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August 30, 2000

Updated "Deadly Exposures" to HTML
Added HTML version of "Indiscretions"

Added this announcement to the Index Page:

Hello, at long last...

Yes, I'm finally updating the page, after over two years! I even have a new synopsis done, but I'm afraid that I can't promise if or when I'll be able to do more. I'm very sorry for having let these pages slide for so long, and most of all I'm sorry for not explaining myself a little sooner.

What happened? Well, a couple of things. First and foremost, I had a series of long and frustrating computer problems. I ended up getting a new hard drive, and eventually ended up getting a completely new computer. For several months, I had no reliable internet access, and dealing with the computer became so frustrating and difficult that nothing about it was fun anymore, including writing synopses. Once I got a new computer, I found that while I was having my problems, this server was having difficulties of its own, and for several more months I couldn't access the pages to change them.

As for why I haven't picked up where I left off, well, that's a little harder to explain. I love Highlander, and I still love Highlander, but once the show was over I simply found myself moving on to other things, and other fandoms. I won't say that I'll never write another synopsis, but chances are that updates to this page will be infrequent.

To everyone who's written asking about synopses, or Highlander, or any number of things, I send my most humble apologies. I really have no excuse for not updating in the last year to tell all of you what's been going on, and for that I'm sorry. I'll try to be a little more prompt in future.

February 7, 1998

Added text version of "Deadly Exposures"

December 12, 1997

Added a Frequently Asked Questions page

Updated "Patient Number 7" to HTML
Updated "Black Tower" to HTML
Updated "Unusual Suspects" to HTML
Updated "Justice" to HTML

Made revisions to the Style Sheet
Made minor revisions to the Index Page

December 11, 1997

Added text version of "Justice"

Meanwhile, Ian was hard at work, too . . .

Updated "Diplomatic Immunity" to HTML
So it took a month to do - you got something to say about that!?!? =)

November 19, 1997

Added text version of "Unusual Suspects"

November 15, 1997

Added text version of "Black Tower"

November 8, 1997

Added text version of "Patient Number 7"

I now have closed captioning capabilities! Yea!

October 30, 1997

Added text version of "Diplomatic Immunity"

October 27, 1997

We moved! If you got here, this is probably not news, but you never know...
The new URL is http://www.yak.net/jinjifore/index.html

Added "Sins of the Father"

Made revisions to "Armageddon" (Bascially polishing up a few things left undone because I did it in such a hurry.)
Revised the Index Page.
Revised spacing on all the synopses, changing single returns to double returns.
Made minor revisions to cast lists.

Not that it really matters, but I'm 31 today! Happy Birthday to me . . .

October 17, 1997

Added "Armageddon"

October 9, 1997

Added "Avatar"
Added "The Colonel"
Added a non-table option for the Table of Contents.

Made minor revisions to Act Two of "Reunion"
Changed the bullets for the back and up options, courtesty of the Celtic Web Art Page. If you're looking for gorgeous backgrounds, buttons, and bars, go there!

August 14, 1997

Added this page!
Added "Leader of the Pack"
Added "Double Eagle"
Added "Reunion"

Made revisions to the Index Page
Made revisions to the Style Sheet
Corrected "Fido's" name and corrected spelling of Gringkov in "Money No Object"
Added information on "Tialita" in "Duende"
Added montage song lyrics to "Archangel"
Revised Disclaimer notice, and added it to all the synopsis pages


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