told hime to run whatever config script that came with it etc etc didn't work. Anyway he starts telling us he made it to the LinuxExpo in Santa Clara, CA this past week. I then told him I only was really interested in the release of Debian 2.2 (they had a party) and with the Nautilis release blab la. Then he began to tell me the new debian release was actually at 5 or 7 something like that. And I was like uhhh umm. And then he began to tell me that it was like when SuSE went to 2.7 but took the last part of the release version (7) and just made it release 7. So I just wanted to let everyone know this guy was a dumbass and INSISTED he was right. Af8e and I let him have his parade then we talked shit on him once he walked off =P If you don't believe me check debian.org for the "offical" infoz. Yay. Oh also I have a copy of the TAKEDOWN script and I would be willing to trade it for something if they want it. TAKEDOWN is the movie about Kevin Mitnick and his capture etc by Miramax. I upgraded to hx 0.1.26 too. bye.

Tue Aug 1 21:38:13 PTD 2000 - Well DefCon was fun. I was able to see many people I don't see often enough which was really nice. Got to see some yak folk that I wont be seeing for a while and I met some new ones too! We had like 15 people in our room on Saturday night. It was smelly =P I met Macki for the first time IRL. He's a cool cat. Erm I met Deadly_Muffin for the first time and hung wit mah bro Nulltone way more than last year~! Met erm Mr. Pinstripe.. He knew me from FMA although I didn't remember him =/ heh. Lets see memorable moments... Viru5's lock picking was way fucking badass. KAOS learned how to pick master locks. He then went around and took all the locks around the hotel to private areas hah! We got into a metering room that had a bunch of phonelines for rooms. We couldn't get a dial tone tho. Didn't try too hard tho... I was half asleep cause Blackout and him woke me up at like 4am =P I met Death Veggie briefly. Met Miss Turtle. We didn't talk much but she's cool. Met Emmanuel Goldstien. Now I dont know if he is always like this or if he was stressed with the trial etc... But he doesn't talk at all. Like nothing. He stood around the Yak room for a while smiled at comments every once in a while. Then would leave heh... Oh well. Ross was part of the cDc presentation. Infact he was like the main part of the show. He was killed and bombarded with chunks of cow. Like meat... heh thats gross. OH SHIT!#@ I almost forgot about when me and Logical Gambit took over the local hotel channel #9. It wasn't a real take over but "Havier Juarez" had his laptop with video camera hooked into it in the main con room. We walked around and interview people. Not real interview just talked to them and acted silly. It was rad. We must have done it for an hour atleast. Then I met Johnny X, they guy who puts on Phreaknic a con outta nashville. He's cool and sold me a phreaknic shirt for $10-. Got a google.com shirt too. Strick from yak.net also made almost a 1000 yak stickers that said stuff like "Cracked by the yak" and "Mounted by...", "RMed by..." etc etc. There were more yak stickers on the premises than any other, yah! More infoz later.

Wed Jul 26 20:45:31 PTD 2000 - Okay I am going to defcon! yay! I got all my shit worked out and am flying in on Friday evening after work. And I got hooked up ticket wise... $117.00 US round trip@! Ta-dow! Anyway here is my schedule: Depart San Francisco 7:55pm arrive in Las Vegas, NV 10:40pm. Get a ride from the wonder king of Yaknetistan. Then leave Las Vegas, NV on Monday 6:15am. Short layover in San Diego, CA then to San Francisco at 9:45am. Then straight to work, *sigh*. Heh I encourage anyone going to defcon to find me or talk to me or something! Leave me a msg at the front desk at the Alexis Park. Make sure it is left for Simon or Simonsays. I'll check the front desk when I get in on Friday evening. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Oh one more thing. I'll be wearing a white with red sleved baseball shirt on friday night and saturday. Look for mah ass. I have shaved legs and auburn hair =P

Sat Jul 15 23:28:46 PDT 2000 - I totally forgot to mention this earlier. What tha fuck was on dumbing station today, erm... I mean the TV? Cherry 2000! The most krad fjear 31337 movie ever heh. So I updated to kernel 2.2.16 and the mouse stopped working after I got it fixed. It seems that the conf was gone or messed. All I did to fix it before the compile was rm -rf the poop in /etc/gpm.conf. Now I get all the same symptoms as before *sigh*.

Sat Jul 15 11:34:16 PDT 2000 - Well this page hasn't been updated because I started a new job. I pretty much get to trouble shoot networks for stupid people. Since I started this job on Monday I have learned a few important things: Wells Fargo is stupid... atleast the monkeys determining their computer setup. Most if not all the non-tellers have shitty Dell Latitude notebooks. They have USB, but run Win95 which doesn't support USB. Then they bitch because they can't use stupid USB nic's... Then they aren't happy because they have to use some back asswards setup using rj-11 cable to daisy chain a bunch of damn cubicals together so they can all print since their USB shitter doesn't work. But, lets not forget that they have a nicely wired office... Each cube has the following: 1 phone line, 1 fax line, data line 1, data line 2. Unfortunately the people at Wells Fargo feel they are above using any kind of hub, router, or switch. So they have a huge patch pannel of non connected data lines. If you ask me they could have saved a bunch of time/money/effort by giving every notebook a pcmcia ethernet card instead of a 56k modem, and setup everything with the common ethernet interface. OH, whats that? Upper brass doesn't like the idea of giving people network cards!?@#? wtf? Anyway... heh. I bought a new mouse. IBM Scroll Point. Unfortunately it is not taking kindly to my machine. I run gpmconfig, I go through all the banannas and test it... it works then gpm is started and the cursor rockets up the upper lefthand corner of the screen and shits out, yay! Time to read up on it...

Fri Jul 7 13:52:15 PDT 2000 - I updated this site with what type of scanner I have, woo! I am working on cataloging some of the hardware I have sitting in my closet and putting the database online for people to search. 2600 meetings are today and I can't make them =~( heh... Also a guy I know from fma told me about an online perl encryption app that his friend is working on. It will be available for test soon and I'll post the url here.

Tue Jul 4 11:53:44 PDT 2000 - YAY for July 4, no. Anyways I just noticed that logical gambit updated his member page. Or created one for that matter. I've met a lot of hackers recently... this is good. Especially since I'm moving to the area where I have been meeting them. I updated this page some. Added some servers I hang out on and a contact email at the bottom of this page. So if you need to contact me you can ;) Don't spam me or I'll tell on you. Oh a new hxd client is out. If you don't know thats a hotline client/server/tracker clone for linux console and X windows now (i think). It was updated to 0.1.15 from 0.0.111. You can download it from that hx.forty... link above. Check it out and maybe I'll see your ass online. I go by simon or simonsays.

Sun Jul 2 14:11:15 PDT 2000 - I was reflecting on a wonderful day of job hunting this past friday and remembered when I was getting lunch I met some guy with a defcon shirt on... It was cool. The then informed me there were lots of such folks around like us and there was a kick ass linux users group. Oh yeah he also told me that a lot of people who help dark tangent put on defcon live around there. Other than that I have started writting an essay that goes over some toll fraud stuff that i found in a pbx administration guide and then goes to argue the telecommunications stance on the issues. I hope in the end if nothing else it will be a good read. I'll have it done by the end of the week.

Sat Jul 1 16:11:57 PDT 2000 - I got this page up and going. I hope you like it yeah... I have a few things I am working on. Solar Sunrise BBS is something I have wanted to do for a while but haven't gotten around to like most everything I talk about doing. I have a willing 486dx 66mhz machine here. But I want to install OpenBSD 2.7 on it before I make it public. The BBS will probably run Eagle bbs or something similar. Also I am registering a new domain. This domain will be the main domain for sixtoed and anything else I want to do. We'll probably have the machine setup and colocated after defcon sometime. Probably around mid August. For this I'll need to get a newer version of a BSD distro. Also I have an idea of how to bypass the local library terminal security via malicous java code. Date of when I start testing this: unknown. That is about it for me here and now. Oh one more thing, for all you bbs'ers out there is the most recent list of active Hack/Phreak bbs's open to the public here. Have fun!

If you want to contact me email mah arse!@#